Subject: Re: [PW!] Yet Another Past Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 03:51:17 GMT From: Rob <> Organization: EarthLink Inc. -- Newsgroups: Adrian Tymes wrote: > "Oh, I just thought of something," Dee replies. "It's been over five > years...but a lifetime for both of us. *Minax* would never be a nurse > at a place like this. And I...well, Doppler didn't all die that night, > but it definitely started then. It's like we're two different people > now. Blank slate." He tips his hat. "And I, for one, would like to > hear how Minax died and Marcia was born." > > Marcia frowns. "And why should I tell you that?" > > Dee shrugs. "I'll buy you lunch. There's this great little vegetarian > cafe just down the street I doubt you've discovered yet." "No." Marcia crosses her arms. Dee nods, "I imagined you hadn't been there. Let's go..." Marcia shakes her head, "I'm not going anywhere." "Why not?" Doppler takes a step closer to Marcia, "I'm not the same as I once was. Doesn't everyone deserve a second chance? Surely you, of all people, would understand this, *Nurse Marcia*. How would you feel if those you hurt in the past came back and judged you by what you once did? Don't be a hypocrite." Nurse Marcia narrows her dark brown eyes, "You call me a hypocrite? I didn't destroy cities full of innocent people, in a lame attempt to get people to understand some cause. What I did I did out of ignorance. When you destroyed Celadon City, killing many of my Rocket friends, Minax was born. When I saw you, a Pokemon, causing all the destruction, I was convinced that Pokemon had no souls. Because of what you did, I began to hate all Pokemon - all the 151 I knew about at the time. 'Gotta hate 'em all', I thought. I made no distinction between you and others. Somewhere down the line, I stopped killing Pokemon I thought were dangerous and began killing innocent little Pokemon to teach kids that the world is not fair. To show them that the world is full of pain. Minax was not really me - I wasn't being who I wanted to be. Minax was my abusive parents, Minax was the bullies at school, Minax was the man who killed my Weezing. Minax was you." Doppler sniffs - not a sad sniff, but an amused one, "Ne, I didn't ask you that. I asked you how Marcia was born, not how Minax was. Thanks for sharing, though." "Marcia was born when my mother gave birth to me." Marcia pauses for a moment, then shakes her head, "You just don't care, don't you? You don't care about what you did in Celadon City and Vermilion City. You don't care about all those people who are dead. You didn't even flinch as I recalled what happened." Doppler smiles, "Oh, Marcia, I do care. If I didn't, I would've have done it. It was a real wake up call for this world, as I hoped it would be. It's as if everyone was asleep before January 1st, 1999, and then, on that day I attacked, everybody on this planet, one by one, began awakening to the reality of their present situation. Is it any wonder that the Pokemon Resistance was created soon afterwards? People have had a problem with the Indigo League since it was founded. They just did not have the courage to speak up about it. Sure, it was a drastic measure... but much good came from it. Just earlier today I scared those idiots in Azalea Town by-" Marcia's open palm makes direct contact with the left side of Doppler's face. "Did you... just slap me?" Doppler asks, rubbing his cheek, smirking. Marcia heaves out a heavy sigh, "You're the one who needs a wake up call, Doppler. Killing innocent people isn't an appropriate way to get a message across. Had I known that Pokemon had sentient souls just like humans do, I wouldn't have murdered a single one. Not one. You knew just what you were doing to those people in Kanto and felt no remorse about it. You didn't before and you still don't. You may think you're different, but you're just the same. You need help. You need serious psychiatric help. A new form of psychiatry should be invented just for you. In fact, you're so far gone that you're actually considering taking a break from your search for Mimic, who you fear could possibly cause unprecedented destruction much worse than what you did, to go on a date with me." Doppler's eyes become glazed over as he thinks about what Mimic could do to this world, then he focuses on Marcia, "That's how important you are to me..." "UGH!" Marcia throws her arms up in the air, then explains, "Listen, on the first time I rode the S. S. Anne, a Mew spoke with me. At that time, he read my mind and sensed how much I hated you, then told me that Mimic was the true villain. If this is true and you're really different, then continue your search. Right now." -Marcia ( NS: I sincerely hope the terrorist attack on New York and the Pentagon won't create a generation Muslim-hating equivalents of the Pokemon-hating Minax. Prejudice is a terrible thing. I feel much sadness for those whose family and friends were in the WTC, the Pentagon, and all four planes. I pray that people who are affected by this - and all of us who know about it are affected in some way - won't perpetuate hate, lest we end up just like those who attacked the U.S. )