From: Rob ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Wooper Against Mareep Newsgroups: Date: 2001-05-10 21:04:52 PST Adrian Tymes wrote: > That...and the sight of a bunch of sentrets chittering angrily at the > city's limits, waving banners saying something about "strike" and "no > scabs" and with a big red circle-and-slash over the cyndaquil's > picture. Sarah stands up and looks down at her white woolen shirt, which is now covered with dirt. Fearing that the eccentric nurse inside the Pokemon Center would force her to use the many-tentacled cleaning contraption that attacked her yesterday, she makes her decision, "Let's press on." She grabs her wooden crook off the ground and uses the dull hook at the end of it to prod her Mareep to stand up and continues using it to lead her onward past the local Pokemart, towards Route 30. Cyndaquil follows his trainer without being pulled by the crook, and Mimic walks up alongside Sarah in order to chat with her on their way to Violet City. "Sarah want buy stuff at mart?" Mimic asks while passing the pink-roofed building that has posters advertising products on the windows, "Potion can heal Barbie." Sarah notices the poster that advertises Potions and shakes her head, "I don't have much money. Besides, those Potions are probably made up of synthetic chemicals fabricated in a lab. All my life, I've taken nothin' but all natural remedies whenever I get sick, and they've worked wonders!" As Mimic, Sarah, and the shepherdess' Pokemon step out of Cherrygrove City's northern limits, Mimic voices his thoughts out loud, "Mimic wonder if there natural form of Potion in Johto. Pokemon grow on tree here, so Mimic guess anything possible." Right after he says this, Mimic finds out the second thing that grows on trees in Johto when he sees a fat man with a steel staff similar to Sarah's, but much sharper, standing outside his log cabin, using his pole to pluck green Berries out of a large tree. Guessing that Sarah isn't going to have the courage to approach this man, Mimic does it instead, "Hi there. What you doing?" "Huh? Oh, hello!" The man plucking Berries out of his tree takes a break from his activity to answer Mimic's question, "I'm just plucking Berries out of my tree so I can give them to strangers whenever they stop by my house. You should always check trees for Berries. When they're ripe, they just drop right off." Not as shy when a kind stranger's being hospitable to her, Sarah glances at the man and asks him, "Y-you give... Berries to strangers? Can w-we have some?" "Sure!" The man reaches down into a basket he had been dropping the Berries into and grabs two ripe ones. He hands one to Sarah and another one to Mimic. Sarah kneels down and puts the Berry she has just received next to Barbie's mouth. The weak Mareep sniffs at the fruit, then gobbles it up in one bite. Suddenly, all four of her trembling legs become stiff and she stands up straight. Smiling, she lets out an energetic bleat, having recovered somewhat from her injuries, "Reeep!" Sarah is surprised that the Berry has healed her Pokemon - she thought it would just take away the Mareep's hunger. Her eyes brighten up and she says, "Amazing!" "Behold the power of Berries." The fat man laughs, then goes back to picking fruits with his steel stick, "You should always check trees for Berries..." Noticing that the man has begun to repeat himself and fearing that Mimic might punch this guy the same way he punched the shorts-wearing kid on the way to New Bark Town, she grabs the hand of the Ditto in human form and quickly leads him away from the scene, towards the north, followed by her Pokemon. Mimic is surprised that the usually timid shepherdess has pulled him down the road without his approval, "Sarah must be in hurry." After Sarah stops pulling him, he observes his new surroundings. Mimic notices a nearby sign, reads it, then asks, "Guess not want stop at Mr. Pokemon's house, then? It straight ahead." Sarah looks down at the ground, "Well, sure... we can go there, if you want..." She looks up to add, "...but only as long as you don't beat up Mr. Pokemon!" -Sarah