From: Worry (Nuh@uh.dummy) Subject: Re: [PW!] Workin' In The Charcoal Harvest Newsgroups: Date: 2001-08-19 15:54:28 PST In article <>, Rob <> wrote: >Surprisingly, Sarah's the first one to speak up in her meek little voice, >"Cyndaquil... u-use your n-new... new Ember... attack on th-those blocks..." "O.K. Training opportunity." Travis says pulling out a pokeball as the others load the kiln. "Hoofer go!" He cried letting out his Rapidash. Hoofer came out with a cry, fiery tail and mane flying. "Alight, Hoofer, we need to burn this wood in a hurry, so i want you to aim your best Fire Blast right into the kiln, please. <But you had me forget Fire Blast so that I could use Flamethower> Hoofer said in a neigh. "No, i had you power down Fire Blast." Travis replied reasonably. "you still know the move, just use your Flamethower at full power." <Oh, al right.> Hoofer replied, turning towards the kiln. His proud head pointed up in the air as he drew in breath. His chest expanded like a bellows as his lungs filled. Everyone stepped back, even the other fire pokemon, as they anticipated a truly impressive fire display. And they weren't disappointed. Hoofer lowered his head and let the Fire Blast attack go. The flames lit the night, making it even brighter than day, as Hoofer directed the precisely formed fire symbol to its target. Collectively they gasped and stepped even further back as the heat from the flame effected them all. Then they all sighed in disappointment as the Fire Blast completely missed the kiln. Hoofer hadn't lowered his head nearly enough to allow the Fire Blast to enter the mouth of the kiln. Hoofer sweatdropped in embarrassment as the flame sped above the kiln out into the night sky, lighting up the entire area as it went harmless on, until burning itself out. "Oh well. Nice try." Travis said sounding resigned even as he patted the large fire horse on the shoulder. "Amp it back down to Flamethower and help the others burn the wood, please." "Man, this is going to take forever!" Becky cried eyeing the large pile of wood as the other fire types joined Hoofer and added their ember attacks and Flamethower to his. "Well, it is probably better to take the time to do it right." Travis replied. "Fire Blast would have probably burned the wood to quick anyway. best we can do is help to load and unload the kiln." He added releasing Stone once more. Instructing the Golem to help out loading and unloading the kiln since he was four times resistant to fire as a rock/ground type. "W-we might as well go see what Jason and Amber have left us to eat." Sarah suggested timidly. 'I'll stay here and supervise the charcoal making." Sylvester stated. "Just leave me some desert, please!" The others nodded and headed back towards the cabin. On the way, they encountered something really strange. From out of the bushes, a large Persian leapt. It appeared to be wild, but it also sounded like it was speaking! It's voice was to muffled to make out the words, and Sarah said. "Look, it has someone's pokeball!" Travis looked closely and could barely make out in the darkness a red a white ball held firmly in the cat pokemon's mouth. Everyone checked their belts quickly to make sure they each had their pokeballs. "Maybe it's either Amber's or Jason's." Becky said once everyone had confirmed none missing. "We better catch that thing and get the ball back!" But before anyone could make a move, the Persian leapt to the side and took off running! "Go check with Amber and Jason." Travis said. "I'll try and catch the beastie and get the ball back" And with that, Travis took off running after the Persian. The others entered the cabin quickly and found Amber and Jason sitting together. Amber was smiling, but she appeared to have been crying. Jason wore a look of concern, though he was smiling as well. Rivet sat off to the side, and he just looked smug. "hey! Either of you two missing a pokeball?" Becky asked. Jason and Amber quickly checked their belts and reported that they weren't. "We just ran into a talking Persian who had a pokeball. None of us are missing any, and if you two aren't either, then i wonder whose it was." Becky mussed "Mimic wonder..." Said Mimic, who had morphed back into a duplicate of the shy pokemon trainer Sarah. "Wonder what?" The real Sarah asked not stammering when talking to a friend. "Could it be that strange talking ball Sarah told Mimic about?" Mimic asked. "Surely not!' Sarah exclaimed. "That would mean that it's been following us!" <I saw something in the forest> Pop Up stated. <but I couldn't tell what it was.> Amber translated what the Abra had said, then replied to it, "I thought maybe you saw the guy I ran into. He has declared himself to be my rival. he is the one responsible for merging me with Nyru. He gave me my Natu back after you guys left." <It was much smaller than a man.> Pop Up disagreed and Amber translated. "Why would that stupid PK Ball be following us?" Sarah asked irritated. "Maybe if Travis catch, we can ask." Mimic stated TBC?