Subject: Re: [PW!] Will wonders never cease? Date: Thu, 04 Oct 2001 20:59:49 -0700 From: Amber Foxwing <> Reply-To: Organization: Official Kruton-Worshipping Bready Minion---All hail the tightly packaged moldy breadyness! Newsgroups: "Marco262, I _am_ the WooMaster" wrote: > Amber Foxwing wrote: > > > "Ah, I'm Solo. Nice to meet you. You're the other half-pokes i've been hearing about?" > > > > "I guess," she replied. > > > > "Wait a second," Jason said. "I'm still tired, and not getting this. What's going _on_??" > > > > Nurse Joy came in and put a hand to her mouth. "Oh...I see you're all up..." > > > > Amber's pokemon trotted in. > > > > "I want pancakes," mumbled Darkfang. > > > > "Vul, vulpix, vul vul! [Fang, you're always hungry!]" > > > > "Look who's talkin, kid." > > > > Cyan landed in a huff on a ceiling beam and sent, ~She only said _I_ could have pancakes!~ > > > > Dabbler only looked confused, and said, *That kid over there is part Pokemon. I only remember...two...* > > > > Squirt replied, "Well get used to it. We ain't goin' no where." > > > > "That is if you'll let us," Solo hastily replied. > > > > "I'm game," Amber grinned. "You guys ok?" > > > > "Yeah, sure," Vix said suspisciously. > > > > "Huh. Ok," Jason said. > > "As long as we get to eat first," Jason added hastily. > > Amber laughed lightly and nudged him in his side. "Is food all you ever think about?" Jason poked her right back. > > "Well, I've got to keep my energy up if I'm going to become the first pokemon master/world famous rock star. And I know that there will > be a lot of mouths to feed." He hesitated and looked at Vixxen and Solo. "You have some pokemon right?" > > "What am I? Sushi?" Squirt yelled from Solo's shoulder indignantly. Solo grabbed his shell to keep him from going on a rant. "Just my > loud mouthed friend here. What about you, ummm, Vixxen is it?" > > Vixxen nodded and held up a pokéball. "Her name's Poncho," she said as she dropped the pokéball on the the ground and a euphoric Pichu > appeared wearing a sparkly collar. She looked up and blinked. She noticed all the funny people staring at her, and smiled her cute little. > > "Pichu! <Hiiiii!>" Poncho started dancing around and realized someone was laughing. How dare someone laugh at her! She puffed out her > tiny cheeks and glared about for the person that was making fun of her, when she was swooped into the air. > > "She's amazing!" Jason held Poncho out at arms length, chuckling a bit more. Poncho's anger melted immediately and squealed happily at > Jason's comment. Amber took Poncho from Jason and held against her bosom. > > "If you two are done bonding now, I believe you said something about food, Jason?" > > Jason cocked his head to the side. "Food?" he said quizically, "Oh yeah! Breakfast!" Everyone except Jason, Amber, and Poncho > facefaulted. Amber, used to Jason's absent-mindedness just shook her head, and Poncho swung her arms around happily, humming to herself. > > "But first," Jason added, when Solo and Vixxen had got up, "I need to get Wolfgang out so he can eat too. Plus, he's never been in a > computer this long before." He paused again. "In fact, I don't think he's ever been in a computer." Jason walked over to a computer station. > While numerous grinding noises and curses emanated from his cubicle, Solo turned to Amber. > > "Who's Wolfgang?" he asked. > > "Jason's Machamp." Solo's jaw tightened a little. > > "Is he a high level? It seems he might be unhappy when Jason lets him out." Amber stared at Solo for a moment, before she understood > what he was worried about. > > "Yeah he's pretty strong, but you won't need to defend yourself. At least not physically anyways." Before Solo could ask what she meant > by this, Jason returned with an extra pokéball in hand. "Finally! Let's go to lunch!" > > They all nodded and walked to the Pokémon Center dining room. > As the quadro(??) ate, Poncho hurried over to the counter, whispered something to Nurse Joy, and suddenly the radio was on. She mumbled a half-distinguishable "Thank you," and waited for a song to play over the commercials. "And here's 'In the End' by Linkin Park!" Suddenly she burst to life and sang to the song wholeheartedly with a beautiful voice. Jason dropped his fork with a clatter on his plate, his jaw slack. Amber and Vix still talked and laughed, while Solo looked at Poncho to Squirt and back. "How come you can't do that?" he growled. "Cause I ain't no silky-voiced lunatic like that thing!" "I tried so hard, and got so far, but in the end it doesn't even matter, I tried so hard and got so far, but in the end it doesn't even matter..." sang Poncho. Slack-jawed and staring, Jason lept up from the table and just watched Poncho sing. When it was over, it switched to "Side" by Travis, then "Everywhere" by Michelle Branch (OOC: She's from Sedona, in AZ where I live! Gotta love 'er...), and then more commercials. "AMAZING!" Jason shouted. "BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS!" Poncho took a step back at the onslaught and said in her squeaky voice, "Well, I, uh...that is, I had to sing in Pokemon Centers for yen when Vixxie was poor...and I uh, got real good..." Jason picked her up and turned to Vixxen. "You taught her?" "Oh, no. She's self taught. She enjoys it very much." "I see, well, you're hired!" "Hired?" Poncho asked. "You can sing, and beautifully I might add! And I have a band, a Pokemon band, and you can be the lead!" "Erm, ok!" So finally they finished, gathered up their Pokemon, and left the center to find the gym. Amber hopskipped around, feeling 100% better. She twirled and grinned and breathed in the fresh air. "Wha...It's such a nice day!" she grinned. The people on the street gawked at the three Pokemon people in the street, with the one staring suspisciously at everyone, one dancing and hopskipping, and the other walking casually as he was _normal_! One woman stopped Jason and asked, "And you're...ok travelling with...them?" "Oh sure, they're wonderful! We get along really welll. It's not their fault they are this way..." "Oh. Ok then..." and she hurried away. Darkfang chased his tail playfully, and Pocco was walking with Poncho, talkin' Pika. Dabbler bobbed up and down, grinning and exchanging jokes and snappy coments with Squirt obviously enjoying his company. Velocity was darting around breathing fire briefly, and finally they came to the gym. ~Lookee!~ Cyanide cried. ~Big ol' wormies for me to eat!~ "No, those are statues! Who ever is the leader here must train bug Pokemon..." TBC Finally, a slight plotline, with nothing going on hardly! lol; I was getting really stumped so I puzzled it out...and yes, that IS the kind of music I listen to! Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, and P.O.D., Travis, Michelle Branch, and Korn, they all RULE! Incubus too. -- ˙Ř˙ŕ