From: SaFciOR ( Subject: [PW!] Vince the Kid Part 5: A hard decision Newsgroups: Date: 2001-07-26 01:53:55 PST Helo, Here comes the fifth part of my pw!. Now, I have only one question: DO YOU READ IT? (if yes, I'm pleased and I'm gonna write and post it here :) ) (if not... I'll go on writing it, but I won't post it.) So, do you like it? Pokewars: Vince the Kid Part 5: A hard decision Written by: SaFciOR <<as you probably remember, Vince has got two pokemon. Poliwag - given him by prof. Oak and Delibird from a pokemon Center. Vince thought Poliwag was weak and wanted to exchange it for another pokemon.>>> Part 5: A hard decision "Hey, Professor Oak! Wait!" Vince shouted. Oak stopped and turned towards Vince, surprised. "Oh, It's nice to see you again, Kid. Want to see our new Pokémon? I told you to choose one when you will come next week. But, you're here just now. Here, choose." Oak said. "Firstly, look at my new Pokémon! Nurse Joy gave it to me." Vince took out the Pokéball and threw it. "Deleee!" Delibird cried as it came out. "You. you have Delibird? It's one of the most rare Pokémon in the world! I haven't seen it before! Can you lend it to me for a day? I'd do some researches on it." Oak asked. "I'm sorry, but I should begin my quest tomorrow. I'll go straight to Ilex Forest in the early morning. I'll spend the night at home." "I'll give your Delibird back tomorrow morning. I can even bring it to your house before you leave." "OK, take it. But show me your new Pokémon!" "Here they are" Oak pointed two Pokéballs. "They're Murkrow and Yanma. Look at this Pokéball, too. That's Slugma." "I don't know these Pokémon at all. Could you tell me something about them?" Vince asked. "Murkrow is a Dark type bird. It can fly and use such attacks as Faint Attack" Oak explained. "Yanma." Oak went on "It's a flying bug Pokémon. It can't use the Fly move, but Swift and Screech are its best moves. Slugma is a Fire Pokémon. It's really powerful, with Flamethrower and Rock Slide. It learns them on high levels, though. So, what do you take?" "Um." Vince was unsure about his decision. "Can I consider it for a day? I' ll tell you what I choose tomorrow morning, when you'll come to give me my Delibird, OK?" Immediately, the Pokéball with Poliwag opened and it came out. "Poliwag, poli" It cried. "All right. But remember you will have to give me your Poliwag back if you choose one of them." Oak reminded. "Couldn't I keep it and take another one?" "But you would have to give me your Delibird in that case." "No, I won't give Delibird to you! Why do you give me such a hard decision to make?" Vince was almost crying. "During your quest, you'll have to make many even harder decisions. You must learn how to decide in important matters." "I have almost forgotten to ask you a question. In the grass, I saw a huge Pokémon. It looked like a fire-type dog like Arcanine. But it had white wings and was much bigger. I was trying to defeat it using Poliwag, but the Pokémon got rid of it by one kick immediately and fled. Do you know that Pokémon?" "You have probably seen a big Arcanine. Now don't bother me and come tomorrow." "But Arcanine doesn't have wings!" "I told you to come tomorrow!" "But, what if it's a new species?" "Maybe it was. But I think you couldn't see a new kind of Pokémon here. I have explored every square meter of the area around Goldenrod. Come tomorrow." "But. eh." Vince sighed and walked away. "Those youngsters." Oak thought. "They can even imagine wings on an Arcanine." "Hey, Whitney, it's me again!" Vince went into the Gym, but he has not met anybody. He went out and saw a girl, whom he had seen in the Gym before. Vince asked her where Whitney was. She told him that Whitney was training south of Goldenrod. Vince went home. "Hey, mum! Could I spend the night at home?" Vince asked. "Don't ask silly questions. Of course you can, my little wanderer. It's your house, isn't it? But why haven't you begun your quest yet? Have you got any problems?" "No, but I got a new Pokémon. and a hard decision to make." "What is the Pokémon? Have you caught a bug Pokémon? When I was young." "Oh, I know. you loved to catch bugs. But I have got an Ice type bird!" Vince said proudly. "What? But there are no Ice Pokémon in this area! Have you been to Ice Path?" "No, I have got it from Nurse Joy at the Pokémon Center. Someone left it there. I can show it to you! Delibird, come here!" He looked for the Pokéball in his pocket. "Oh, I remember now! I gave it to professor Oak to make some researches! I' ll show you it tomorrow." "And what is the hard decision?" "The professor showed me three Pokémon. I can take one of them, but in that case, I'll have to give my Poliwag back. The three Pokémon are Murkrow, Slugma and Yanma. Mom, I don't know what to do. Give me an advice." Tears showed in his eyes like when he was leaving. "Well, It's op to you to decide. I'd recommend you keeping Poliwag with you. You are attached to it, aren't you?" "I still think that it's weak. But, as you say, I am attached to it. If I could keep both Poliwag and one of the Pokémon, I'd choose Slugma. That's a fire type Pokémon, and it's a bit like Grimer. But I don't think I can leave my Poliwag." "Stop thinking about it now. You have to rest well before you start your journey. Where will you go?" "To the Ilex Forest. I'll better go to bed now. Bye, Mom!" "Good morning, Mrs. Anderson." Professor Oak went into Vince's house. "Is Vince ready?" "Yes, he has just got up." Linda answered. "Vince! Come here! Professor Oak is waiting for you!" "Good morning, professor." "I am sure you will not leave your Poliwag" Linda whispered to Vince. "I made up my mind." Vince said. "So, what is your choice?" "I'll take both Slugma and Poliwag." "Well, I'll keep Delibird if you want to do this." Oak showed him the Pokéball. "No! Give it to me." Oak handed Delibird to Vince. "You take that powerless Poliwag quickly, before I change my mind. Goodbye, mom, Professor Oak, I'll better go now." Vince cried. "Are you sure about it?" Oak asked. "Hey, take the PokéGear! And your new Pokémon!" Oak gave Vince both Slugma and PokéGear. Vince wasn't even trying to hide his tears. When he gave Poliwag to Oak, he realized how attached to it he was. He remembered moments when they were happy with each other. He grabbed the Pokéball and PokéGear and quickly ran out of his house. Then, he ran along the main street of Goldenrod, facing south, towards Route 33 and Ilex Forest. In the house, Linda looked at professor. "I understand him." She said. "It was really a hard decision." "Yes. But I thought he was going to keep his Poliwag." "Poli!" Poliwag cried, coming out of his Pokéball. "Me too. "We'll need to find you another trainer, Poliwag." Oak said. He turned towards Linda. "All we can do for Vince is to wish him good luck, now."