Subject: Re: [PW!] Yet Another Past Date: Fri, 07 Sep 2001 22:22:01 -0700 From: Adrian Tymes <> Organization: SBC Internet Services Newsgroups: Rob wrote: > Marcia narrows her eyes at the Ditto, "So, Doppler, what you do want?" > > "Besides you?" Doppler smirks. > > Marcia isn't sure if Doppler means that he wants her body or that he wants her > corpse. She shakes her head, "You know I won't allow that to happen, Doppler." > She pulls a rarely used Pokeball out of her bag and recalls Omelette the > Blissey into it. Marcia sheathes her knife and says, "Seriously, Doppler. Why > are you here?" "Actually, I'm wondering if my brother's stopped by. He got into the kind of trouble you and I got into all the time..." Doppler lets a flash of concern show on his face. "...and much as we liked it, I don't think it's his game. Nor do I think those around him would appreciate it when he goes off. They certainly didn't at the one incident I've seen." "You mean Azalea?" Doppler nods. "..." Marcia shrugs. "Very well. He was here, wondering if you were still alive. But that was days ago. I haven't seen him since." "And you probably would have heard. Oh, well." He leans against the doorjamb, their mutual presence holding the automatic doors open, then suddenly smiles. "What?" "Oh, I just thought of something," Dee replies. "It's been over five years...but a lifetime for both of us. *Minax* would never be a nurse at a place like this. And I...well, Doppler didn't all die that night, but it definitely started then. It's like we're two different people now. Blank slate." He tips his hat. "And I, for one, would like to hear how Minax died and Marcia was born." Marcia frowns. "And why should I tell you that?" Dee shrugs. "I'll buy you lunch. There's this great little vegetarian cafe just down the street I doubt you've discovered yet." TBC?