Subject: Re: [PW!] Yet Another Past Date: 21 Sep 2001 11:36:21 -0700 From: (Adrian Tymes) Organization: Newsgroups: [Rasnfrasn ISP's eating my posts again. Let's see if *this* goes through...] Rob <> wrote in message news:<>... > "UGH!" Marcia throws her arms up in the air, then explains, "Listen, on the first > time I rode the S. S. Anne, a Mew spoke with me. At that time, he read my mind and > sensed how much I hated you, then told me that Mimic was the true villain. If this > is true and you're really different, then continue your search. Right now." Doppler's shoulders slump. "You're right, I suppose. I never was able to think clearly around you." Marcia blinks, not having expected her words to get through to him. But before she can respond, a blur of motion zips in from nowhere, bounces off of Doppler's stomach, and lands on Marcia's shoulder. Almost immediately, a line of slight pain and a bar of cold under her chin tells her of the knife now pressed against her throat. An instant later, she feels the small hand securing itself inside her hair. Her immediate suspicions of Doppler are slightly allayed by his expression of surprise. "Mommy! Daddy! Hii!" The voice from above her shoulder is entirely too cheerful for the occasion. Marcia sighs. "Would you mind...?" Doppler nods, quickly reaching out to remove the bundle from its perch - only for his hands to bounce off a shield, pulsing red where he pushes against it. Doppler pushes harder, but that only makes the shield glow brighter. He gives up after several seconds of this. "Look, kid, I don't know who you are, but you're obviously mistaken. Neither one of us has had any children that I know of - and I think I'd remember something like that." Marcia frowns. "Well, *I* remember. But I thought it was destroyed." "...oh, that." "Yes. *That*." "I thought it was destroyed too!" A giggle from the shoulder-perched one. "Other-me took me from the wreckage." "Other..." Doppler blinks. "You mean that Aerie from the alternate timeline? She vanished in some experiment at Oak's lab years ago. She never had time to raise a kid." "Well...she gave me a recording of what happened. Here, I'll show ya." Reality fades away as a telepathic illusion enters both their minds' eyes... --- Blue energies rippled through the void, not truly giving off light but interpreted as such by the entities drifting through. They were almost as one, now, as they had been for a while: bodies conmingling into a single blob, only their heads sticking out to give each other a sense of independent identity - snd, more importantly, a mental target for their affections. Nearby, sizzling not-blue writhed and cracked, real light shining through a tiny hole in its center. "No good, Seth: even like this, it'll collapse before we can get through. All we can do is look at things." "Hmm. Can we move it around, at least?" "I suppose. Why?" Seth smiled. "How would you like to play nanny?" --- Dead things do not want to be alive, by their nature, but neither do they object. But living things sometimes want to die. More often, though, they simply have little choice in the matter. In a wrecked lab deep within Mount Moon, a seed lay dormant, slowly burning out its wick of life. Those who destroyed its surroundings had barely given it a glance, judging it to only be able to survive a few hours if it was still alive at all. They had not seen the small puddle of nutrients it had landed on top of, large enough to give the layer of cells months of endurance at its minimal usage rate. But even that was far from infinite, and the nutrients had long since been absorbed. Only by cannibalizing their neighbors were the remaining few cells able to survive, and there were very few left. As they had been programmed to do in case of severe resource depletion, they attacked the few remaining sources of nutrients - each other - and the latest round would prove fatal... ...except that the cells stopped, suddenly, as some higher mind washed over them, directing them with senses far beyond their own. #Go that way,# it said, and so they did, climbing over each other until they landed in another nutrient puddle. They eagerly lapped this up and began to divide once more. --- *click* Formless sensations and impressions reached a critical mass, guided by outside influence into an ordered structure. What normally took years to develop on its own, was forged in mere hours. Awareness, concepts, language...and an innate talent from part of its heritage. Facts that were not memories came in, first a trickle, then a flood - and this, itself, was remembered, as was the difference between these facts and the memory of how they came to be. #Who are you?# ...that was...a 'question'. Wanted a response...? #Who are you?# Yes. This was a test. Wanted #Who are you?# ...there. "Aerie." ...curiosity/mirror... "Who are you?" #Your...guides. It is not safe here. You must leave.# Walk...? Twitch...alter...move...the wall moved - no, that was me. *I* moved. I... #Time for that later. Concentrate on moving.# Slowly, Aerie put one hand in front of the other, clumsily crawling but soon refining her motions, picking up speed as she headed for the cave's mouth. She looked back just in time to see a guard walk in, searching for the mind that had been detected in what was supposed to be an abandoned area. His eyes found her quickly, and he raised his rifle...only for the ceiling to cave in and crush him. An indistinct figure leapt through the hole, looking for what had distracted the guard, and frowned when it saw the target. "Silph or idealist?" "..." It shook its head. "Innocent. Watch it, Dop: this rebellion's got you too paranoid. It was your idea to have whole families here." Sigh. "Some advice, kid: I don't care if you live here or not, but this is *no* place for you now. Cerulean City's a ways south of here; you can find shelter there. Whatever you do, *don't* tell anyone what's going on up here, or you'll be very unsafe. Same goes for coming back to look for your family - they're probably dead, since they haven't found you by now. Got it?" #Move your head up and down.# Not sure why, Aerie did as instructed. #Now turn around and keep going.# And again. #Thanks, dad.# --- Pain. #Sorry. Open up.# Aerie let her chest part, to let that rippling glowing thing that had guided her through the years emerge. She knew - had been told - of its true nature, but she still thought of it whenever she thought of her guardians. Which was not surprising: she had never looked through the hole in its center, and one of the guardians insisted she would see her image in a mirror someday. The other one just mentioned something about "don't want to break your heart, if my counterpart is never born". #The wormhole's closing. We've tried to keep it open as long as we could, but...# "Don't apologize." She wanted to hug it, but knew that would only make things worse. "You said there's a time to say goodbye; I knew that meant even you, someday." #Our brave little girl. We're so proud of you, Aerie.# "Thanks." If fighting down tears and doing everything she could to keep from bawling was 'bravery', then yes, she admitted, she was brave. But why did it have to hurt so much? "I'll miss you." #And we'll miss you. Now, there is one last task we want you to do.# "Anything." #Find your real parents. You still have a long way to go. They can be what we have been...we hope.# #Aerie!# #Well, it's true, Seth. Minax and Doppler aren't what I'd call ideal parents, but they *are* her best hope.# #...I guess.# "I'll try. Thank you!" #Goodb-# *pop* And they were gone. --- "So that's when I set out to find you. I got a picture of Minax from an old 'Wanted' poster, clipped it out, and showed it to some Nurse Joys. One of them said it looked like a new nurse here, so I came as fast as I could. I didn't think I'd find both of you!" Even though Marcia still can not see Aerie, she can hear the girl's wide smile. "Well, that was...sappy." Doppler shakes his head. Marcia frowns. "Put the knife away, kid. Minax is gone." "What are you talking about? You're Minax. I know it!" "My name is *Marcia*." "You're..." Aerie pulls the knife away, and relaxes her grip, though only partway for both. "But..." "Same body, different souls." Doppler shrugs...then Dee grins. "Tell you what, Marcia. You want to think of me as evil? Fine, here's my next act of utter cruelty: I've got a brother to find, so you get to babysit. You said Mimic's not here, so I've got to try to catch him at Goldenrod. Later!" Dee vanishes in a flash of blue. TBC? > -Marcia ( NS: I sincerely hope the terrorist attack on New York and the Pentagon > won't create a generation Muslim-hating equivalents of the Pokemon-hating Minax. > Prejudice is a terrible thing. I feel much sadness for those whose family and > friends were in the WTC, the Pentagon, and all four planes. I pray that people who > are affected by this - and all of us who know about it are affected in some way - > won't perpetuate hate, lest we end up just like those who attacked the U.S. ) [Don't worry. As history shows, there will always be idiots, and there will always be non-idiots. Some small fraction of the populace will become Muslim-haters, but far from all, or even most. Personally, I'd wish people would stop believing so much in an afterlife in another world, so they could wake up and see how much *this* world needs their attentions.]