From: Rob ( Subject: [PW!] Wooper Against Mareep Newsgroups: Date: 2001-05-08 18:32:44 PST Adrian Tymes wrote: > Sarah readies her wooden instrument, apparently preparing to fish her > friend out of the pokemon whose voices are slowly growing audibly > angrier, judging by her low grip on the shaft. "What's your best > guess?" > > "Sound like sentret think cyndaquil supposed to leave upon 'end of > shift', since cyndaquil not on daytime roster and not with trainer." "Cyndaquil stuck his snout out on the line for me, now it's my turn to pay him back..." Sarah manages to muster up enough courage to reach into the circle of Sentret with her wooden crook, but before she can snatch her Pokemon with the blunt hook on the end, one of the Sentret Tackles it out of the way - and out of Sarah's hands. The shepherdess is taken aback, and even though she still wants to help her Cyndaquil get out of this predicament, she doesn't want to leap into the group of angry Pokemon, lest they have rabies or Mad Miltank Disease. She knows she's going to need a distraction in order to pluck Cyndaquil away from the Sentret, so she thinks for a moment, and just as the Sentret are about to attack Cyndaquil, Sarah shouts out to the Fire Pokemon, "Cyndaquil, make a small Smokescreen!" The Cyndaquil's narrowed eyes strain even moreso as he buckles down and expels a cloud of dark smoke from his back, "CYNDA!" The Smokescreen attack engulfs the Sentret next to the Cyndaquil who released it, but the cloud's radius isn't large enough to reach Sarah or Mimic. All the Sentret have been blinded by the attack, so the Cyndaquil, whose barely open eyes aren't affected by the smoke he released, is able to run past them easily, straight into Sarah's welcoming arms. Sarah secures Cyndaquil under one forearm, uses her other arm to pick up the shepherd's crook that the Sentret knocked away from her, and races westward towards Cherrygrove City before the Smokescreen clears. Mimic, who is still in Mareep form, follows her, saying, "One Pokemon down, one to go. Mimic wonder where Barbie." Upon entering the Cherrygrove City limits, Sarah spots her Mareep and answers Mimic, with a hint of terror in her voice, "There..." Wondering why Sarah's voice expressed terror instead of joy, Mimic scans the area until he sees Barbie the Mareep. She is sprawled out on the ground in front of the local Pokemon Center with her four legs spread out, bleating weakly for assistance. Behind her, a particularly slimy blue Wooper who has a big grin on his face is waddling slowly towards Barbie's rear end, ready to use his finishing attack on the already weakened Mareep. Not too far away from this one-sided Pokemon battle stands a mean looking teenage biker girl, leaning against her motorcycle. Mimic looks up at Sarah, "Quick, Sarah, stop girl before her Pokemon wham... er Slam Barbie." The green-haired biker is wearing a tight white shirt, a black leather jacket, a black miniskirt, and black leather boots. She grins when she commands, "Shaft - finish her." "Nooooo!" Sarah drops her staff and her Cyndaquil. Without a second thought, she runs over to where her defenseless Mareep is laying down, and dives onto the ground, blocking the path between her Pokemon and the Wooper who was slowly advancing upon her. Still on the ground, she faces the biker, who looks extremely intimidating from Sarah's Chinchou-eye perspective. While looking up at the leather-clad girl who looks slightly older than her, Sarah is at a loss of words, "Th-this... Pokemon... this is my P-pokemon... M-maybe you wanted to catch her, s-so, weakenin'... you were makin' her weak... but she's... mine... Please don't... h-hurt her..." The biker chick steps away from her bike and casually walks up to where Sarah is laying on the ground, standing in a position where she could readily kick the shepherdess if she wanted to, "Me? Want to catch a Mareep? That's funny." The girl doesn't laugh after saying this, but her Wooper's grin widens. She continues, "Mareep are worthless, especially in comparison to the awesome power of Wooper. I didn't know this one belonged to you, but if I did, I would've had Shaft make quicker work of it. On another note, you sound a little different than the blonde bimbos back where I come from - where are you from, anyway?" Sarah, who isn't used to being treated in such a mean way at all, doesn't know what to say, but she answers the question that has been asked due to intimidation, "A Mareep f-farm... in th-the country..." The biker girl sneers, "Ah, a country bumpkin. Figures. Nothing keeps shepherds warm at night like a Mareep, eh?" Sarah doesn't know how to answer back, but the leather-clad girl's pause is rather short anyway. The biker continues, "I'm a city girl from Goldenrod, on my way to becoming a Pokemon Master. When I become famous, you can tell all your friends, if you have any, that is, that you had the priviledge of having your Mareep attacked by Roxie. This Wooper's called Shaft. He's a bad mother-" "Shut your mouth!" Sarah's disgust for any kind of profanity allowed her to temporarily lose her timidity in order to stop Roxie before she could say something profane. Roxie shrugs at the shepherdess on the ground, "I'm just talking about Shaft. But I can see you're not interested. Must be the lack of brain cells. I don't have any more time to waste on you anyway since I'm going to New Bark to gyp Elm into giving me a Pokemon." She pulls a Pokeball out of one of her leather jacket's pockets, then recalls her Wooper into it, "Shaft, return." Roxie tucks the Pokeball away, then steps up to her motorcyle. She straddles the bike, revs up the motor, then leers at Sarah one last time before driving away, leaving both Sarah and a weakened Barbie inhaling a cloud of smoke worse than the one Cyndaquil released earlier. Sarah reaches over and hugs her Mareep, "Everything's okay now, Barbie... Don't worry - you're not worthless. If I ever see that girl again, I'll work up the courage to tell her that myself." The Mareep opens her teary eyes and nuzzles Sarah's cheeks, reassuring her trainer that she isn't angry at her for staying quiet, "Maaa Maaa..." -Sarah