From: SaFciOR ( Subject: [PW!] Vince the Kid Part 4: New Pokemon Newsgroups: Date: 2001-07-23 04:12:22 PST Hi again, I posted two episodes today, 'cos I go to the seaside next week :) I have finished six episodes so far, in total of about 460 minutes. :p Pokewars! Vince the Kid Part 4: New Pokemon. Written by: SaFciOR "Well, my brother is lonely." said Whitney as she and Vince were sitting in Goldenrod's Pokémon Center waiting room. "Couldn't he go with you? He's the same age as you. But he has always been very shy. I don't know if he would to well if he goes alone." "Does he live with you?" "No. He moved to Violet City to live with my grandparents" "All right. I'll take him with me when I go to Violet City." "But he can make you a trouble. No, that wasn't a good idea. You wouldn't be happy going with him." The door opened and Nurse Joy went into the waiting room with three Pokéballs. "Here you are. They're healed" she said. "But we've left two Pokémon here!" Vince was surprised. "The third one is a Pokémon which was left by somebody in our Pokémon Center. The man who gave them to us said that he no longer needs it." "What kind of Pokémon is it?" Whitney asked. "That's Delibird - a very rare Ice type Pokémon. It s half-flying, too." Joy explained. "Do you want it? It will be happy being with as nice trainers as you." "Yes, we'll take it. Thank you very much" said Whitney. They went out towards the Gym. "Take this Delibird with you. It's not Normal type, so I don't want it. It needs a good trainer like you" Whitney gave Vince the Pokéball. "Now, I have to go to the Gym to train." "Whitney?" "Yes?" "Have you ever seen a Pokémon like this?" He described the Pokémon he saw in the grass. "No I don't know this Pokémon. Ask professor Oak about it." Whitney replied. "That's a good idea. I'll better go to the Radio Tower before the show begins." "Bye, Vince!" "Bye!" Vince ran towards the tower. He met professor Oak when he was preparing for the show. "I have no time for you now. Come again after the radio show." Oak said. "Hey, wait! I'll show you something!" Vince shouted, but Oak went into the studio. Vince decided to go to Whitney's Gym to talk to her. "Hey, shouldn't we look for the guy that has stolen the Badge?" Vince asked when he went into the Gym. "Leave him alone. Shall we battle again?" "No. I don't think I am ready for challenging as good trainer as you." "So what did you come for?" Whitney looked tired. "Just to talk. Do you know attacks of Delibird?" "I only know that it learns only one attack naturally." "What? Only one attack? It looks useless! No Ice Beam, Blizzard? Wing Attack? Joy said it is Flying and Ice type!" "You probably don't know what you are saying. Blizzard can be taught by TM only. And, looking at him, do you see any wings? And the only attack is Present. It does lots of damage to your opponent, but it can also heal it. Delibird, itself, is a very rare Pokémon. You shouldn't complain, but be happy with it. Here, I'll give you the TM of Attract. It's a move that allows you to avoid 50% of attacks. But it's only so when the opponent is the opposite gender. And, what gender are your Pokémon?" "I guess they're both male." Vince answered. "Yeah. You, men, always prefer male Pokémon. You can't see the charm of female. All of my Pokémon are female. Hey, the Pokémon Talk is over. Shouldn 't you go now?" "You are right. I have to leave Goldenrod." "But why?" "I've got to continue my quest. I'll go to Ilex Forest." "It's dangerous there. Many wild Pokémon appear in the forest. You don't even need to walk into the grass to meet Pokémon. Take this Repel. If you use it, Pokémon will stop appearing." "Thanks, bye!"