From: Amber Foxwing ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Workin' In The Charcoal Harvest Newsgroups: Date: 2001-08-18 13:39:32 PST Worry wrote: > "Time for some exercise!' Becky exclaimed pulling out a pokeball of her own. > "Help them out!" She cried releasing a Hitmonchan. > > "That is a lot of wood." Travis stated eyeing the pile. "And that truck looks > like it has seen better days. How about we load up what it will carry and once > we get it to where it needs to be, Abra and I can teleport back here and pop > the rest back." Amber shrugged and released her few Pokemon. "Darkfang, Pocco, Velocity, go!" The Houndour came out from the bushes, Pocco peeked out of her hair, and the baby vulpix peered out from her pack. "Vulpix vul!" Velocity squealed, jumping out to help them. "Velocity, stop! You're too young!" Amber growled. Velocity decided to have selective hearing, and went on. She got on a log and stood on it. It didn't move. She jumped up and down and it started to roll. "Vul!" she cried happily, rolling the log towards the truck. She jumped off when Stone picked it up and lifted it into the truck. Velocity turned around and did the same to another log. "That looks kindof fun!" Darkfang grinned. He joined Velocity on another log, jumping up and down. It started rolling, and he started running. He soon found out he couldn't log roll. Pocco, the little Pinkan Pikachu, jumped out of her hair and rolled the log, explaining in Pokespeak that his old trainer made him do this every night. TBC Darkfang's too big for his briches, so he needed to fail at log rolling, utterly embarassing the Houndour. Harharhar! --Amber, that one girl