Subject: [PW] All that Glitters is not Goldenrod! Date: Fri, 04 Oct 2002 05:16:38 GMT From: "Hentaimon [Kharon Alpha]" <> Organization: AT&T Broadband Newsgroups: "Okay, so where are we now," Michiko asked, looking around the finally thinning forest. "Tempo, we'd better not be lost like we were last week." Tempo picked up his Pokeball and chuckled, sending his Cyndaquil out. "Don't worry, you're only lost if you don't know where you are or where you're going. And I know exactly where we're going." He pointed to the north, where a dense patch of brush was blocking the way. "Honoo, ember! We're going north." Tempo was quite shocked to see that there was now a town in front of them, and as he wandered around it, Michiko at his side, he wondered where they were. "Tempo, the map doesn't mention any towns in the middle of the forest," Mitch said, her voice lowering as she thought about it. "I don't suppose you've gotten us lost again?" "Of course not," Tempo said, recalling Honoo. They walked up to a lady, and he decided to be safe. "Excuse me, but how much further is it to Goldenrod City?" "It's up north... north past Azalea Town and through the Ilex Forest." Tempo sweatdropped and turned back towards Mitch. "I guess we were going south... Well, time to turn around!" "Not so fast, young man," said an older man with blod hair flyingback like the wind was against it. "Every trainer who visits Kazagu Town has to battle me at least once before leaving. Me, Guy Taylor!" "I don't have time for this," Tempo said. "I have to head north and reach Goldenrod City so i can get my next badge!" "Bad sense of direction, huh? I'll take you to Goldenrod on my Pidgeot if you can beat us in a battle." The sound of a free ride had caught Tempo's attention. "All right, we'll accept your challenge, Guy! Where do we battle, and how?" About half an hour later, most of the town had gathered and was watching Tempo, Mitch, and Guy prepare for ther battle. Guy Taylor was a legend in Kazagu Town, the only person who actually trained Pokemon for battle. "All right, we each get to use Two Pokemon, or if both of you fight, each of you may use one. Choose wisely how to handle this match, boy and girl, if you intend to defeat the legendary Guy Taylor!" "All right," Tempo said, grabbing one of his Pokeballs. "Come on, Mitch, choose one of your Pokemon to battle with." "I've already chosen," Mitch said, pushing Tempo in the makeshift Trainer's box. "But you can go first." "One final detail, if either pokemon is knocked out or leaves the ring, aside from being recalled, they're eliminated. Got it?" Guy held up one Pokeball, and looked at his opponents. "Sounds good to me," Tempo said, smirking. "I'm ready when you are!" "Ariados, go," Guy shouted, raising his hand. On cue, an Ariados came out from the tree above him, and looked over the field. "Get ready, Ariados." "Like my battle against Bugsy," Tempo said, pulling back his arm. "Honoo, go, use your Ember attack!" As the Cyndaquil materialized, he looked at the Ariados and let out a loud, "Quiiil!" He took a deep breath and released the attack at the large spider, the fire spreading along the grass of the field. "Double team," Guy said, his voice steady and calm. As Ariados seemed to triple, it didn't stop the approaching fire wave on the grass, but it also didn't manage to reveal which Ariados was the real one. "It's our turn now, Ariados. Use your agility." "We can handle this, Honoo," Tempo said, as the spider began literally running circles around the small rodent pokemon. "Honoo, Use your Smokescreen." He at least had a faint idea of what he was doing, this time. "Quil quil!" The smoke began pouring out, as a trail began showing up. "Now, Ember the smoke, to your right." Without hesistation, Honoo shot the attack into the smoke, where it intercepted the real Ariados, ending the illusion Guy had relied on for his defnese. "Leech life," Guy said, his voice clear and steady. "Now!" The bug Tempo watched in shock as his Cyndaquil fell over, unconscious. "That wasn't fair! Honoo, return." In a crimson flash, the Pokemon returned to it's Pokeball, and Tempo stepped aside for Michiko to battle. Mitch tepped into the box and grinned. "Ishi, go," she said, releasing her Geodude. "Use Magnitude, as strong as you can go." "Dude," the rock Pokemon replied. "Geo geo duuude!" The ground began shaking, a direct line between him and the poison elemental bug infront of him. "Geo!" Slamming his left hand on the ground, a shockwave rippled forth, rocks flying from the path, and the Ariados with them. "Geo geo, dude-geo!" "I see you plan your strategies better than he does," Guy said, holding out his Pokeball. "Ariados, return! It's a shame you weren't expecting me to expect this, and even more so that you couldn't see it coming. Zenny, go!" A bolt of energy materialized into a Squirtle, and Mitch stared in shock. She had expected him to use another bug Pokemon, maybe even a grass type, but not a water type. She was going to have to play the defensive, or hope he was willing to go easy for a round or two, at the least. She wasn't so lucky. "Zenny, use your bubble attack." "Squirtle-squirtle!" The bubbles poured slowly from it's mouth, giving Mitch some time before they would hit. "Ishi, you need to avoid those bubbles. For now..." her eyes flashed and she broke out in a smile. "All right, Ishi, use your defense curl and roll around the field." "Geee oh?" Ishi was confused, but this was his master. He'd do it, and see what she was planning. And pray to Goddish that it would work, whatever it was. Curling up, He lowered his body to the ground and rolled side to side a bit, testing for firmness. Seeing that it was firm, he rolled in a clockwise circle, until he could hear the bubbles coming from Squirtle's mouth. "All right, Ishi, now use your Headbutt!" "Zenny, withdraw!" "Geo-dude!" As Squirtle pulled his arms, legs, and head into his shell, Geodde rammed into the shell, sending it flying out of the ring. "Dude, dude!" Raising his arms in a victory pose, Geodude worked his way back over to Mitch. "Geo geo?" "That's right, good work, Ishi." Mitch held the Pokemon up for a moment, then set him back down. "You're putting on some weight." "Geo," the pokemon sighed. "Congratulations," Guy said, holding out his hand. "You used my own rules against me, and that's not something that happens very often. On the other hand, not many trainers travel through Kazagu, so I suppo e it's not that surprising." "Kazagu?" Michiko blinked at the mention. "But I have an uncle who lives here... Uncle Guy?" She smiled as his eyes widened. "I should've known it was you from the first, Uncle Guy!" "I didn't expect to see my niece today," he said. "Why didn't you say something sooner? Anyway, I guess I owe you two a ride to Goldenrod. So hop on, and we'll be there by nightfall." He pulled out a whitle and puffed on it, and within minutes a larger than usual Pidgeot was waiting, and Guy was saddling her up. "All right, pretty, just be careful today, you can do all the tricks you want on the way home," Guy whispered in her ear. "Promise." Sitting stright up, hreached back, and pulled Michiko's arms forward, so that she was holding him, and Tempo was holding her, as he held the aerial saddle. They landed near nightfall in Goldenrod, and Tempo and Michiko slid off, sleepily. They walked into the pokemon center, gave their Pokemon to Nurse joy, and went to sleep. "I wonder if all the trainers are having such boring days," Tempo asked as he climbed into one of the beds. "Probably," Mitch said, pulling a blanket cnugly over herself. "Probably. G'night, Tempo." "Good night, Mitch," he said, closing his eyes. 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