From: Time Lady ( Subject: Re: [PW!] We're On The Road Through Viridian City (But Getting Off Newsgroups: Date: 2001-07-05 18:54:54 PST Adrian Tymes wrote: > Dee trotted up to Sarah Jane. "How much can your ponyta hold? If she > can hold all three of you, you could make it to New Bark Town within > the hour easily, if she's as fast as most ponyta. It's an easy route > from here; you can see the town from the tracks, and I wouldn't be > surprised if she could just jump the fence at that point. I'm a fast > runner when I have to be, so I could catch up. If she can just hold > two, maybe one of you could run alongside until you're tired, then > switch off?" "Starfire's mother is a Pokemon Grand Prix champion, but I don't think Starfire could run well with three people on her back. Maybe two. But you gave me another idea." Holding the Natu in one hand, Sarah Jane pulls her Pokedex out and deftly makes a switch. She returns the Pokedex to her pocket and comes out with a Pokeball. "Go Ferdinand!" From a flash of light appears a large Tauros. "Taaarrrruuuu...." he snorts. "Ferdinand, I need you to carry Hito and Damian while Dee and I take Starfire." "Taur?" "We need to get this Natu to the nearest Pokemon Center. You remember Damian, don't you? We used to travel together." Damian holds out his hand and lets the Tauros sniff it. The Taurus is a lot larger than he remembered it. Ferdinand snorts, then nods his head. "Dee, you come with me on Starfire. Ferdinand will listen to Damian if anything happens." Sarah Jane carefully hands Dee the Natu, mounts Starfire, then takes the Natu back. As Damian watches Dee mount behind Sarah Jane, he wonders if there wasn't more to her decision to have the stranger ride with her. "Come on Hito. There's plenty of room for you and your Vulpix up here," said Damian as he climbed on Ferdinand's back. "Are you sure he's okay with this?" asked Hito. "Tauruuuuuu taur taurrrrrrrrrr. Tauuuuuuurrrr rrrrrrrr tau tauuuuuuu." "Ferdiand says humans are easy. Machokes that think they're jockeys are hard," translated Sarah Jane. The others facefault. As Sarah Jane refuses to comment further, and Ferdinand is nudging her back, Hito hands her Vulpix up to Damian, then climbs up behind him. "Are you coming?" Sarah Jane asked Dee. With a shrug, Dee swung up behind Sarah Jane. "Okay, Starfire, Ferdinand, let's go!" The Ponyta took off at a canter, then broke into a gallop with the Tauros close behind her.