From: Adrian Tymes ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Workin' In The Charcoal Harvest Newsgroups: Date: 2001-08-20 23:17:45 PST Amber Foxwing wrote: > "She's over here," Amber called to the party. > "Sarah!" Mimic cried, the oversized "Abra" running up to the frightened > girl. One series of flashes later, the group had been teleported back to the cabin. Mimic was starting to look a little tired by the time he brought back the last of the search party, but he figured it best not to let any wandering searchers turn into an excuse for another round of searching. Idly, he noted that he had not even have enough energy to properly put on his deliberate speech modifications, instead yielding to the temptation to lose himself in his imitations of he flopped over, shrank into a stone, and started to nap. Which looked, to Sarah, far worse than it was. "MIMIC! Aw, no..." Sylvester looked over. "Wha...oh. Two of your pokemon fainted. Don't worry, I'm sure they'll be fine in the morning." "Mimic's not mine. He's just a friend." "Whatever. At least your mareep won't run away tonight. Anyway, the party's about to start." He motioned to one of the guest rooms. "Why don't you put them in there so the noise won't disturb them?" Sarah frowned at the rude delivery, but could not immediately think of an objection. With Trevor's help, she lifted Barbie into the indicated room, while Amber picked up Mimic - a little too fast, expecting him to be a lead weight at his small volume - then nestled him into Barbie's wool when Sarah's back was turned. Just as the trio were about to head back, Luthor popped out of his ball. "Do not worry, Supergirl. In appreciation for your services to date, I, Luthor, shall guard our fallen allies while you attend this...'party'. No intruder shall get past me tonight." Sarah stopped, about to chide Luthor for coming out, then thought better of it and pecked him on the forehead. "That's sweet of you. Thanks." When no reaction was immediately forthcoming, Sarah continued walking off towards the party, closing the door behind her, just in time to mask a comment from Trevor about how standing in one place all night was definitely within Luthor's power. Five minutes later, Luthor blushed. Eye floated in through an open window behind him, seeing the only way into the building other than the front door. Eye did not wish to be observed, you see, even though Eye wished to observe. And that is what Eye did, settling down in one corner and looking like a plush doll - a shiny, life-sized one, but still mere inanimate decoration. Fully half an hour later, Luthor's blush faded, and he set to his real plan. Two of Supergirl's friends were unconscious and at his mercy, an opportunity no self-respecting villain would pass up. He reached out with his mind, seeking to study and subdue the two creatures before him, binding them closer to his will, deciding almost at the last minute to do one before the other. Slowly, stealthily, he felt his mental energies brush oh-so-gently over the target mind... ...only to feel torrents of power, like he had never experienced before, harshly rejecting his intrusion. The powers ceased at the mind's border, not chasing him back into his own mind as he briefly feared it might, but such a strong willpower...why, it was easily at least as strong as that blade of grass he tried to dominate the other day. In her dreams, Barbie felt a brief pinprick, so she swatted it like a fly. It was forgotten seconds later. TBC?