Subject: Re: [PW] Anything But A Normal Day Date: Sat, 28 Sep 2002 00:30:36 GMT From: "Amber Foxwing" <> Reply-To: "Amber Foxwing" <> Organization: Cox Communications Newsgroups: > The group turned to Jason. He looked down at his feet again. > "I'm..." he said slowly, "I'm going to take a nap." Not taking his > eyes off the floor, he walked into the guys' bedroom. Across the hall, > the soft sounds of sobbing could be heard coming from the girls' room. ----------------------- Vixxen padded outside to where Kitsu and Keaton were speculating on their newly-discovered information. She stopped dead when she saw Kitsu crying; something she never expected from the fiery girl. She took a tentative step forward and placed a hand on Kitsu's shoulder. "Are you ok?" she asked gently. "I'm fine," Kitsu snapped bitterly. Vixxen cleared her throat nervously. "Tears aren't always a good sign. Tell me what's wrong." "I don't know." "You don't know?" "I don't know who I am any more." Vixxen rocked onto her haunches, preplexed. "Care to explain, or should I ask later?" "Who...who I thought I was...I'm not really. . .I's confusing!" She let out a cry of anger and slammed her fist on the ground. "I'm sorry," Vixxen said quietly. She patted her shoulder and said, "Anyways, dinner is ready. Do you want to come in?" Kitsu paused. "Sure, I suppose." The were gained her usual posture and wiped her face free from tears. She put on a rock-steady expression and strode into the house, Keaton and Vixxen following behind. ----------------------- Amber rolled over on her cot and stared at the bunk on top of her own. She sniffed slightly. Her tears had subdued as tears always do. She straightened when a knock came at the door. Vixxen came in and smiled reassuringly, but her smile faulted as she saw Amber had been crying too. She frowned. "Everyone's crying today, I see," she observed, taking a seat beside her. "Oh," was all Amber replied. "Want to tell me what's up?" "I...I don't think...I don't think that...that Jason likes me any more," she choked. "Don't be silly. There's no way that you two twittering (and annoying) lovebirds could've broken up. You guys are too 'together' to...not be I suppose." "Do you think so?" "Have I lied before?" She put on a face of innocense. "Yes," Amber chuckled dryly. "I have not!" Vixxen cried, her face one of mock indignity. Amber smiled slightly and stared at the floor. "Anyways, you CAN'T be sad when you're almost human again! Lookit me; I'm Or not me. I can't believe you can be sad. Anyways, soup's on. Getcher ass out there." Amber giggled slightly and nodded, sniffing and cleansing her face of tears. She padded to the table. ---------------------- "Jason, wake up buddy." Jason grunted and rolled over. Karl was kneeling on the ground next to his bed. "Time for dinner." Jason moaned as the day's events hit him. "Karl, I think I fucked up." "Yeah, could be. But there's always room for amends, right?" "Yeah but I think I really messed up this time. I don't know if---" "Jason, stop it. Amber's a forgiving person, especially when it comes to you. Just smile, apologize, and do what ever else you two do." He sniggered slightly. Jason smacked his arm and 'hmphed'. Karl shrugged. "Whatever you do, you can't go without eating. Go now." Karl left without a word. Jason walked out and towards the table and stumbled slightly when he saw the last remaining seat was next to Amber. He ignored Vixxen's look of smugness and sat down. TBC ARGH NO CREATIVE-NESS! ARGH MANY AGNP "I DUNNO WHO I AM" STORIES! ARGH TOO SERIOUS! ARGHARGHARGH!!!!! *fwump*