Subject: Re: [PW] Anything But A Normal Day Date: 23 Sep 2002 18:32:26 -0700 From: (Marco262) Organization: Newsgroups: "Amber Foxwing" <> wrote in message news:<mcPi9.88435$>... > Alexz was simply not amused by this mockery. "What ever that little game you > play with those pokemon where they play with each other or whatever..." Cine > brought a paw to his forhead and exhailed embarressed "Alexz it is called > Pokemon Battleing" Alexz looked at him then suddenly at all he laughter > angrily drew from her ninja's outfit a set of nunchuckus and flips them > about, she suddenly flips htem back forth faster and faster. "HOW DARE YOU > MOCK THE NAME OF THE OKAMISUN NINJA CLAN!" Cine bit her arm stoping her in > mid hit above Ambers head. > He took her back and pulled her away. Mrs. Pumperdinkles fell from her out > fit and started rolling on the ground scareaming "MOCK MOCK MOCK TALK MOCKY > TALKY" Then she looked at Amber her eyes got as large as dinner plates > "WOHHH" she scurried up the inquizitive Amber and sat on her head then sang. > "DIFFERN DIFFERN ALL OF IT IS DIFFERN." Through all this, Jason had been just sitting in his chair with his mouth open. He now noticed his spoon on the floor from where he'd dropped it. Not taking his eyes off Amber, he picked it up and dropped it in his bowl. Amber turned from where she'd set down Mrs. Pumperdinkles and smiled at him expectantly. Jason opened his mouth. Then he closed it. He swallowed and opened it again. Amber's smile faded. "Um," he began, getting up slowly, "You mean--" He realized his eyebrows were working overtime, trying to deal with the acrobatics going on in his brain. He swallowed again and looked down at his feet. When he looked up again, Amber's eyes were filling with tears. Jason desperately tried to think of something to say, but just sighed as she ran out of the room. The group turned to Jason. He looked down at his feet again. "I'm..." he said slowly, "I'm going to take a nap." Not taking his eyes off the floor, he walked into the guys' bedroom. Across the hall, the soft sounds of sobbing could be heard coming from the girls' room. TBC... --Marco262