Subject: Re: [PW!] Ai desu ka? [was Chasing the Glooms Away] Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2002 01:48:52 -0500 From: "Clayton" <> Organization: Bell Sympatico Newsgroups: <Snipped, then Teleported outta here by an Abra hybrid> > Kitsu frowned, her grip on the A unown tightening. > > Vixxen poked her head around the corner. "I only heard the last bit of > that. I was going to check on Amber and Jason, but I heard you yelling. > What's this little problem?" > > "A trap," Keaton intoned, grabbing the flier that had been dropped a few > days prior and handing it to the raichu girl. "Someone was trying to > trick us into going to the Whirl Cup. We're not sure what he wanted, > but we decided not to take him up on his offer." > > "Quiet, you," Kitsu interrupted. > > "I was just answering-" > > "No, not you." Kitsu glared at the unown. "Little thing's sounding off > in my mind." She bashed it against the wall until it fainted. "That's > better." Bob watched Kitsu bash the poor Unown sensless. "Whoa. I thought Fire-types needed a fire move to be dangerous. Remind me never to piss her off -- ever." "Don't ever piss off Kitsu" "Thanks SO much Keaton. How would you like to take a nap?" Bob growled Tending back to breakfast, Bob continued to growl and cook. A while later, breakfast for all was on the table, and being eaten by all those present. Vixxen ate happily while watching the portible TV that she got for her birthday. In a shocking turn of events, she was watching the news, where they were airing a story about the rescued hybrids and corruption in the upper echelon of the Goldenrod Police Service. "So, we had our little adventure, what now?" Jason asked brtween bites. "Don't know." Amber said. "Well, what's the next badge you have to earn?" Bob asked. Everyone thought about it. "Morty's badge." Jason said. "That means we're going to Ecruteak." Amber said. "Makes sense to me. Ecruteak -- City of Legends. If any city's got info on that Shadoreon, it's be there." Vixxen said in thought. "What about the people we rescued last night?" Kitsu asked, still holding the unconscious shiny A Unown. "They'll go home to their families." Keaton said. "What if they're not accepted?" Amber asked, worried that some of the parents won't be as loving and understanding as her mother. "Mom'll probably take care of them. There's plenty of space here, plus most likely, she's been taking notes watching the lot of us. I think they'll be fine." Bob said, comforting Amber's biggest fear. "Well, if we're going to Ecruteak, then we'd better leave now." Solo said. "Agreed." Vixxen said. "The sooner I can do my research into destroying Shadoreon, then the sooner I can actually DO it." The gang waited outside the front door a few minutes while Bob did his good-byes with his family. When the door opened, Bob was lugging a backpack full of supplies for everyone. While they were walking, everyone was taking the time to simply enjoy the crisp fresh air. It was pretty much a quiet trip until the gang reached the Pokemon Center in Goldenrod City. Everyone was sitting on the various furnishings in the lobby, mulling over their individual thoughts, waiting for Nurse Joy to check over the pokemon, when Bob looked over to Vixxen, who was not only carting around the little TV, but STILL managed to find some channel that had Laddy on. Shaking his head in total disbelief, he turned to Jason and Amber, who were cuddling. "You know, I hate to curse a good thing, but I haven't seen those Rocket fellows that want to catch you in quite a while. Come to think of it, haven't seen that Dharak fellow either." Bob stated, still thinking aloud. "Good riddence to the Rockets." Jason said "I don't need to see or worry about Dharak for a while" Amber said. It was about then that the front door to the Pokemon was blown off its hinges in an overly dramatic fashion. TBC ------- Clayton (It's Monday, what could possibly go wrong?) (More like "What could possibly go right?")