From: Heihachi Ohashi -san: CHOKISLAMU!!! (theover-powerer@webtv.nyet) Subject: Re: [PW!] Walking on Thin Ice (Was: Re: [PW!] Azalea Bound) Newsgroups: Date: 2001-05-08 11:38:27 PST Can you believe that Compuserve didn't pick this up? I only found this because I was looking for Continue's post via Deja. From: Pipian \(with his bashed in finger\) ( Subject: [PW!] Walking on Thin Ice (Was: Re: [PW!] Azalea Bound) Newsgroups: Date: 2001-05-01 17:59:22 PST > Most of the water having missed her, Yolei recovered quickly enough and > carefully made her way to the hole in the floor, shouting down. "Are you > alright down there?" > > "We're fine. I got Tide back in her pokeball before the water went up out of > the pool, and Mera didn't get wet either." > > As the others joined her, Yolei asked "We thought you had gone further into the > tunnel down there. Why did you come back?" > > "I had stopped because of what I saw, so it was pretty easy to hear the rumbling > and come back here." Mamoru answered. > > Yolei once again queried Mamoru "What did you see that caused you to stop? A > dead end?" > > "It was a dead end, but I also found a puzzle." > "You didn't find an exit?" asked Drake. "No. Just a puzzle. But why would a puzzle be right there in the middle of a dark cave. It looked like pieces of rock with kinda Pokémonish features on it... Kinda like the puzzles that were solved up at the Ruins of Alph... Wait... I'm gonna have Yuki solve it! She's good at that stuff!" "No! Wait!" called Yolei. But Mamoru's footsteps were already fading into the distance. "Now what do we do? Mamoru's run off without us..." "There's only one thing TO do," said Lynkeru. "We need to go down there and solve it before he... she... Err... They do!" "What? Do you have any idea what solving it could do?" asked Yolei. "Nope, but I love an adventure. We gotta at least see... Drake, can you take us down there?" Drake looked at the hole. It was a bit small... He made a fist and broke the hole wider. "OK, sure. Now I can. Just hop down. All Mamoru said is that it was water below..." "Oh, yeah..." "I'm uh... Kinda the biggest, so I'll go down first." Drake hopped and fell down the hole, making a loud splash in the water below. Yolei followed and Lynkeru went down last. As they climbed out of the water, Yolei remarked, "The water is warm... I wonder why that is..." "Come on!" said Lynkeru as she started running down the dark path. "We gotta hurry!" "OK! OK!" said the others, running after her. After running about a half-mile, the group saw a flicker of light in front of them. They ran a hundred more feet and they could clearly see the outline of a person, presumable Mamoru, picking up a rock and placing it in the last remaining hole in the picture. "Ah hah! You were right, Yuki! It was a Marril!" said Mamoru to seemingly no one. "That doesn't look like a Marril... More like Marril's devolution if it had one... But then, it looks pretty old..." Suddenly, the earth began to shake, and without warning the floor beneath Mamoru and Mera opened wide. Mamoru fell into the gaping hole, but Mera jumped safely onto a nearby rock, then rushing into Yolei's outstetched hands. A splash could be heard echoing down the hole. "Dang! Not another pool!" cried a more feminine voice. "Is that you, Yuki?" called Yolei. "Yeah... Who'd possibly have such an idea to put a warm water pool and then a cold water pool... in... here... Whoa!" "What is it?" "Cool! An ethereal icy blue light coming down the tunnel! You gotta come down here and check it out! Hurry!" Drake shrugged his shoulders and jumped down the hole. Yolei put Mera in his pokéball and followed. Lynkeru tumbled down last. When they surfaced, they couldn't believe their eyes. The tunnel had apparently lit up like a christmas tree as they came down, as it was much brighter than it had been from up at the puzzle. The air was cool and somewhat damp. The walls seemed to emit a blue light and were either crystal or ice. No one could tell for sure, as they were cool and damp, like ice, but flat and crystal-shaped columns. "Come on everyone! Let's see what's down the hallway!" said Yuki. Everyone crawled out of the pool and the group began to walk slowly down the hallway as it began to get cooler... TBC? You don't know it. "Wow," Yolei commented. "It's so... blue... and icy... and... etherial." "It's like Voyd's Tomb," Lynkeru noted. "Voyd's Tomb?" Drake asked. "A dungeon of ice and frost," Lynkeru explained. "I explored it to find a sacred treasure and wound up fighting a monstrous ice mummy." "I sense something," Indi said, unable to heard by anyone but Lynkeru. "Some sort of presence... It's one, yet many... It's all around us, in the walls, and it yearns to be let free." "Ghosts?" Lynkeru asked. "I... don't think so... It feels like it's alive but not living... Not so much like it's dead but was never alive in the first place..." "What does that mean?" "What does what mean?" Yolei asked. "Huh?" replied Lynkeru. "Indi sensed something in here with us." Yolei pondered on this. "It could be the Unown." "Well, that clears it up." "What? No, not the unknown, the Unown." "It's not unknown, but it's unknown?" "Yeah." "And what Indi is sensing is unknown?" "Uh, huh." "So she's sensing the unknown, which isn't unknown but is unknown?" "Exactly." "I don't even know what I'm talking about!" "It's the Unown, not the unknown." "??0_0??" "The Unown are a species of Pokemon that live the Ruins of Alph and look like heiroglyphics." "But I thought we were in Union Cave." "Well, there are areas in Union Cave that lead to the ruins of Alph. I guess that hole we found is one of them." "Looks like the end of the line," Yuki reported. The passage the were walking down ended in what looked like a giant column blocking their path. It was an eerie fluorescent blue, much like the rest of the cavern, with the same unusual icy crystal texture. The other walls had been covered in heiroglypics, and the columns, of which there were twenty-six, each sported one. Unlike the other columns, which were translucent and appeared to have a three dimensional heiroglyph inside them, this one was opaque and had four glyphs etched into its surface. "Any idea what it says?" Drake asked. "I think I can read it," Yolei said. "It looks like it says... 'Push'." Everyone glanced at each other. "I guess I'll give it a wack," Drake offered, rolling up his imaginary sleeves. (If you feel this is out of character for him, I apologize) He placed his hands on the column and applied his incredible strength. He nearly stumbled, as the column didn't actually require incredible strength to move and toppled over with comedic ease. The passage's eerie light shown into a previously darkened cavern, of which the main light source previously was a hole in the ceiling. Much to their surprise, waiting for them in the cavern was face that they hadn't counted on seeing again. "Hey!" he said. "You're not wearing shorts!" Everyone practically collasped at the accusation. "'Cept you," the Shorts Kid pointed. "You wanna join my club now?" "Well, I..." Lynkeru started. "Lyn, that presence has grown!" Indi exclaimed. "It's conflicting with itself! Most of it wants to stay here, but the part that wants to go is still insisting to be set free!" "Huh?" Lynkeru responded. Then started a rythmic chiming, like the sound of a tamborine. This was soon joined by a counterpoint of eerie mummurs and chanting. The chanting, chimes and mummurs grew more intense, almost to the point of shaking the ruins to their very foundation. Behind them, the columns began to crack. Two-by-two they shattered, releasing the heiroglyphs, the Unown, that were trapped inside. Realizing their freedom, the Unown fled their chamber and flew wildly about the main room of the Ruins. "They're Unown," Yolei revealed. "But they're not the right color. They're... Shiney." The mummurs and chants and chimes continued. The designs on the walls of the main room loosed themselves from their positions and began to dance around the shiney Unowns. Lashing out with their Hidden Powers, the normal Unowns attempted to herd the shinies back into the luminescent chamber. The shinies had other ideas. They swarmed about, eventually condensing into ball and releasing a flash of energy that knocked the normal Unowns back. The swarm then proceed to erupt from the main room and into the world at large. "So... Those are the Unown," remarked Drake. "Uh, huh," agreed Yuki. The Unown hovered unsettlingly close to their visitors, seeming to examine them in great detail. "These things aren't dangerous, are they?" Drake asked. "Not really," Yolei answered. "They're not particularly remarkable and wild ones are rarely over level five. They aren't even known to show signs of self-awareness." The Unown began to swarm about the chamber, congealing into singular mass. "WE ARE THE UNOWN," the mass anounced. "Whoa," Yolei said. "It's like their speaking into my mind." "You get used to it," Yuki remarked. "I thought you said they weren't self-aware," Lynkeru pointed out. "I guess they have some sort of hive intelligence," Yolei hypothesized. "Or some sort of Group Overmind Daemon." "YOU MUST RETURN THAT WHICH YOU HAVE YOU RELEASED UNTO THE EARTH," the Unowns declared. "Why?" Lynkeru asked. "THAT IS NONE OF YOUR CONCERN," the Unown replied. "Then why do we have to do this?" Yolei asked. There was a short pause as the Unown discussed their options. "IF YOU RETURN THAT WHICH YOU HAVE RELEASED, WE SHALL GRANT YOU YOUR HEARTS DESIRES," the Unown decreed. "WE SHALL GRANT YOU..." dramatic pause, "...THREE WISHES." "Three wishes!?" the Shorts Kid exclaimed. He immediately took to the ladder in the middle of the room and climbed out of the Ruins. "I'm so on it!" To be continued... -- Chet "Tech" Weaver