From: Adrian Tymes ( Subject: Re: [PW!F] Watch Out Newsgroups: Date: 2001-02-25 20:22:31 PST Billy Joe-Bob Tech Weaver wrote: > "Who is the Masked Rocket, Yolei?" Yuki asked. > > "Huh?" replied Yolei. "Oh, yeah. The Masked Rocket is just the most famous > criminal in this area. No one knows who he really is or where he comes > from." > > "Wow," remarked Yuki. "And Lynkeru fought him?" > > "I've fought bigger monsters than his," Lynkeru bragged. "It won't stop me > from skewering him next time we meet." > > Indi the Fairy made a few twinkling sound while bobbing up and down. > > "Yeah, I'll be sure to keep him alive long enough to ask him where he hid my > stuff," Lynkeru replied. Mimic frowned. "Wait. This 'Masked Rocket'...Mimic sure Mimic never hear of before." Drake shrugged. "They said 'in this area'. We just got here." "True, but...hmm..." Memuyo snapped his claws. "Meow meow owth?" "Yes, that what Mimic worried about." "Owth! Meow meowth me meowth owth." "Memuyo sure?" "Meowth!" Memuyo nodded his head vigorously. "Ok..." Mimic turned to face the strangers. "'Scuse, but could answer silly question? Who leading Viridian Gym right now?" The three girls (all four, really, though Indi's face was too small to see) blinked in unison. Yuki answered for the group, "Gary. You heard he took it over a few years ago, didn't you?" "No was sure. Thanks." It was Drake's turn to blink. "Wait, isn't Giovan-" "Gary took over *a few years ago*," Mimic warned. "In *past*." "..." #Time travel, right?# #Yes. Must be getting worse if can walk through time and no even notice. Should warn Oak when...if...return.# The two time-native females tried to read what, to them, looked like private communication through meaningful looks. Lynkeru and Indi, however, heard the emphases in the spoken part loud and clear, having been there themselves. TBC?