From: Rob ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Workin' In The Charcoal Harvest Newsgroups: Date: 2001-08-19 18:07:35 PST Amber Foxwing wrote: > Luthor suddenly let himself out of his Pokeball. > > "Supergirl could do it. Luthor knows she can!" Sarah puts her hands on her hips, looks down at her Slowpoke, and says in a scolding tone, "I thought Kurt said you wouldn't be able to break out of his Lure Ball!" "No mere prison can contain Luthor against his will." To emphasize his point, the Slowpoke struggles to stand on his hind legs. After ten seconds, he's standing about four feet tall, stretching out his arms, "Now hurry, Supergirl, fly over to that insolent PK Ball and bring him back here! Luthor will not go easy on that fool this time." Sarah shakes her head at the Pokemon, "No! I don't want to deal with that Pokeball again! He's rude and annoyin' and makes me really angry..." Just as Luthor is about to argue that she can't disobey his orders, Sarah pulls her Lure Ball out of her satchel, sucks Luthor into it, and places the Ball back into her sack. Mimic, still disguised as Sarah, puts his hand on Sarah's back, startling her before she realizes whose arm it is, "That how Mimic feel before Mimic lose control." "I... I lost control too... I threw him outta Kurt's house..." Sarah sighs, remembering her past action as more violent than it actually was, "No wonder he's been followin' me! I musta hurt his feelin's and now he either wants to get revenge or say he's sorry. Maybe... maybe he should come back... so I can apologize..." Becky snorts out a chuckle. She recalls all of her martial arts discipline training in hopes of not laughing in Sarah's face, "You're going to apologize to a Pokeball?" Sarah nods and runs outside, leaving Mimic, Becky, Jason, Rivet, Amber, Pocco, and Cyanide to chat amongst themselves while eating dinner. She's followed by Barbie the Mareep, who's been standing at her side the whole time. Outside, she sees Velocity, Darkfang, and her Cyndaquil helping Hoofer and Magmar. The Rapidash and Magmar seem to be doing most of the work and the smaller fire Pokemon - the baby Vulpix, the Houndour, and the Cyndaquil - are backing them up. Farfetch'd has finished cutting up all the logs and is now at Sylvester's side, helping his trainer do his favorite kind of work - supervising. Barbie sees a large, scary man approaching. She shrieks, "Eeeeeep!" Sarah looks down, "What is it, Barbie? Do you see PK Ball?" "No, she just saw my dad!" Sylvester gulps, turning to face the large muscular man seen approaching in the distance, "Oh man, I should've noticed it was night time!" Sarah looks up all the tree branches blocking out the sky above, then over at Sylvester, "H-how can y-you tell? It's just as d-dark as it is now during the d-day..." "At night, the Oddish come out." Sylvester and his Farfetch'd both point over to the pushes, where group of Oddish are one by one emerging from behind bushes, sprinkling powder around the forest. He then shouts over to the Fire Pokemon, "Everyone use their fire moves at full blast! My dad'll be here any minute!" Sarah is worried about something completely different, "Oh, I sure hope Travis is able to catch PK Ball so I can apologize!" -Sarah