Subject: Re: [PW!] Will wonders never cease? Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 15:55:13 -0700 From: Amber Foxwing <> Reply-To: Newsgroups: Mushboom wrote: > Amber Foxwing wrote: > [OOC: I like where you're goin with this but I'd like to put some backstory on this, just to explain how Solo got to Azalea from > Goldenrod.] > > Solo rolled over in his warm, downy bed and reached up to fluff his pillow. When his hand found only his backpack, he opened his > eyes and realised he wasn't in his warm, downy bed, he was laying under a smokestack on a roof in the middle of Goldenrod City. > Memories from the night before sent a shiver down his spine, though it could have been the cold, morning air that chilled him. > Standing, Solo brushed the soot and dirt off his clothes and scanned the skyline of Goldenrod. The sun barely peaked over the > rooftops, sending streaks of yellow, pink, and various other colors across the sky. Everything disappeared for Solo while he paused > to admire the beauty of the sun rise, even in this steel-hearted metropolis. > > He was jolted back to reality as the sound of screeching brakes and blaring of car horns shattered the morning silence. Solo's > smile quickly turned back into a frown as he sighed and moved towards the fire escape. He climbed down and left the alley, walking > aimlessly through the streets, searching for the Magnet Train Station. He hadn't even spent a day in Goldenrod and he was all ready > considering leaving. > > After a few minutes of walking, he found the station and reached out to open the door. As he pulled back, the door resisted and > stayed shut, that's when Solo first noticed the large red sign taped to the door. "MAGNET TRAIN CLOSED TEMPORARILY FOR REPAIRS, > OPERATION TO RESUME IN 7 DAYS," the sign read, Solo pounded a fist on the door and stormed away. > > 'Guess I have no choice,' he thought, 'so now what am I supposed to do?' Solo stepped up to a world map hanging in the window of a > travel agency. 'Well, I definately don't want to stay in this messed up city,' tracing his finger south of Goldenrod he stopped at > the nearest town, 'Azalea? Haven't heard of this place before.' He glanced at some pamphlets hanging in the other windows of the > agency, 'No sign of any Azalea Town pamphlets... Perfect, just the place to lie low until I can get back home.' > > Grabbing a town map from a complimentary box outside the agency, Solo navigated through some side streets until he reached the gate > to Ilex Forest. Solo stood at the tree line of the forest and wondered if it was best to try and find his own way through the maze > of trees. A few minutes later, a large wagon coming from Goldenrod, pulled by a pair of Ponytas, stopped next to him. Solo looked up > at the driver, a funny looking man with rosy red cheeks, "Mime mime?" he called. It took a few seconds to register that the funny > looking man was a Mr. Mime and he was offering him a ride through the forest. "Oh... uh, sure, thanks," Solo climbed up next to the > Mr. Mime who smiled and started the Ponytas again. > > About an hour into the ride, they passed a stream, as Solo gazed at the winding creek, his hand brushed the pokeball in his pocket. > "Mee! Squirt!," Solo released his Shellder who appeared on his shoulder, clearly fuming. > > "ABOUT TIME!" Squit shouted, "Do you know how long I've been rotting away in that cramped ball?! For Goddish sake, Solo, some > friend you are!" > > "Jeez, I'm sorry, man, I completely forgot about you-" Solo started. > > "Oh great! That makes me feel fabulous!" > > "I didn't mean it like that, I would have let you out last night but there was this guy with a shotgun and this Rocket who tried to > skin me-" > > "Yeah, yeah, whatever," Squirt interrupted again then looked around, "so this is Goldenrod?" > > "Nope," Solo looked at the Shellder sitting on his shoulder, "we're in Ilex Forest, heading to Azalea. We'll go back to Goldenrod > in a week, when the Magnet Train is running again." > > "Why? Aren't we looking for the other half-pokemon?" Squirt asked. > > Solo sighed, "If there ever was any half-pokemon here in Johto, they're long dead now." > > "What?! How?!" Squirt asked angrily. > > "Who knows, but it's pretty clear that they don't like half-pokes here," Solo sighed again. The rest of the trip was spent in > silence except for the sound of the Ponytas' hooves trotting over the ground. When they got to Azalea, Solo thanked the Mr. Mime and > got off the wagon, examining his surroundings. There was only a few people in the streets but those who were there stared at him, > "Great," Solo muttered, "more attention." > > Most of the small crowd whispered to each other but one young child pointed and shrieked joyfully, "Look, Mommy, another one!" > > "Another one?" asked Squirt, "What's he mean by that?" Solo shrugged and sauntered up to the mother of the child who pointed. > > She was clearly a little frightened, "Um... I'm really sorry, he's just a kid, we didn't mean to stare." > > "Oh," Solo wasn't expecting that reaction, "I was just wondering what he meant by 'another one'?" > > "Well a normal boy and another of um..." the woman motioned to Solo, "your kind." > > Solo eyes grew wide, "My kind? You mean other half-pokemon?" > > "Y-yes," she wasn't sure if the Meowth Person was angry or surprised. > > "And this boy, was he chasing them or..." Solo trailed off waiting for the woman to respond. > > "No, the boy and someone wearing a big cloak seemed to be helping the other half-pokemon, they went into the Pokemon Center," she > pointed out the Center, "over there." > > "Thanks alot, ma'am!" Solo jogged off towards the Center. > > "What a nice," the woman sweatdropped. > > --- > --- > > Solo's ears twitched, picking up every word the half-Pikachu and the normal boy said. He wanted to make sure these people weren't > nuts or anything before he approached them. So far they sounded pretty sane and the boy seemed used to half-pokemon by now, > considering he was travelling with two of them. Though Solo wanted to run up to them and find out everything they knew about how > they became half-pokes, he kept his distance, partly because he wanted to make sure they were decent people but also partly because > he was scared out of his mind. What if they rejected him? What if they were all ways half-pokes and didn't want to associate with > someone who used to be human? > > 'But the half-Pikachu said that she and the half-Sneasle used to pretend they were Pokemon and now they actually were part Pokemon' > Solo continued to sit, watch, and ponder. They had to be like him, but how could he be sure? Shaking his head, he tried to sort > things out. After a few more minutes of pondering he decided to wait until morning, then he'd see what they'd do. If they left, > he'd follow them until he was sure they were safe but if they stayed he'd hang around the Center as inconspicuously as possible > until he was sure they were okay to approach. Solo listened to their conversation, most of which was small talk, until they fell > asleep and then he too fell asleep. > > TBC......? > > [OOC: There, that's good enough for now. If you want, you can handle the meet-up.] > > -Mushboom [OOC: Thanks! Glad you could write...] Late the next morning, Amber stirred in her bed. She woke up and noticed that she felt positively wonderful! She stretched, yawned, and spun out of bed. She padded out into the regular Pokemon Care room, where many pokemon ranging from an Abra to an Onix were resting or eating. She grinned and continued out, to a hallway with doors on either side. She saw a door at the end with a sign on the other side that said, "EXIT". So she walked over, opened it and came to the central waiting room of the center. On the couch, she saw Jason and Vix sleeping, and not far away on a smaller couch was some other guy. A tail seemed to be poking out from his sleeping bag, but he probably just had a pet meowth, just her luck. "Good morning! I see you're up early today. Feeling better?" Nurse Joy asked. She nodded and asked, "Do you have any food?" Nurse Joy simply grinned and said, "Right this way!" She led Amber to a table and took her order of a pancake stack with plenty of syrup, butter, and a glass of milk. ~I'm starved!~ grinned Nyura in her head. Suddenly Cyan popped up on her head, and danced around squawking happily. ~You're better! Can I have some pancakes?~ she shouted. With the vibration still echoing in her head from Cyan's shouting, she nodded and the little bird perched on her shoulder to wait. Apparently, though, her mental shouting had woken up the other occupants of the Pokemon Center. Vix yawned, and Jason peered sleepily over at her, and the boy sat up too. That's when she realized... ...he didn't have a pet meowth... ...he WAS a meowth! She leaped up from the table, nearly overturning it, and causing Cyan to take to the air. "You''re...half-pokemon!" she blurted. "So are you," grumbled Vixxen. "I thought you knew I was half-Pikachu." "No, no..._him_!!!" She pointed to Solo who was wide-eyed and staring as she did. ~Pointing's not polite,~ Nyura growled, and Ny took control of her arm and made her put it down. "Uh, er, I'm Amber," she said wide eyed. "You are?" Squirt peered over at him. "Inconspicuous, huh?" "Ah, I'm Solo. Nice to meet you. You're the other half-pokes i've been hearing about?" "I guess," she replied. "Wait a second," Jason said. "I'm still tired, and not getting this. What's going _on_??" Nurse Joy came in and put a hand to her mouth. "Oh...I see you're all up..." Amber's pokemon trotted in. "I want pancakes," mumbled Darkfang. "Vul, vulpix, vul vul! [Fang, you're always hungry!]" "Look who's talkin, kid." Cyan landed in a huff on a ceiling beam and sent, ~She only said _I_ could have pancakes!~ Dabbler only looked confused, and said, *That kid over there is part Pokemon. I only remember...two...* Squirt replied, "Well get used to it. We ain't goin' no where." "That is if you'll let us," Solo hastily replied. "I'm game," Amber grinned. "You guys ok?" "Yeah, sure," Vix said suspisciously. "Huh. Ok," Jason said. TBC. (OOC: Woohoo! I missed writing PWs for so long.)