Subject: Re: [PW!] Ai desu ka? [was Chasing the Glooms Away] Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2002 01:58:34 -0500 From: "Clayton" <> Organization: Bell Sympatico Newsgroups: > "And...then?" > > "...pop!" She waved her hand, and the man's head exploded, a few bits > bouncing off a short-lived reflect screen in front of the desk so as to > keep Aerie, and the hall she was in, clean. The aura vanished, dumping > him behind the desk like a rag doll. She rocked back and forth, > alternating between standing on her feet's balls and toes, as she closed > her eyes, hummed a merry tune, and processed the information, storing > what she cared to and discarding the rest. > > She did not see the suddenly sick-looking witness down the hall, who > ducked back around the corner well before Aerie opened her eyes and > resumed searching for Amber, still smiling. ---------- Back in the room with cages, Jason and Amber continued with their mushy moment. Bob went to find a set of keys that would open the rest of the cages so the pair could be left to their moment. Winding round the corridors of the building, Bob searced high and low to find the keys that would unlock everyone's cage. At the end of it all, there was only one room left to check. At the moment, there was a light violet glow radiating from the room. "Well, I got a distraction, now let's take a peek for those keys." Bob said to himself, before using a short vine to grab the keys that were only about 12 feet away and 9 feet out of reach. He paid absolutely no attention to the goings on IN the room. Turning around to walk down the hall, Bob didn't give another thought about the keys he now twirled happily in his fingers. That is, until he actually caught on that it was Aerie's voice in the room he just raided. Sneaking a peek back at the room, he watched as the old man's head just popped like a balloon. The girl, which Bob assumed to be Aerie, seemed to be completely unmoved by the act. In fact, she almost seemed to be in a drunken stupor. Fighting the urge to stop and throw up, Bob headed back to meet Amber and Jason. He took the walk nice and slowly to give his stomach a chance to like him again. He was praying that Aerie didn't notice that he was even there. About 15 feet away from the door, he saw another figure run into the door. Using caution, Bob nudgeed his way to the door, the sickness in his stomach replaced with adrenaline, fear and exhileration. Inside the room, Amber and Jason were still hugging and being mushy, despite the many caged hybrids watching. Footsteps grew louder and Amber stood in front of Jason defensively. "Show yourself!" Amber hissed. Red bangs almost glowed in the light as Tatsu emerged from the darkness. Amber hissed as Tatsu smirked. "I beat you once Amber and I'll do it again." Amber gazed at Tatsu, then behind him where she could just see a hand waving. "I don't care, I'll still tear that arm off." She hissed. Tatsu smirked. "I still don't doubt that you could, but the result will still be the same." He charged at Amber, almos covering the distance in a few steps. All of a sudden, Tatsu fell flat on his face, some green thing wrapped around lis leg, which quickly receded. Bob then emerged fro the shadows, which allowed Amber to calm down. "He has much to learn." Bob stated, adjusting his hat, before twirling the keys around his fingers. "Now did Wolfgang do all the work for me or are there cages still to unlock?" Bob asked. TBC ------- Clayton