From: Worry (Nuh@uh.dummy) Subject: Re: [PW!] Workin' In The Charcoal Harvest Newsgroups: Date: 2001-08-19 22:54:34 PST In article <>, Rob <> wrote: > "At night, the Oddish come out." Sylvester and his Farfetch'd both point over to the > pushes, where group of Oddish are one by one emerging from behind bushes, > sprinkling powder around the forest. He then shouts over to the Fire Pokemon, > "Everyone use their fire moves at full blast! My dad'll be here any minute!" > > Sarah is worried about something completely different, "Oh, I sure hope Travis is > able to catch PK Ball so I can apologize!" But that was proving easier said then done. The Persian was very fast! And without Hoofer to run him done, keeping up was proving problematic. Still, not one to give up easily, Travis kept at it, determined to retrieve the pokeball for either Amber or Jason. The Persian continued to talk in that muffled voice the entire time it ran. Travis wondered how it could keep speaking and not sound out of breath after running for so long. And moreover who it was speaking TO. The cat pokemon surely seemed out of breath it's sides were expanding and contracting rapidly. Travis felt sympathy for it, his own lungs were feeling like they were about to explode. "Rapid, who is that Persian talking to, and what is it saying?" Travis asked his psychicly powered Slowpoke as he struggled to keep up. "Oh, NOW you want to talk." The tiny voice of Rapid replied into Travis's head sounding irritated and hurt. 'You ignore me when I give you sound advice, but when you want to know something about a pokemon, then you have the nerve to ask me to read it for you." "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings!" Travis gasped out. "But if I had responded right then, everyone would have thought I was more insane than the Slowpoke I was talking to! you know how people react when they don't know it is you I am talking to." "Very well, I accept your apology." Rapid replied sounding mollified. "But you could always talk to me with your mind instead of your voice." "We have been over that." Travis answered thinking this wasn't the time to revisit an old argument. "I can't project my thoughts. you know that." 'Stuff and nonsense." Rapid retorted. "You just did it in the forest. When you were talking to that halfling Amber." "I did?' Travis asked amazed. "I didn't realize I was doing that" "Well, you weren't projecting words," Rapid conceded. "But you definatly projected emotion. And that is a mere half step away from doing thoughts." "Look, can we talk about this later?' Travis asked. "Right now, I need to get that pokeball back! Can you tell me what the Persian is saying?" "The Persian isn't speaking." Rapid stated after a moment. "Whatever it is carrying is doing the talking, but for some reason, I can't get a read on it." "A talking pokeball?" Travis asked incredulously. "I have sure fallen in with an odd crowd. First a half pokemon half human girl, a guy who is willing to starve himself to escape a cage, and now they own a talking pokeball. Are you sure it isn't the pokemon inside the pokeball that is making the noise?" "The only thing in the pokeball is a Pikichu that has been fainted for entirely to long." Rapid answered. "It's half starved to death." "That girl Amber had a Pikachu with her, so this one must be Jason's." Travis reasoned. "But he strikes me as someone who would take better care of his pokemon. How is it that the Pikachu is starving if it has been fainted for a long time?" "Time still passes in the pokeball." Rapid explained. "If it didn't, I couldn't be talking with you now. And even converted to energy, it's a living energy and entropy still has it's effects. True, we use less energy in this form and require less sustenance, but we still require it." "What is 'entropy'?" Travis asked trying to keep his mind off of his burning lungs. "Crack a book and look it up!" Rapid snapped. "I am not a school teacher. Besides, the Persian is about to come to a stop." And in front of them, the Persian was doing just that. As it slowed, Travis did as well, so as to not startle the cat into taking off again. The Persian finally came to a stop, and released the pokeball from it's powerful jaws. As soon as it did, to Travis's amazement, the pokeball floated up a few feet and began berating the Persian. As Travis approached near enough to make out the words, he discovered that the pokeball was not at all happy. "....DARE you treat the great PK Ball like that, HAVE YOU NO RESPECT?! Slobbering all over me like I am some kind of common tennis ball to be played with I should destroy you where you stand! Abducting me as I was planning my righteous vengeance upon that girl and her crazy pokAAAAAAAAAAA" The incensed ball was interrupted when the Persian swiped at it with a massive paw, sending it careening out of control to bounce off of the soft forest floor, then pouncing on it as though it were a field mouse. The Persian then proceeded to bat it around the forest for a few minutes before trapping it under a paw and resting. "Right! THAT'S IT! PREPARE TO MEET YOUR MAKER! My minion will make short work of you!" PK Ball exclaimed from his position under the cat's paw. He opened, with great effort, to release a energy beam that coalesced into a yellow, quite unconscious Pikachu. The Persian started a bit when the pokemon was released, but seeing it's state, it relaxed. It leaned over and sniffed at the Pikachu. Then it opened its mouth, fangs glinting. "It's going to eat it!" Rapid yelled into Travis's head Travis clapped his hands sharply together and started running once more with a yell. The Persian jerked and took off running. Then it realized it was leaving it's toy behind and turned around. But seeing Travis coming full speed and realising it couldn't go back for the ball before Travis reached it, the Persian regretfully bounded away. As Travis approached, the freed PK Ball floated up once more. Travis ignored it and knelt beside the unconscience Pikachu. It was in very bad shape, breathing weakly. Travis pulled off his pack, glad he had grabbed it up before chasing after the Persian. Travis pulled out a few vials of medicine and a small packet of pokemon food. As Travis tended to the fainted Pikichu, PK Ball was yelling at the departed Persian. "....SEE YOU AGAIN YOU WILL BE BLASTED TO NOTHINGNESS. YOU WILL RUE THE DAY YOU EVER MADE AN ENEMY OF THE GREAT PK BALL..." PK Ball went on in that vein for several minutes after the Persian was out of sight. As PK Ball continued it's diatribe, Travis shot the contents of the revive vial into the Pikachu's mouth regretting having to use the expensive medicine but sure he could recover the cost once returning the pokemon to Jason. When the medicine took effect, the Pikichu's eyes blinked slowly open and it said, in a barely audible voice "Pikaaaa?" <Where..> "Don't try to talk, little guy." Travis ordered the pokemon gently. "Drink this potion. i'm sorry I don't have something a bit stronger, but it hold you until we can get you to a pokecenter." He added holding a vile up to the Pikichu's parched lips. the Pikachu accepted the potion and visibly improved. <Hungry..> It said, it's voice more audible but sounding very weak still. Travis opened the packet of pokechow and helped the Pikachu eat until it had recovered enough to feed itself. Travis opened a small bottle of water and set it beside the pokemon. As Travis set out the water PK Ball finished addressing the long gone Persian an turned it's attention to him. "You, there. Just who are you and what are you doing to.." The sentient pokeball didn't get to finish the sentence as Travis stood and in a quick motion snatched the pokeball out of the air. Travis doesn't often get mad, but when he does he is incredibly effective at it. now he turned his wrath on full as he addressed the pokeball in his hand. "If you can talk, why didn't you tell your trainer that his Pikachu was in such bad shape?" Travis demanded in a hard voiced hiss. he released the pokeball and turned his back. his fists were clenched tight and he crossed his arms trying to get a handle on his rage. The trainers anger shocked PK Ball out of its normal haughtiness, and it took a moment for him to get it back. When it did, it said "How dare you? have you not heard of the great PK Ball? I am owned by no one! Yon pokemon in mi..." Once more PK Ball was interrupted by the disconcerting action of being snatched right out of the air. It saw Travis's hand coming, but could do nothing to dodge. Confronted once more by the red faced trainers depth of anger, PK Ball was shocked into silence again. It felt fear, and for the first time found itself considering its own mortality But Travis said nothing. it just regarded the ball in his hand for a moment before casting his gaze to the Pikachu. It had finished eating and drinking, and, still weak and needing rest, it had fallen into a deep slumber. Travis turned PK Ball towards the sleeping Pikachu and recalled it. Travis then minimized the ball and slipped it into the pocket of his wind breaker. PK Ball, still frightened, suffered this dignity in silence. Travis calmly cleaned up, then slipped the back pack back on and started walking back to the cabin. As he walked, his anger subsided and he began to enjoy the cool night breeze. by the time he reached the cabin, he was back to his usual laid back self. TBC?