Subject: Re: [PW] A Guinea Pig Is Not A Pokemon Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 06:28:42 GMT From: Kharonmon <> Organization: AT&T Broadband Newsgroups: in article ao7f62$jnsek$, DitzyRenamon (Tech Weaver) at wrote on 10/11/02 5:18 PM: [[SNIP]] > "We're asking obvious questions to make sure you don't have a concussion," > Tetsuo explained. "Can you remember your name?" > > Lynkeru thought for a moment, then in a low voice she said, "I'm Zubatman." > > Everyone else collasped. > > "I'm kidding, I'm kidding," Lynkeru laughed. "I'll be fine. I just need > some rest. In the meantime, I think you guys have a badge to win. Which > one of you is going first?" > "I guess that would be me," Tetsuo said, stepping up. "All right, now I've only got two Pokemon... But between us, I think we can do it. Right, Frionel?" He stroked the puppy pokemon's mane as his face was licked, and smiled. "All right, just remember, you need to move fast against Ghost pokemon, or they'll confuse you or paralyze you. Can you handle it?" A gleeful bark signaled Frionel's understanding, and Tetsuo got up and headed for the trainer's box. "Morty -- I am Tetsuo Yagami, from Kazagu Town. And I challenge you for a Ghost Badge!" Frionel looked up at his long time friend and almost seemed to sigh at the theatrics of the performance. But they had a purpose. "Well, it's not like I can refuse you," Morty said, smiling wyly. "How about we make this battle interesting, boy? I'll only use one Pokemon, and you can use as many as you have, and even switch them whenever you want. I'm willing to bet that I'll win." "One on all of mine," Tetsuo said, thinking about it. If Morty was confident enough to rely on a single pokemon against as many as six from Tetsuo, it meant that it was a strong one. Probably one that he'd been training for a long time. Looking down at Frionel, he sighed. Steelng himself, and putting his performing skills to the test, he smiled and said, "I accept, Morty! Frionel, I choose you." "Misdreavus," Morty said, closing his eyes. "Go! After he attacks, Spite him." "Frionel, use your Ember!" Frionel nodded, and took a deep breath before lauching a quick purt of flame directly at Misdreavus. But the ghostly Pokemon simply warped around the attack and laughed softly as it flew up to Frionel and blew in his face. "Frionel, try Biting it!" "Misdreavus, Destiny Bond!" "What's a Destiny Bond," Mamoru asked, watching as Frionel bit into the ethereal form of Misdreavus. "It's a failsafe strategy," Yolei explained, watching Misdreavus circle around Frionel's head. "It guarantees that if the Pokemon using it gets knocked out, so will the Pokemon that's been Bonded. I guess Morty is really confident, to risk using it against the first Tetsuo's first Pokemon though." "I guess so," Mamoru said. "I mean, if Tetsuo had six Pokemon, using Destiny Bond would almost ensure Morty's defeat, wouldn't it?" "Right, but as long as he can beat Misdreavus with just the one," Yolei said. "Otherwise he may well end up losing because of a Destiny Bond." "Frionel, what's going on?" As Tetsuo watched, Frionel barked at the ghost circling above his head, and took a deep breath, then launched a stream of fire at it. Not just an Ember, this was a full-fledged Flamethrower. Ad this time, the attack seemed to connect with Misdreavus. "All right, Misdreavus, now's the time to show him our power," Morty said. "Psywave!" "Mis drea!" Misdreavus closed its eyes and began emitting psychic waves, just as Tesuo shouted the next order. Frionel jumped at the glowing apparitio and sank his teeth into it, disprupting the attack, but not before it had an effect. Tetsuo watched his partner, and knew the signs of trouble. He quickly pulled out the two Pokeballs he'd used, and called Frionel back as he sent his shiny Unown out. He still didn't know what was so special about it, though he was going to test his theory out. He'd read about their Hidden Power attack, but he didn't know if that was a strong one or not. "Unown, Hidden Power!" Morty seemed to laugh at the sight of the Unown. "You think a psychic Pokemon can defeat my ghosts? Misdreavus, confuse ray!" As the energy ray was shooting towards the glowing and shining Unown, a bolt of black energy shot forth rom Unown, who instantly seemed to be away from the ray, even as it's own attack connected with the Ghost. It didn't seem to have a major effect, but the ghost seemed to be stunned by the attack nonetheless. "Unown, use your Hidden Power again!" Tetsuo shouted, hoping that the stunned look on Misdreavus' face meant it was weak now. "Misdreavus, Psybeam!" This time the ghost was too slow, as it recovered from the previous attack. Another dark bolt of energy connected with it, and it fell to the ground, dazed and unconscious. "I... I won," Tetsuo said, blinking. "I won!" "Yes, and you did an excellent job," Morty said, walking across the ring after he'd recalled his Misdreavus. "You've earned this badge through hard work, Tetsuo. Come back again someday, and maybe you'll be able to learn another lesson. Or maybe you'll be teaching me the lessons someday." "I won," Tetsuo said, taking the Badge from Morty. He turned around smiling, and headed back to his new friends. "Um, so who's gonna go next guys?" TBC? -- Ditch .ma to email me Giver of Trivial Knowledge Points, Thunders Points, and SeeD Points Holder of: Ruki's Sunglasses (1), D-Ark (2), Panties (3), and Taomon (4) Spirit of Fire H (5) and Agnimon (6) Spirit of Ecchi (H, B) [B Spirit active] 15 "KJA Should be Thrown to the Rabid Ewoks" points 30 Y2Tech Points & 30 Biggest Dreamer Points My Digimon partner is: BETAMON! Born on 9/15/2002, 3:00 PM, EDT "I can't afford to feed you, but the law requires it." 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