Subject: Re: [PW!] A Star is Re-born Date: 16 Aug 2002 16:20:34 -0700 From: (The Dark Webwolf of Alex) Organization: Newsgroups: "Amber Foxwing" <> wrote in message news:<ZYG69.191298$>... > > Not even the Pokes could pick it up though. > Solo tapped Vixxen on the shoulder. > "Aren't you going to battle Bob for a badge?" > "No. My quest isn't to gain all of the badges." > "Oh? I didn't know that. What is your quest?" > "Shadoreon is running free. I aim to defeat him, but I have no idea where to > start." > "That's interesting. But it seems to me that you will need strong pokemon to > fight him." > "Yes, and?" > "If you fight in the gym, they get a lot of experience." > "That...could be...but I need to discover what---" > She paused, suddenly lost in thought. Solo waved a paw in front of her face > but she didn't respond. She whispered something inaudible and stood up. > "I need to do research," she said loudly and walked out of the gym. > > Amber stared at Vixxen, wondering what that was all about then turned to > Bob. "Hey...Whitney never did give me a badge. Do you think...?" > "Yes. I saw you win, so of course you earned a badge!" > "Yes!! Thanks, Bob!" > He dug two out of his pocket and handed each to her and Jason. > "Who's next?" he asked loudly. > "Oh that would be me!" Solo said. > > Hm. I wrote some more. Yup. ---- "No, that would be me." The shadowed figure dropped from the rafters, a wosh fallowing her garments falling with her. The group gasped and Amber's heart, dispite her couragous tendencies, started beating quicker. "I told you I would be visiting you agian...what did not you believe me?" She giggled mockingly as she started to circle Amber. "WHY IN SPIKES NAME WOULD ANYONE WANT TO KILL ME?!" Amber screams. The ninja grined. Cine, her loyal ninetails, stood behind smiling menicingly. "If I told you that...all the fun would go with it..." She stopes and draws her scimater. "No more poke fighting for you!" She screams, the comment was met with Cine sweat drop. "Misteress....HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU ITS POKEMON BATTLEING NOT POKE FIGHTING....." He yelled at the top of his lungs. She glared at him "Well...Whatever it is I really do not care... in the least bit Cine." He swoled at her she ignored him. "ANY WHO! Amber you are going to die...." Her eyes turned menicing again. Alot less intimidateing now after her fight with Cine about the legistics of Poke fighting (hehe). In one daft movement she leveled the weapon to Ambers neck. "Now the muse shall die...kiss your lover goodbye....heaven and hell meet agáin....death is the power that shall reign" She whisperd then suddenly she saw Jason angry...and her tails twisted together. She thought "MY GOD I NEVER KNEW HOW ATTRACTIVE HE LOOKS I COULD NOT TELL BEFORE THE LIGHT WAS SO LOW OH MY GOD" she shivered and grined her body started changeing into that of a wolfs...she howled, and of course the lack of prihensil thumbs resulted in the dropping of the weapon. She stood there on all fours a silver wolf with 3 tails, panting heaveilly all her cloths around her torn form the transformation. She growled out "MAN YOU LOOK ATTRACTIVE WHEN YOU ARE ANGRY BOY....." Jason just looked at her wide eyed scared and a bit puzzeled one big sweatdrop hovering on his head. The furret who again was in her pants now was on the ground still in a straight jacket she smiled. "HAPPY FURRET DANCE!" she danced in excitement over the excitement. "COME TO WOLFY" she yowled right then Cine walked over and hit his misteress on the head with a hammer from hammer space (heheh caytlin!) she fell down her eyes xed X-X. She lay there drewl falling out of her mouth, Cine cleared his throat. "I feel cheap asking you this...but would you be as kind as to help me nurse my mistress back to normal... she will be out for a few hours and I will make sure she does not try to kill any of you..." He sighed. The group looked at him perplexed Mrs. Pumperdinkles only added mid HFD. "AYIA SOME ONE'S OUT COLDY MOLDY ICKLY TICKLY HEHEHEHEHE" Cine groaned "Yeah.....right." ---- TOOO BE CONTINUED