Subject: Re: [PW!] Will wonders never cease? Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 16:47:26 -0700 From: Amber Foxwing <> Reply-To: Organization: Official Kruton-Worshipping Bready Minion---All hail the tightly packaged moldy breadyness! Newsgroups: > [I pretty much share Lynkeru's sentiment here. It's like Amber's characters > are in love with everybody or something. (OOC: Amber is, but I don't know about Vixx.) Amber was now very worried about Jason and Solo. She was glad Solo was ok, but shit! Jason had just been shot twice and all because of her! She looked down at her claws and thought about everything that had happened since she was conjoined with Nyura. She had been to hell and back, and yet it didn't seem so horrible. She had three very good friends, and a new friend to get to know. But it seemed that she caused them a lot of trouble. She looked back at Jason resting momentarily in the other room, and decided she was more trouble to them than she was worth. That night, she decided, they wouldn't have to deal with her any more. ****** When her friends were asleep, she gathered her Pokemon, her things, and left. She looked back at them all, and wondered if she should stay, but thought, "My mind is made up. I'm leaving." She slipped into the pitch black Ilex Forest, hoping she wouldn't see the Charcoal kid again. ****** The next morning, the foursome woke up to see Amber and all of her things gone. They looked at each other and Solo said, "Team Rocket?" "No they wouldn't take her stuff too." Vix replied. "Then she left of her own free will?" Kurt asked. "I suppose," she said biting her lip. "Then we're going to find her!" Solo and Jason chorused together. They thanked the nurse, and they went after her, helping Jason hobble along as they went. ****** Amber was curled against herself at the base of a tree, with most of her Pokemon sleeping next to her. Darkfang stood watch, more awake then ever. Why would she want to leave her friends? he thought. I thought she enjoyed their company. It wasn't her fault that--- Suddenly a sound sparked his senses. He stood erect and made a warning growl. He almost relaxed with relief when Amber's friends came down the road. But he remembered her orders and leaped up growling ferociously. "Hey! Darkfang what is up with you?" hissed Vixxen. "You got a kink in your brain? Its us!" "I know," he growled. "But Amber ordered me to keep you away from her at all costs, because she didn't want to hurt you any more." Vixxen snapped Fang up and snarled. "She can't hurt us! It's not her fault at all any of this happened, and she's with us! Now stop this growling, let us stay, and I'M MAKING BREAKFAST!" With that she set Darkfang down and made a fire. When Amber awoke, it was to the smells of Vixx's cooking. She wondered how her Pokemon could cook, and sat up. The first thing she saw was Darkfang with his ears drooping, hunched over like he was guilty. Then she saw her friends grinning like fools at her. "Why...why did you go and find me?" "Because you're our friend," Kurt said. "And it was NOT your fault," Jason put in. "And you cannot hurt us," Solo piped. "And...some other reason that I can't think of right now," Vixx shrugged. Amber frowned, but accepted Vixx's breakfast. "I'm sorry I ran off like that. It's just...well...after I saw Vixxen captured, and Jason shot, and Solo blacking out and Kurt coming to help, it was just...gah! I felt bad is all. It felt like my fault." "It wasn't." "I know. Thanks for coming after me." "You expected us not to?" "I didn't think THAT far ahead..." TBC (OOC: Odd, and very...O.o Ok, I was bored. Humor me.)