From: Adrian Tymes ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Wooper Against Mareep Newsgroups: Date: 2001-05-11 23:46:19 PST Rob wrote: > Mimic is surprised that the usually timid shepherdess has pulled him down the > road without his approval, "Sarah must be in hurry." After Sarah stops pulling > him, he observes his new surroundings. Mimic notices a nearby sign, reads it, > then asks, "Guess not want stop at Mr. Pokemon's house, then? It straight > ahead." > > Sarah looks down at the ground, "Well, sure... we can go there, if you > want..." She looks up to add, "...but only as long as you don't beat up Mr. > Pokemon!" Mimic frowns. "Why Sarah say that?" Completely misreading the frown, Sarah backs away. "B-bec-cause y-you h-hit th-that k-kid..." "Huh? Oh, Sarah mean Shorts Kid robot. No worry. Mimic hold humans, like pokemon, to *much* higher standard than machines. Hit Shorts Kid like hit tree: no harm. Hit person no reason no is good." "You don't sound like you believe that." Mimic almost stops, dragging his feet as Sarah marches on. "Mimic... Mimic really *want* say Mimic never ever hit any thinking being again. But Mimic know no is truth." Sarah glances over her shoulder, slowing down but keeping her distance ahead of Mimic. "You've got some anger to work out. I understand. I knew a person like that, once." " is anger. Is training. Is...Mimic no sure if ever can fully undo what Rockets did to Mimic. And Mimic trying." It is her turn to frown. She has heard of Team Rocket, but nowhere near as much as more urban residents of Johto and Kanto. "It can't have been that bad." He points to a tree. "Imagine that worst enemy's neck." Sarah gulps. Her imagination easily forsees Mimic's demonstration... ...and for once, it is completely correct, save for the snapping of individual fibers before the main break being a little more drawn out. " ever know how many suffer because of Mimic while with Rockets," he continues as he tosses the tree trunk aside. "Mimic no want go back...never ever want go back..." Empathy overcomes fear as Sarah hears Mimic's sobs, so the sheperdess walks back and hugs Mimic. Mimic shrinks down and duplicates Sarah again to more easily accomodate her embrace, though it takes nearly all of what little self-control he has left just then. "It's don't have to harm anyone if you don't want to..." Sarah's murmurs come from her heart, with her mind too busy being overruled to ponder the implications of what Mimic just confessed. Even Barbie walks up behind Mimic and nuzzles, though much more tentatively than her lifetime companion. Minutes later, Mimic finally manages to calm down. "Thank you. like remember that like reminders. That part of why Mimic no fight for Sarah before Faulkner before, and why Mimic no can again." Sarah partly lets go, then coaxes Mimic back into a walk, knowing that even mild labor uses part of the mind, leaving that much less room for major upsets to sting. "But surely you've fought before, haven't you?" "Mimic fight defend self and others. Gym battles...Pokemon League in general different. If Mimic let anger take over, Mimic become like Mimic brother; try destroy League and Team Rocket." "What, like that kid who disbanded Team Rocket a few years ago?" "No, destroy. Death/murder/kill members, and maybe blow up gyms and monuments and bases, so that no can reform." Sarah's eyebrows raise, though she is not consciously aware of it. "No offense, but I hope I don't meet your brother." "No likely. Mimic brother dead. Mimic given chance revive him, but fail." "On purpose, right?" "Wrong." Mimic turns a hard expression towards Sarah. "Even Mimic brother deserve life. Is Mimic's fault no has..." Haering the tears threaten to return in Mimic's voice, Sarah lets the conversation drop, keeping an arm around her duplicate all the rest of the way to the city limits. Barbie and the cyndaquil run ahead, growling at any trainers who approach the Sarahs, but backing away from any pokemon battles. The few wild pokemon in their path merely scamper out of the way, seeing more clearly than the trainers that the pair do not wish to bother the route's residents, and not yet having received word of their fellows' strike. And so it is that the first voice that intrudes upon their consciousness is a familiar mechanical one that follows a "bing": "Ditto. Its transformation ability is perfect. However, if made to laugh, it can't maintain its disguise." "Mimic really starting hate that device," he mutters. "Not even entirely accurate." "Ah, do my ears deceive me?" The fat, mustached man holding the pokedex looks at the two and smiles. "Did you just say you are Mimic?" Mimic meets the man's gaze. "Yes, Mimic is Mimic." He breaks away from Sarah, then transforms into a duplicate of the male. "Professor Oak called and told me to be expecting you. I am Earl, and this is my Pokemon Academy. Study here, and as we say, 'A winner is you!'" His smile is either that of one genuinely believing in his own service, or of an excellent salesperson or actor. Mimic and Sarah take in the building in unison. To call it a one room schoolhouse would be giving it too little credit, but neither is it as large as one would expect from an institution of its reputation. "Who is your friend? Another trainer, come to study in my classes?" "N-not right now." Sarah backs away for each step Earl takes towards her, her shyness returning. "Umm, l-listen, Mimic...if gym battles upset you, why don't I take care of mine while you talk to Earl, ok? I'll meet you back here around sunset." Mimic nods. "Ok. And...thanks. For using the power." Sarah takes but a second to deduce the reference, then winks back. "Hey, what are friends for?" TBC?