From: Rob ( Subject: [PW!] Wooper Looper Newsgroups: Date: 2001-05-17 13:52:24 PST Adrian Tymes wrote: > "I heard she got trapped by a rock slide, and though it would've taken > > you just a few minutes to dig her out, you left her down there for > hours and hours until the unown zapped her away so she wouldn't die.' > > "Is that so? Then you must really want to be an Unown Hunter > yourself, > so you can ask 'em where they took her." > > The two move away towards the ruins, leaving Sarah wide-eyed and Mimic > > shaking his head in resigned acceptance. "I couldn't be a Unown Hunter." Sarah remarks, trying to convince Mimic that they shouldn't go into the Ruins of Alph, "You've seen how bad I am at huntin' Pokemon. Besides, that place doesn't sound safe at all." Sarah uses her crook to keep Barbie near her, not because she fears that the Mareep will race ahead into the Ruins, but so that she doesn't run away. Cyndaquil emphasizes his trainer's assessment by nodding, "Quil." Since Sarah and her Pokemon agree that it would be best to not explore the mysterious ruins up ahead, so Mimic doesn't protest and follows them when the shepherdess shepherds Barbie and Cyndaquil southward towards a giant lake surrounded by grasses. Since they don't look back, they don't notice that a bush near the entrance to the Ruins starts rustling once they leave. A large unblinking eye surrounded by a circular dark green body that has cylindrical protrusions coming out of it from the top and bottom hops out from behind the bush. The strange single-eyed being, who was hiding from the archeologist and the trainer who was asking about becoming a Unown Hunter, now stares at Sarah and company as they leave southward. The creature is a Unown called Eye. Eye was given the name by other Unown, perhaps as a joke. Eye was always mocked by the other Unown, which is why Eye left the Ruins of Alph. Eye wanted to become independent, but Eye found this quite hard to do without any guidance. Eye decides to follow Sarah's lead, at a distance, to carefully observe their behavior. They seem much nicer than others who Eye met in the past. "Do... do you ever get the feelin' you're bein' watched?" Sarah asks her most verbal traveling companion as they head towards Union Cave. Mimic thinks for a moment, then nods, "Sometime Mimic feel like Mimic in story and being read about. Actually, Mimic feel that way now." Sarah laughs nervously, "I feel like I'm bein' watched right now too..." A small flock of four young Mareep led by an adult one tread right past Mimic and Sarah, calming them both, "But it's probably just the Pokemon in these tall grasses. Hey, there's plenty of Mareep in this area... we must be close to my Mareep farm!" "Sarah want Mimic to meet family? Recall Sarah say..." Mimic Transforms into Sarah to do a better impression of her voice, "Hehe! Teddy would just freak out!" Sarah blushes at the impression, "Well, yeah, I'd like to have some fun with my little brother... but not right now. I can't. If I go home now, my ma will think that I failed at bein' a Pokemon Trainer since I lost against Falkner.. I need a few Badges before I can go visit ma, Uncle Bob, Teddy, and my grandparents." Mimic thinks about suggesting to Transform himself into a Gym Badge that Sarah can wear, but already knows Sarah well enough to guess she wouldn't go for that. He knows that she'll only go back home once she's actually won some Badges herself, so he doesn't try to convince her to do otherwise, "Mimic understand." Barbie opens her mouth and coarsely bleats at Sarah, "Mareeeeep... Eeeeep," then she motions over to the nearby lake with her cute little head. Sarah understands that her Pokemon is thirsty, so she leads her over to the water, telling Mimic, "We're gonna have to take a short break..." She sits down next to her Mareep while the Pokemon laps up plenty of water and once Barbie's had her fill, Sarah unstraps her sandals and dips her feet in the water to cool off herself after much walking. Mimic sits down next to her, crossing his legs. Sarah then notices something rather unusual - perhaps even more unusual than the fact that a duplicate of herself is sitting beside her - Barbie is actually relaxed and Cyndaquil is the one who is terrified, instead of the other way around. She reaches over and picks up her Cyndaquil, who begins flailing around his limbs in protest when he notices that he's being drawn closer to the lake, "What's the matter, Cyndaquil?" "Quil! Quil! Cyndaquil!" Cyndaquil stops struggling to break free of Sarah's grasp since she's holding him directly above the lake and if she lets go of him, he'll fall into the water, but he continues to protest, hoping that his trainer will understand his plea, "Cyndaquil! Daquil, Cynda! Cyndaquil!" Mimic doesn't have to understand Cyndaquilese to know why the Cyndaquil is so terrfied, so he explains, "Cyndaquil, like other Fire Pokemon, must not like water." "Oh!" Sarah quickly plops Cyndaquil back on solid ground, and the Pokemon races away from the shore, "I'll have to remember not to send him out against any Water Pokemon, then... Hey, speaking of which, there must be Water Pokemon around this lake! Maybe I could convince one to join us..." "Mimic no see any..." When Mimic starts his sentence, the sun is shining brightly in the sky, but it sets before he finishes, and a large group of Wooper start bobbing their heads up and down in the lake, heading towards the shore, "...Water Pokemon... are right there." He points at the Wooper, who are slowly approaching. Sarah squints her eyes at the same time Barbie does. They are trying to see if they recognize the Pokemon that are approaching in a swarm. They both figure out that the Water Pokemon are Wooper at the same time, and since they remember the way Roxie's Wooper treated Mareep, they both simultaneously scream, "Eeeep!" The grinning blue Pokemon all bob their heads as they get closer and closer to the shore, singing in a unified chorus, "Woopa, Woopa... Woopadee Woop..." Sarah quickly puts her sandals back on, then turns around to run away from the swarm of Wooper that is approaching from within the lake, but many Wooper who are already on land, blocking her path, not allowing her to escape. All of them sing the same disturbing melody, "Woopa, Woopa... Woopadee Woop." Since they are quite short, Sarah decides to leap over them, but before she can try, she's knocked down by three Water Gun attacks launched by different Wooper. Sarah looks over at Cyndaquil, who is huddled into a little trembling ball, then glances at Barbie, who is unsuccessfully trying to electrify the Wooper around her. Soon the Wooper have formed a loop around Sarah, Barbie, Cyndaquil, and Mimic, and they continue to sing their weird song, "Woopa, Woopa..." Sarah looks up at Mimic from the muddy ground she landed on after being soaked by Wooper. Her eyes are watery when she says, "Barbie's Thundershock doesn't work on these Pokemon and Cyndaquil's scared of water, so neither of them can do much. I know you don't like fightin', Mimic, but is there any way you can help us out? Please?" -Sarah