From: Continue ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Walking on Thin Ice (Was: Re: [PW!] Azalea Bound) Newsgroups: Date: 2001-05-14 19:20:53 PST "Heihachi Ohashi -san: CHOKISLAMU!!!" wrote: >"IF YOU RETURN THAT WHICH YOU HAVE RELEASED, WE SHALL GRANT YOU YOUR HEARTS >DESIRES," the Unown decreed. "WE SHALL GRANT YOU..." dramatic pause, >"...THREE WISHES." > >"Three wishes!?" the Shorts Kid exclaimed. He immediately took to the >ladder in the middle of the room and climbed out of the Ruins. "I'm so on >it!" Drake flew up before the kid had reached the top of the ladder and grabbed him by the back of his t-shirt. "Hold up, shorts stuff." On the way back down, the Shorts Kid flailed his arms and legs like he was still trying to climb the ladder all the while yelling "Lemme go!" "Now, before anyone leaves here, a couple of questions need answers." Drake looked at the mass of Unown as the Shorts Kid continued to flail. "Since we got one of our previous assumptions blown out of the water, I think it?s worth asking: Are these Shiny Unown dangerous?" "NO." "And yet they just grouped together and brushed you aside before blowing out of here." Lynkeru noted. "THEY HAVE ALREADY GONE IN SEPARATE DIRECTIONS." "What about these three wishes? Can you give us anything we want?" inquired Yuki. "CORRECT." The Shorts Kid brightened up and stopped squirming. "Can you make everyone in the world wear shorts?" Everyone sweatdropped and all of the eyes of the Unown mass blinked simultaneously a few times. Drake dropped the Shorts Kid, but the kid stood up straight again instantly "Can you?" "IT IS POSSIBLE." Yolei spoke up "Is there anything special that we need to do in order to capture these Shiny Unown?" "DO WHAT YOU MUST TO RETURN THEM HERE ALIVE." There was a brief pause. Finally the Mass projected "ARE THERE ANY FURTHER QUESTIONS?" Once everyone had shaken their heads in response, the mass of Unown glowed. It quickly separated into the individual Unown who resumed their former place among the designs on the walls. As everyone looked around the now quiet chamber, Yuki noticed something was missing. "Did anyone see where the kid went?" "No," Drake answered "But we better get those Unown before he does. Dragonites look terrible in shorts." Yolei quickly steered the topic back to less bizarre ideas. "Where do we start looking for the Shiny Unown, then?" This was a situation that Lynkeru was quite familiar with. "Checking the rest of the ruins would probably be best." She suggested. "We might be able to find clues or a trail. At the very least we might find someone who saw what direction they headed in when they split up." <TBC...> Jeff Hauser* *Sig Sold Seperately