From: Marco262, I _am_ the WooMaster ( Subject: Re: [PW!] What's up with Aprikorns?! Newsgroups: Date: 2001-08-11 19:27:38 PST > He ran outside and found Officer Jenny's motorbike and hopped on, > meaning to bring it back as soon as possible. He kicked it into gear and > sped along the highway, following the obvious tire marks with tires > marked with the letter "R". He came to where the tiremarks stopped, at a > lake. > He cursed again and... > > TBC > (How do you like THEM apples?!) WmmmmmSPLOOSH! Jason jumped behind a boulder as soon as he heard the humming sound, and almost immediately an armored truck drove up onto the embankment. A large red R was painted on the side of it. Jason guessed by the look of it that it was made water tight so the main seats and the storage area were kept dry. Water was pouring out of holes in the side of the truck, most likely used for ballast. "Team Rocket." He crept to the back of the truck and looked in through a thick glass window. It was completely empty inside. He jumped off the back bumper as the truck started up and drove away. He knelt down on the bank and submerged his head. The water was muddy and he could only see so far, but it looked as though a long driveway lead straight into the middle of the lake. "Man, the things I do for my friends." Jason searched through his pockets until he found the large squeeze bottle of all-purpose cleaner that he used to clean his instruments with. After dumping out the contents and cleaning it thoroughly, he took off his shirt, shoes, and socks, and hid them in the bushes. He got down on his stomach and pulled himself up to the edge, the empty bottle clutched in one hand. Checking the lake shore to make sure no one was watching, he slid headfirst into the lake. The water was really cold, and Jason began wondering if he should've kept his shirt on. He swam into the depths, taking an occasional breath from his upside-down bottle of air. The light that permeated the waters slowly grew dimmer and dimmer, until he was swimming blindly, only able to tell which way was up by holding his very bouyant bottle. Jason was beginning to wonder why he hadn't encountered any marine wildlife when, he saw a dim light in the distance. As he swam closer, the light grew steadily brighter. A doorway appeared out of the gloom, illuminated by a bright spotlight set in the rock in the middle of the lake. A concrete driveway led up to it, presumably the same one that the truck drove out of the lake on. As Jason was taking another breath and preparing the investigate further, he saw two headlights push their way towards the door. When they got close enough, Jason saw what looked like the exact same truck that he saw earlier, although Team Rocket might have a fleet of identical trucks. The truck paused beneath the light, and the heavy metal door set in the rock began to slowly creep open. Jason took a look at the bottle in his hand. He couldn't take it with him with what he had planned. He took one last long breath from the bottle, and let it float to the surface on the last bit of air it had, hoping a good citizen will see it and pick it up. He darted toward the back of the truck. He grabbed hold of the handles on the twin doors and braced his feet against the bumper. The light above him turned green and the truck rumbled forward at an incredible speed. Water tugged at Jason's body. The bumper bit into his feet. The rushing water thrust into his eyes and forced him to close them. His lungs were already burning for fresh air. He couldn't go on much longer! Then he felt air touch the top of his head. Jason released his hold on the doors and bobbed to the surface. He sucked in several grateful breaths of air before he got a look around him. The walls and ceiling were made of metal sheets held together by rivets. The floor was made of concrete. The seams between the floor and walls were filled in with a heavy-duty rubber sealant. A pipe set in the ceiling was blowing air into the airlock. The water drained away through a similar pipe set in the floor. When the water level was below the doors, Jason opened the back and slipped in quietly, shutting them behind him. He crouched in a dark corner between two large wooden boxes, labeled "Fine China" and "La-z-boy" respectively. He just hoped he'd be able to get out of the truck before they found him. TBC... (OOC: I figured you'd want to create the setting for this one, Amber.)