From: Time Lady ( Subject: Re: [PW!] What do you do? (no hostages to shoot) Newsgroups: Date: 2001-08-22 18:34:19 PST Adrian Tymes wrote: > "Mimic was here. And...something...definitely *not* of this world. > They met while there was imminent danger...Mimic was trying to stop > it..." Dee shook his head, resuming his entry. "Mimic, you really > know how to get yourself into trouble, don't you?" Sarah Jane looked over the side of the building. Dee was right. At least a dozen slowpokes were wandering around. Briefly she debated with the idea of adding another psychic/water pokemon to her team. Previous experience with slowpokes at the university and at Sabrina's gym made her quickly change her mind. Sure they had their advantages, it took a certain style to be able to work with the slowpoke series. She knew her patience extended only so far and, with a rather difficult to deal with Exegguct to work with already, a Slowpoke would not bee a good addition to her team. Shrugging, she followed Dee and Damian inside. "So what first? Do you want to search for Mimic?" "Didn't you want to have a battle with the gym leader here?" asked Dee. "Yes. And I would like to see the master Pokeball maker Kurt while we're here. I haven't seen him since he visited Rosetta on a lecture series 4 years ago. Plus we missed the Violet Gym by coming here directly," Sarah Jane pointed out. "But I'm certain finding your brother is important to you. I know Pokemon siblings can be very close." "How would you know something like that?" asked Hito. "I grew up in the center of a Pokemon research university with people who raised Pokemon. I also raised a pair of orphaned baby Nidorans by myself," returned Sarah Jane. "Speaking of which, is Spunky still attacking everything that moves?" asked Damian as he followed Dee down the stairs. "No. He saves most of his aggression for battles or for arguing with Regis," Sarah Jane replied. "Mag. Mag-ne-ton mag," interjected Bulletproof. "Sorry Bulletproof. He didn't mean it. But Spunky's outgrown thinking everything and everyone is a plaything." "Mag." The Magneton was obviously relieved. <TBC>