From: SaFciOR ( Subject: [PW!] Vince the Kid Part 3: The first challenge Newsgroups: Date: 2001-07-23 04:12:25 PST Hello, Here I put the third part of my PW! I hope you liked my stories :P and haven't put me in your killfiles because of them. And now, a message to Kruton: yes, you can put the stories in your website :) Sorry for a newsgroup answer, but I couldn't send you an e-mail. Just put my nickname and my e-mail address: (Now you know why my Englis is not too good: look at the domain :) ) Here we go! Pokewars!: Vince the Kid Part 3: The first challenge Written by: SaFciOR "Hey, you look like if you had seen a ghost!" Vince heard a loud voice. He looked around and saw a girl. She was much older than Vince, with short black hair and brown eyes. "I'm not sure I haven't" "But ghosts do not appear at midday, do they? By the way, do you want to battle?" "Of course I do! Poliwag, go!" Apparently, Poliwag didn't want to fight that time. Vince shaked the Pokéball. Poliwag came out, but it seemed very tired. "Maybe you shouldn't battle with it?" "But it's my only Pokémon" Vince replied. "And it's not tired at all, don't you see it?" "If you want. But you'll regret it! Go, Clefairy!" "Poliwag, you know what you ought to do!" As Poliwag threw bubbles at his enemy, Clefairy started to wave its hands. "This attack... is that Metronome?" Vince asked. "Yes. You can't prepare for its results at all. Every time, it does different move." "Waaaaaag!" Poliwag cried. Vince looked at him and realized that he was zapped with a Thundershock caused by the Metronome. "No!" Vince shouted. Suddenly, the whirl line on Poliwag's stomach started to spin. It rotated faster and faster. Enemy Clefairy looked at it for a while and it immediately fell asleep. "What?" The girl was astonished by Poliwag's move. "Yes! Finish him now!" Poliwag used the bubbles again and the Clefairy fainted. "You won. Take this." The girl handed a small package to Vince. He opened it and saw square metal thing that looked like a medal. "What's it?" "It's the Normal type Badge." The girl explained. "I'm Whitney. I'm the leader of the Goldenrod City Gym. "But we didn't fight in a Gym. I can't take this" "Of course you can't!" Vince and Whitney heard. "I'll take it!" A boy showed from the grass. He was tall and much older even than Whitney. He suddenly ran towards them and pushed Vince so strongly so he fell down to the ground. The boy quickly picked up the Badge and ran away. "Clefairy, stop him!" Whitney shouted, but it was too late. "Darn, he ran away. But I couldn't take this badge, could I? It wasn't an authorized match." "Yes, you're right. But I was pleased by how you did fight. Erm. But, where were you going?" "I was going to go through the Ilex Forest to Azalea. I'd like to be a Pokémon champion! But now, I'd better go to Goldenrod's Pokémon Center to heal my Poliwag." Vince said. "You're right. My Clefairy needs rest too. Shall we go together?"