From: Adrian Tymes ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Wooper Against Mareep Newsgroups: Date: 2001-05-08 20:34:44 PST Rob wrote: > Sarah reaches over and hugs her Mareep, "Everything's okay now, > Barbie... Don't worry - you're not worthless. If I ever see that girl > again, I'll work up the courage to tell her that myself." The Mareep > opens her teary eyes and nuzzles Sarah's cheeks, reassuring her trainer > that she isn't angry at her for staying quiet, "Maaa Maaa..." Back near the city's edge, Mimic finishes whispering to the cyndaquil, and nods his head just before Roxie rolls by. The biker lady sees the two pokemon off to the side, but decides to pass up picking on them since they might fight together. By the time she sees them, however, the ember has already been launched, so she does not see it arch up overhead, land on her fuel cap, and melt through the plastic. 'Barbie' trots up, sporting a pidgey-eating grin, along with the cyndaquil just as Officer Jenny races by Sarah on her own motorcycle to check out the explosion. Sarah is still looking towards the edge, but since Roxie made it over a hill crest before her bike blew up, all Sarah sees is a column of smoke. "What was that explosion?" Mimic shrugs. "Critical hit." "What?" Mimic shrugs again, this time seeming to take his upper body along for the ride until he is once again in what has become his normal human form, recognizable to some as a James lookalike. "Never mind." He nods at the pokemon center. "Sarah want heal Barbie again, or just press on to next city?" Sarah and Barbie both blanch at the prospect of re-entering the building that had given them such experiences just yesterday. Only the fact of Barbie's current status gave them any pause rather than immediately saying "no". That...and the sight of a bunch of sentrets chittering angrily at the city's limits, waving banners saying something about "strike" and "no scabs" and with a big red circle-and-slash over the cyndaquil's picture. TBC?