Subject: Re: [PW!] Will wonders never cease? Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2001 03:33:39 GMT From: Mushboom <> Organization: Excite@Home - The Leader in Broadband Newsgroups: "R. Tech Weaver - Biggest Dreamer" wrote: > "Are you sure we're heading the right way?" Yolei asked. "I think we've > already been here before." > > "No we haven't," Lynkeru replied. "If we had, then there'd be a marking > right here." > > Lynkeru pointed at a wall with her sword. She then made a few quick > slashes, making an arrow pointing in the direction they were heading. > > "What about this marking right here?" Yolei asked. She pointed to a similar > marking on the opposite wall pointing the way they came. > > "That's someone else's mark," Lynkeru explained. > > "No, it's not," Yolei said. "It's the exact same mark." > > "It can't be," Lynkeru said. "It's pointing in the wrong direction." > > "It IS the same mark!" exclaimed Yolei. "You've been leading us in > circles!" > > "No, I haven't!" Lynkeru defended. "I have a very good sense of direction, > and I'm telling you..." > > Lynkeru's attention was suddenly caught by Indi glowing green next to the > wall. She walked up and put an ear against it. > > "I can hear people on the other side of this wall," Lynkeru explained. "If > I had a bomb, I might be able to blast through it. To bad the Masked Rocket > stole all my stuff." > > "I guess we might as well keep going then," Yolei said. > > "No wait," Lynkeru said, drawing her other sword. "I might be able to..." > > "Marco262, I _am_ the WooMaster" <> wrote in message > > > > > That was because Jason was racing full speed down the hall back to the > main gym room. He'd heard all the parts that concerned killing him and > > kidnapping his friends, and he'd made the decision not to let that happen. > He burst into the arena, where Amber's fight had ended and Vixxen was just > > getting ready to battle. > > > > "Guys," he gasped, "We might have a problem." > > > *Slice!* > *Slash!* > *Carve!* > > With a few quick sword slashes, a hole was formed in the nearby wall. On > the other side was girl with reddish hair, tan skin, and green clothes > weilding twin sabres. She stepped through and put her swords away on her > back. > > "See? I told you I get us through this maze!" she said to her lankier and > bespectacled companion who followed her through. > > "Don't mind us," the other girl said. "We'll just wait our turn." > Solo took a step back and assessed (sp?) the situation, 'At first, everything was going okay, Amber had finished up her battle Jason had gone off to find food, and Vixxen was warming up for her battle,' Solo paused and made sure he had all the facts straight, 'then Jason came screaming back from outside, babbling incoherently, and just as the sounds of Vixxen's battle echoed through the gym, some fruitcake with a couple of swords and her nerdette pal went John Deere on the bush maze.' While Solo struggled to wrap his head around the recent events Amber had managed to calm down Jason enough for him to speak clearly. "Two Rockets want to kill me and kidnap you guys!" he shrieked, almost girlishly. "Us?" asked the sword-crazy red head and her four-eyed companion. "No-" Jason tried to explain. "Me?" yelped Bugsy who had stopped his battle with Vixxen. Jason finally got a word in edge-wise, "No, Vixxen and Amber!" "What about me?" asked Solo, almost insulted that the Rockets had forgotten about him all ready. "Yeah, you too!" "That's better," Solo smirked but then facefaulted, "No, wait...That's bad!" Amber spoke up, "Come on guys, let's get outta here!" They all nodded and as they took a step towards the opening the newcomers had made. Suddenly, the lights cut out and two, new voices cackled through the inky blackness. "Come on, you idiot, shoot him all ready," shouted the female voice. "I can't see him!" argued the male voice. "Here! Give me the stupid gun!" the femal voice answered shrilly. The gun cracked and the darkness was shattered for just a millisecond as the muzzle flashed and fired a bullet. A sharp yell rang out (to fast to be distinguished as male or female) and the sound of a body hitting the ground followed quickly after. Everything was quiet for a while until Amber's voice, barely audible, asked, "I-is everybody okay?" TBC.....? [OOC: What can I say, it's almost Halloween and I'm in kind of a grim mood. But I left it totally open so whoever gets to it first can choose who gets shot (or not shot, bum bum bummm). Yay. That's it.] -MB