Subject: Re: [PW!] Ai desu ka? [was Chasing the Glooms Away] Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 23:44:43 -0800 From: "DitzyRenamon \(Tech Weaver\)" <> Newsgroups: Wanna hear a secret? I was reading newsgroup messages when "Clayton" <> wrote in message news:4b%D9.66475$ > > Jason backed up a bit. A high-voltage remider wasn't what he wanted. He > actually turned around to run outside but tripped by a vine wrapped arund > his foot. Looking back, he saw Bob with a determined look on his face > and with another vine wrapped around the metal faucet of a sink. > > "I was going to go save her! Honest!" Jason said. > > "Right, and I'm a Charmander on weekends." Bob said sarcastically. > > "She's going to zap me. You'll get fried too." Jason observed. > > "No I'm not. I'm Grass AND grounded." Bob replied, smirking. > > "... ..." > > Vixxen's bracers charged up even more voltage. Jason twitched again, > tugging at the vine wrapped around his ankle. Bob made sure that it would > be a futile attempt, tightening the grip every time he struggled. > > "... ... ..." > > "ALL RIGHT!" Jason cried out in desparation. "I'LL GO!" > > "Good" Vixxen replied, the bracers losing their sparks. Bob also let > go of him. > > "I'll follow at least part of the way. Although the thought of being sold > scares the pants off of me, I'm more curious as to the nut case running > a place like this." Bob said, as he slipped on a hat. The hat was > of the long and pointy type. This one was black and went about halfway > down his back. Putting it on though concealed both hair and leaf, so it > suited its purpose. > > Vixxen suppressed snickers even while Velocity voiced it's concern, tugging > on Bob's pant leg, even while Bob knelt down and petted Velocity gently. > > "Well I think the hat looks ridiculous, but Velocity thinks you shouldn't go. > Neither do I really." Vixxen said, breaking out into laughter over the hat. > > "Well *somebody* has to make sure that Price Charming here saves > his princess." Bob stated, getting up. "And the hat may look ridiculous, > but it gets the job done. Besides, anybody else want to help him?" Bob > asked to the rest of those assembled, human and hybrid alike. > "I'm going," Kitsu announced. She wrapped her tails around herself and changed into her full Ninetales form. "I wish to see this affront personally." "You're not going anywhere without me," Keaton said, changing into full Tauros form. "Someone's gonna have to either watch your back or keep you in line." "We'll be following in Pokemon form," Kitsu explained to Jason. "We'll be less attractive to them this way. You may have to pretend to be our trainer." -- Chet "Tech" Weaver's Revised Basic Sig Desperado Coyote! "No ride is complete without a clown in an electric chair." -- My brother "That depends on what you mean. If by 'ready' you mean 'superior to you in each and every way,' then, yes, I am." -- Vegito, DragonBall Z ("Meet Vegito")