From: Continue ( Subject: Re: [PW!] We're On The Road Through Viridian City (But Getting Off Newsgroups: Date: 2001-07-12 18:29:27 PST Adrian Tymes wrote: > Starfire had started to slow down when they crested a hill and suddenly > came into view of the building, but she had been going fast and the > pavement was slick. Another, lesser surge opened the door as Sarah > Jane heard Ferdinand clomp to a stop behind them. Starfire managed to > slide through the doorway, coming to a stop just short of the main > desk, where a wide-eyed Nurse Joy suddenly had a wounded Natu thrust in > her face. "Emergency delivery." Without another word Nurse Joy hurried her new charge through the swinging doors into the back of the Pokemon Center. Sarah Jane and Dee both climbed off Starfire now that there was time, and the fire horse was recalled. Damian walked in with a strange gait, taking very small steps quickly towards the nearest couch. His t-shirt could now be seen saying "Tauros are NOT meant to be riding animals." He quickly laid down and groaned before becoming still for a few minutes. Hito made her way inside a few seconds after Damian had telling Sarah Jane "Your Tauros doesn't seem to want to come inside." Sarah Jane nodded "He knows he's not supposed to go inside most places. He won't go unless the people he trusts personally lead him inside. In this case, though, it's probably easiest if I just recall him." After spending a few minutes outside with Ferdinand and finally recalling him, Sarah Jane came back inside to wait with the others. The Pokemon Center waiting area was empty except for the four visitors. The silence that followed for the few moments thereafter was equally empty. Sarah Jane finally got up and went to one of the vidphones that sat expectantly, calling her grandparents when she activated it. Any small talk that came to Hito's mind involved something that she thought Dee would either give a cryptic or chilling answer for, effectively killing the conversation. With that in mind she resigned herself to waiting in silence for the moment. Now firmly implanted into Damian's mind was one thought. Those who don't know how to ride a pokemon, should learn how to do so on one that is better suited for it. Failing that, they should be wearing some protective equipment when doing so. To Dee the places like the one he was now in were a mixed blessing. They offered a service that even he had found to be of use in the past. The downside was that they encouraged the use of those detestable devices, pokeballs. In these moments of silence, such emotions could be seen on his face despite himself. It was less than half a minute after Sarah Jane got off the phone, only a few seconds after she rejoined the others, in fact, that Nurse Joy emerged from the back. All but Dee, who assumed a relaxed position, went up to the counter. "The Natu that you brought was hurt pretty badly. I've healed it's wounds, but it will need to rest here until tomorrow morning for observation and to make sure that it won't do something to re-open it's wounds. What happened to it?" Nurse Joy directed the question to Sarah Jane. <It's best not to tell her the exact circumstances.> Sarah Jane "heard" Dee say into her mind. "I found it outside of town. It looked like it had hit one of the rocky outcroppings in the area and fallen. It looked to be in pretty bad shape when we found it, but I had a Hyper Potion, which I used to stabilize it so we could get it here." Joy nodded, satisfied with what she heard. "It's a good thing you got there when you did. I don't think it would have lasted much longer. Right now, you're going to have to wait until morning before you can do anything else about it. We have plenty of room here if you would like --" "Actually," Damian spoke up "we'll be staying at a hotel if you can recommend a good one." In response, Joy produced a small map of the town and gave directions to a hotel. "Thanks, " Damian told her "one more thing. We were coming here to see Professor Elm. Do you know where we could find him and if so, if we could still talk to him this late in the afternoon?" A smile even larger than what the Joys normally wore appeared on this one's face and hearts practically appeared in her eyes. "Oh, you shouldn't have a problem catching him now. He usually works late in his lab. He's very dedicated to his research." "I see," Sarah Jane commented, although pretty much everyone could see this one "So, can you give us directions to his lab, then?" Nurse Joy cheerfully told them how to geth there in vivid detail, describing some of her favorite sights along the way. When she finished, the trio at the counter thanked her and turned to head out. Damian looked over at Dee and stopped short. "What's wrong?" Sarah Jane asked him. "Don't worry about it." he lowered his sunglasses to look at her "I'll tell you later." Everyoneheaded out, but the events had not gone unnoticed by Dee. <TBC> Jeff Hauser* *Sig Sold Seperately