Subject: Re: [PW!] A Star is Re-born Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002 02:33:12 -0400 From: "Clayton" <> Organization: Bell Sympatico Newsgroups: > > "What say we go back to the gym, whoop Whitney and celebrate!" Jason said, > > raising a fist into the air. > > > > Many cries of agreement were heard. And they were off to the gym. > > But when they arrived there, they found Whitney in tears, and Bob trying > to console her. > > "What happened?" Jason asked. > > "Uncle Milton died," Bob said. > > "Oh," Jason hung his head. After a moment of this, he asked, "Who's > Uncle Milton?" (Ouch. That's cruel. What'll happen to the farm then?) Bob took the lot aside and let Whitney have her space before explaining further. "Milton runs, or ran one of the best Miltank farms out on the hills outside of Goldenrod. It was there Whitney learned a lot about life, and pokemon, especially Miltank. Whitney's Miltank had just gone over to the distressed leader, doing her best to console her. The poor cow pokemon was in over it's head. "So?" Amber asked. "So, Uncle Milton was her favourite relative. He was like a second father to the girl. As such, she's taking like she did lose a father." Bob explained. A few more minutes of ackwark silence and Whitney's crying happened before she got the emotion to talk again. The Miltank that was with her left for a bit. "Bob, could you come here please?" Whitney manages to cough out between sobs. "Well yeah, what is it?" "I have to go to Uncle Milton's farm. I have to say goodbye." "Well, that's to be expected. But what does this really have to do with me?" Bob asked totally confused. "I sort of ... well ... need a ... temperary replacement..." the gym leader started. Amber's ears perked up due to their sensitivity, as did several others. ---------- TIME LAPSE: 5 minutes The Miltank reappeared, carrying a backpack on it's back. With heavy heart and her favourite pokemon, Whitney left -- to return in a couple of days. (Hee hee, Miltank with a backpack on. A potential Kodak Moment) Everyone left (pokemon included) blinked a couple of times, before snapping back into reality. "What just happened?" Amber asked. "I'm asking the same thing myself." Bob asked, holding a manual about care for Normal-types. TBC ------- Clayton (Killer homework this week. Sometimes, college sucks)