From: A person in a place with a thing. (newhaights@aol.comanyte) Subject: Re: [PW!] [NC] Wooper Against Mareep Newsgroups: Date: 2001-05-08 19:01:47 PST SarahfromVoid wrote: (nice title, btw) >Behind her, a particularly slimy >blue Wooper who has a big grin on his face is waddling slowly towards >Barbie's rear end, ready to use his finishing attack on the already >weakened Mareep. Wow, you pick up on this WAM stuff pretty quickly. >Not too far away from this one-sided Pokemon battle 8-) >The biker chick steps away from her bike and casually walks up to where >Sarah is laying on the ground, standing in a position where she could >readily kick the shepherdess if she wanted to, "Me? Want to catch a >Mareep? That's funny." 8-)8-) >This Wooper's called Shaft. He's a bad >mother-" > >"Shut your mouth!" Sarah's disgust for any kind of profanity allowed her >to temporarily lose her timidity in order to stop Roxie before she could >say something profane. > >Roxie shrugs at the shepherdess on the ground, "I'm just talking about >Shaft. [NC] Suddenly, from out of nowhere, Poncho (y'know, the electrode-sympathising diglett rancher...that is his name, right?) appeared, his trusty Diglett burrowing right behind him. He points to the Diglett, and remarks, "Well, *he* can dig it." An Electrode rolled by the scene. "Oop, gotta go!" blurted Poncho as he ran off. Sarah looked down the street where Poncho was amply demonstrating his digging-it skills. "T-that guy... he's w-weird... that i-is to... say... h-he's a comp... a complicated..." "Man. I know." [/NC] ^^;; -- NewHaights: NOBODY EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION. NOBODY.