From: Marco262, I _am_ the WooMaster ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Violet's Many inhabitants Newsgroups: Date: 2001-07-29 19:55:09 PST Amber Foxwing wrote: > (OOC: Boy is this different from The Pokemon World RPG I used to go to! You used to > get in deep sh*t for "using" other peoples characters! Not that I mind, it's > just...weird feeling! =) ) (OOC: Go ahead and "use" my character all you want. I can't possibly come up with good storylines all by myself, now can I?) <snip> > The Man hissed at his Pikachu, "I give you a day, rat! And if you're not back..." > The Pikachu hopped to the top of Amber's head and shocked the man. The man > whispered inaudibly except to Amber's Sneasle ears, "I'll get you girl!" > She whirled a rock at his head, narrowly missing it. "NO YOU WON'T!" she yelled "Whoa," Jason said in awe, "Wouldn't want to get between you and a pokémon in need." "Hear, hear." concurred DJ. "Well, he was just being so MEAN to it!" Amber said, scratching the contented, pink Pikachu behind its ears. "Chaaa!" it squealed happily. They walked on for a while until they came to a large building. Massive stone Pidgeots stood out like Gargoyles all along its outside. Huge birdhouses could be seen on the roof, and numbers of birds perched on every available surface. "I wonder what type he uses in here," wondered Jason, genuinely curious. Amber just shook her head. Jason recalled Gigawatt. "You'd better get in your ball too, DJ," he said, recalling his Chansey. He affixed the two balls to his belt and walked toward the building. "Wait!" Amber held out part of a dirty newspaper. "Hold this over your head as we go in." "Why?" Jason asked, as he took the newspaper and opened it over his head as if it were raining. "Trust me." Amber opened her own newspaper over the Pikachu and herself, and the two trainers walked inside. TBC... -- -Marco262, Aspiring Regular