From: Adrian Tymes ( Subject: [PW!] Workin' In The Charcoal Harvest Newsgroups: Date: 2001-08-17 19:09:32 PST Amber Foxwing wrote: > Amber took a cautious step forward and looked at 'Sarah'. > > "You're not human are you?" she whispered to Mimic. "You're a Ditto." > > 'Sarah' shrugged and grinned, and Amber nodded. Jason just pressed the > ice pack harder to his head. > > "Ok, so y'all didn't answer my question! What're you guys doing here?" > > "Well," Sylvester said. "I offered them a reward if they could roll all > of these huge logs to my father's cabin. You guys can help." > > So Amber and Jason, and all of the captured Pokemon agreed. ...or Jason would have, were he physically able to just then. A number of the captured pokemon shared his condition. This did not escape Sylvester's notice, once the crew was out of the truck. He was visibly shaken by the sight, but kept any sign of it out of his voice. "Did you all escape from Team Rocket just now?" "Uh-huh." Amber nodded again. "They didn't feed us too well, and Jason dumped his food so he could get thin enough to slip through the bars." Sylvester winced. "My dad just went on a grocery run. The reward is still up, but since you're all helping, I think I can talk him into giving you food and shelter...for tonight, anyway. I'll go talk to him about it now." He headed off to the cabin, as his Farfetch'd waddled up to Sarah to help investigate her claims of an Abra. 'Sarah', noticing the number of newcomers and that Sarah's attention was elsewhere, morphed into his standard James lookalike form. The logs in his arms almost tumbled out; Amber easily caught the one that did escape. "Thanks." "No problem." Amber began walking next to Mimic. "My name's Amber." "Mimic is Mimic. Mimic know Mimic not person? Amber first in long time notice without pokedex or similar." Amber's nose twitched. "Well, it's a bit complicated, but my sneasel, Nyara, kind of merged with me." "Mimic see that." "You don't seem surprised." "Amber not first case. Human/pokemon hybrids not well known, but many seem exist; many methods creation. Mimic wonder: Nyara independent mind?" "Huh? Oh, yeah, Nyara still talks to me." "Mimic suggest keep that way if ever want be separate. Body creation easy; mind creation difficult. Nyara still alive on own so long as Nyara, Amber think still separate." "..." Amber frowned. "You mean there's a chance Nyara and I could...?" "Maybe. Depend on method: how Amber, Nyara get this way begin with. Moreover, depend if Amber, Nyara wish it eventually happen." Mimic began setting down the logs, next to the cabin's lumber storage area. "Where will, way." Amber put her own log next to the pile. "Why are you talking like that, anyway?" "Mimic talk like Mimic talk." He finished dumping his load, then followed Amber back to the others to pick up more. "Help Mimic know Mimic is Mimic. But if really want blame someone..." He nodded towards the worst of the rescued. "Amber see Team Rocket no treat prisoners well." "You were their prisoner, too?" "Worse. Mimic...*tool*. Or so Team Rocket wanted." "Oh." She put a hand on his shoulder. "I'm sorry." "Thanks. But Amber no answer Mimic question: how Amber know Mimic ditto? Mimic maybe hate how gained some skills, but Mimic try use for good. Mimic know most pokemon no tell Mimic apart." Amber grinned. "A small girl carrying that many logs? Nyara knew you weren't what you seemed. Ditto was the most likely choice." "Ah." Mimic shrank a bit, and then there were two Ambers. "..." "Mimic just wish gain Amber wisdom along with Amber shape. Of course, maybe not so good, since form-dependent mean Mimic lose wisdom when Mimic become something else. Oh, well." 'Amber' flexed a few muscles, testing out the tail and each claw. "But definitely remember this form. Cute, useful. And..." 'Amber' popped one claw and began scratching behind Amber's ear. "...sensitive right there, if Mimic guess right." TBC?