From: Adrian Tymes ( Subject: Re: [PW!] We're On The Road Through Viridian City (But Getting Off Newsgroups: Date: 2001-07-14 18:14:01 PST Continue wrote: > Damian looked over at Dee and stopped short. "What's wrong?" Sarah Jane asked him. > > "Don't worry about it." he lowered his sunglasses to look at her "I'll tell you later." > > Everyoneheaded out, but the events had not gone unnoticed by Dee. ...though he tried to look like he had not noticed. "Sunset's in about an hour," he noted. "Did you want to check in or see Elm first?" "Elm," Damian replied. "No reason to wait." "Right." Dee headed off. "Umm, Dee?" Sarah Jane pointed in another direction. "It's this way." "That's Joy's route. I prefer a more direct one, especially if time is of any urgency." Dee shrugged. "*I'm* not so infatuated with him that I wander by the flower shop to get myself in the mood." "You've been to Elm's lab before?" "Like I said, I've been in Johto for a year. It's like back in Kanto: I don't think almost anyone who deals with pokemon wanders this land for that long without at least hearing of Professor Elm, though I don't think he's as well known outside of Johto." He shook his head. "I'm just surprised the tabloids don't make more of an issue over it. He's a married man. Maybe everyone knows, so there's no shock value. Or maybe that rumor about there being two Joys here is true; I admit I haven't seen his wife myself." Sarah Jane shook her head. "It must be hard on her. If he's still at his lab at this hour, he must be married to his job." "And Nurse Joy is his job personified," Hito added. "Which means..." "It's not as bad as it could be." Dee walked through a gate ahead of the group, and up to a door in the building behind it. "Watch." He opened the door. No response came for several seconds. Dee's expression turned playful as he faced the group, placed a finger across his lips, then motioned for the others to follow as he crept in. Damian, Sarah Jane, and Hito gathered at the door, watching as Dee tiptoed up to a scientist who was obviously engrossed in observing something under the microscope. Hito debated shouting out a warning, but all too soon, Dee was at the lab coated back, raising his hand to- "Queen takes King's Bishop Pawn." Dee froze, thinking, then winced. "Checkmate! Darn. Oh, well, nice game." "We should play face-to-face sometime, rather than passing along moves by messages." The scientist looked at him, a faint smile on his lips. "Nurse Joy insisted I be a little more aware of my surroundings after Team Rocket broke in here. I'm sure you know the technique well, Dop-" He noticed the other three. "Uhh, *Dee*. I assume your friends are why you're here?" "Indeed." Dee waved the trio in. "Friends, this is Professor Elm. Elm, I'd like you to meet Damian, Sarah Jane, and Hito," he continued, pointed them out in turn. TBC?