Subject: Re: [PW!] Whitney's Amazing Miltank Date: Sat, 01 Sep 2001 06:44:18 GMT From: Rob <> Organization: EarthLink Inc. -- Newsgroups: Clayton wrote: > Before Sarah had a chance to thank Bob, Nurse Joy came out of the back room > and called Sarah's name. She politely handed her the Fast Ball containing > Blazer and the Lure Ball containing Luthor. When she turned around, Bob was > already halfway out the door. > > When Sarah was out of sight, Bob released Raffy out of his pokeball. He then > started walking up Goldenrod's Main Street, leaving Sarah and Barbie behind at > the Pokemon Center, with her new egg. "That guy sure was nice, wasn't he, Barbie?" Sarah asks, happily staring at the egg she's holding and thinking about the two Friend Balls she just received. Her Mareep is also eyeing Sarah's new egg, but she's doing so out of suspicion - one of her eyes are narrowed when she comments, "Ree Reeep." Since Sarah doesn't understand Pokespeak, she assumes that Barbie has just agreed with her and tucks the egg into her leather satchel, careful not to break it against the spikes on the Sun Stone resting inside. She adjusts the strap running across her chest and is about to leave the Pokemon Center when she looks out the window, "It sure it dark outside..." Sarah stays still, remembering the warning about night-time that one of the police officers she met upon entering Goldenrod City gave her. As Sarah's contemplating whether she should leave or not, a cute girl with stylish bouncy blonde hair, headphones, and a Pink Ribbon on her head rollerblades into the Pokemon Center. The blonde is carrying a takeout box and a CD player with her hands and three bags full of goodies dangle from her arms. She sees Sarah standing there, so she circles her a couple of times, then pauses right before the nervous shepherdess and her trembling Mareep. While she doesn't recognize them, she's a very social and outgoing person, so she's not ashamed as she asks, "Like, canya please holds my stuff fer me while I do something?" "A-a-actually..." Sarah takes a step back, "...I... I'm k-kinda in a hurry... I gotta... I'm gonna go see a m-magician to... to tell him th-that I really w-wouldn't wanna... impose by askin' him to house me... and that... that I'll just be stayin' here in the Pokemon Center. M-maybe you've heard of h-him? His n-name's Marvin." "Fersure I knows Marvy! I'm Famifax - I'm like his daughter!" The blonde beams and hands the packages, takeout box, and the CD player to Sarah even though she just implied that she didn't want to do so. When she bends down to untie her rollerblades, she says, "You don't gotta go ALLLL the way over to Marvy's crib - I'm going there laterz, so I'll tell him that the blonde cutie with the wobbly Mareep wantsta stay here insteada over there!" She pulls off her rollerblades and hands them to Sarah then walks to the front desk, adding as she goes, "Oh, and like, feel free ta gorge yerself on the takeouts! It's reeeally yummerz!" Sarah watches as Famifax exchanges a few words with Nurse Joy then is lead into the back room. She's curious as to what Famifax is up to but too shy to resolve to ask her when she comes back. She walks over to the Pokemon Center's couch, drops the packages, CD player, and rollerblades there, and proceeds to consume leftover food from the "Goldenrod Galleria" takeout box, not caring what the food she's eating is since she's quite hungry from not having skipped both breakfast and lunch. She offers some to Barbie and is glad when the Mareep shakes her head exaggeratedly since that means there's more food for her. Right after she consumes the last morsel of food, Famifax returns to put her rollerblades back on. Sarah smiles and says, "Th-thanks for the fr-free food." "No prob! Thanks fer keeping yer eyes on my stuff!" Once she's done tying her rollerblades, she dons her headphones, grabs her belongings, and rollerblades out. Sarah's not sure if when Famifax said "I'm like his daughter" if the 'like' was gratuitous or not, but it still causes her to wonder how her family's doing, particularly her little brother Teddy, who she hasn't seen since the day she left the farm to become a Pokemon Trainer. After just one minute of thinking about her family members, the homesickness gets the better of her and she decides that she should try to contact them. She walks over to the front desk and asks Nurse Joy, "H-hi... I-is there any... any way I c-could write a... a letter to my family and... and send it t-to their farm?" "Of course." Nurse Joy smiles, thinking about her hundreds of identical family members now herself, "Just use one of the many computers found right over there!" Sarah glances over at the computers, then faces Joy once again and shakes her head before lowering it to say, "I... I don't like... tech-techno-technolog... Uh, I don't like computers, so... so is there any... any way that I can get a... a piece of paper... and a pencil to wr-write my letter with?" "A piece of what?" Nurse Joy wonders out loud. Having been raised in such a technological age, she's not too familiar with the concept, but she then says, "Oh! You mean you want to write Mail? Just go to the second floor of the Goldenrod City Department Store and buy some Flower Mail for 50 bucks. Oh, and in case you don't have any Flying Pokemon, the man guarding Goldenrod's northern outpost has a delivery Pidgey who can take the letter you write wherever you want it to go." "Th-thanks..." Sarah thinks that the process is needlessly complicated. She doesn't want to go anywhere, let alone a Department Store, at night time, so she decides that it would be best to write the letter in the morning. She glances up momentarily to ask, "C-can I pl-please have a room to sl-sleep in?" After Nurse Joy brings her a key, Sarah walks to her room, followed by Barbie. She prepares herself for bed by removing her satchel and sandals, then hops into the bed and hugs her pillow. Barbie, a little jealous of the pillow, leaps up onto the bed with Sarah and rubs her soft fleece up against her trainer until they both fall asleep. -Sarah