Subject: Re: [PW!] Back to Normal (Hopefully) Date: Wed, 07 Aug 2002 06:29:22 GMT From: "Marco262" <> Newsgroups: Clayton <> wrote in message news:X5_39.2614$ <snip> > "VeRy WeLl." The Unown agreed before returning to a calmer, less angry state. > Bob eyes also went from green to blue where the pain of a still-broken leg > reminded him about reality. > > "Goddish damn it!" Bob howled, clutching his leg in pain. "Can we get this over > with?" He said, crying out in pain. > > ---------- > > Back at the field, Jason was still thinking. > > 'I remember someone saying that Whitney used Normal-types. Now they're weak > to fighters, but Bob said something about Girafarig. WHAT WAS IT?!?' Jason > thought to himself straining. 'Ah screw it, I'm going in!' > > Jason threw out a pokeball, sending his first pokemon into battle "Go! Wolfgang!" The Machamp appeared and immediately began stretching. <Good Goddish, my boy. I was getting cramped in there,> he muttered. Bob was beside himself at Jason's blunder. "W-what are you doing?!" Jason looked at him like he had a mental problem. "Using my type advantage. Fighting is strong against normal types." He nodded sagely. "Besides, you said the worst thing I could do was not use a Fighting type." Bob smacked himself in the forehead. "No! Girafarig's part Psychic! What I said was the worst could do was use a Fighting type. It was a positive statement." Jason sweatdropped and one of the onlookers sniggered. "Well you don't have to be so negative about it." "I wasn't being negative." "Are you positive?" <Gah! Son of a mother!> While the two trainers were debating, the Girafarig had proceeded to smash Wolfgang into the ceiling and floor with a Psychic attack and was gearing up to launch another. Jason swore. "Grab him before he can throw you away!" Wolfgang recovered and wrapped two hands around the Girafarig's neck and one each around it's two front legs. The Girafarig's eyes popped open from Wolfgang's powerful grip. The Machamp raised it above his head and prepared for a Seismic toss. His muscles bulged as he powered up to smash the poor pokémon's head into the tile floor. But, realized he couldn't. The Girafarig hovered into the air above Wolfgang with his hands still grasping it. It was using Psychic on itself! "Da-yum!" Jason commented, "That's something new." Wolfgang's pulled again and again on his opponent's limbs, but was unable to budge it from its midair position. Instead, the Girafarig began rising. Still trying to force his opponent to the ground, Wolfgang was raised with it. He swore rapidly in dual accents when his feet left the ground. Both of them rose slowly until they were bobbing along just below the high cement ceiling. "Jason! Tell him to let go!" Amber pleaded. "No good," said Jason darkly, "They're too high up. A fall from this height would definitely knock Wolfgang unconscious, if not kill him. Unfortunately, the Girafarig had the same idea. By now, Wolfgang was holding tightly onto the Psychic pokémon above him, much less to win the match than to save his own skin. Suddenly, the tail bent over, and bit his hand. The Machamp yelled and let go, clutching his bleeding hand. He seemed to hover in the air for one terrified moment. "Oh bloody 'ell..." And plummeted to the tile floor, head first. "Wolfgang!" Jason rushed to his pokémon's side. He hovered above him with a worried expression afraid to touch anything, lest he do more harm. Bob limped quickly over to the unconscious Machamp with the help of Amber. He kneeled on his good leg and expertly probed to Machamp's neck and head with his fingers. "Good news, he's just fainted. His neck's not broken, but he might have a concussion." Jason breathed a sigh of relief and his face relaxed. "Well, it's a good thing then that he has such a thick head. Don't tell him I said that," he added quickly, as he recalled Wolfgang. "You're pokémon has fainted," Whintey announced. "No shit, Sherlock," someone muttered. Whitney pretended not to have heard. "Send out your next pokémon." Jason put a hand behind his head and laughed nervously. "Jason?" Amber looked at him questioningly. "I...uh...don't have any more pokémon." Everyone in the gym facefaulted. "What do you mean you don't have any more pokémon?" Amber practically yelled at him. Jason just gave her an embarrassed grin. "I thought Wolfgang would be able to take all her pokémon out easily. He _is_ the only pokémon I've got that has an advatage versus Normal types." Amber looked about ready to explode, but just sighed and gave him a quick hug. "Alright," she said, "Guess we'll have to come back later." "Ahem," Whitney attracted their attention, "Who's next, then?" TBC... --Marco262 Heh, I had to write this post in 3 sittings. Hardly had enough time at home after work to work on it. On the bright side, I finally saw Goldmember. Peeling skin=gross & tripod=KA Mini-me