Subject: Re: [PW!] Back to Normal (Hopefully) Date: Fri, 09 Aug 2002 07:04:12 GMT From: "Marco262" <> Newsgroups: Adrian Tymes <> wrote in message > Aerie glanced up at him, folded her arms, and looked away. "Hmph!" > > "Whatever. At least see made new friends...most of whom Mimic think > know. Jason of course, Amber, Bob...Kitsu and Keaton, right? > Others...hmm..." Mimic morphed into Vixxen, then appraised bracers on > 'her' arms. "Nice design, if home built. Made yourself?" "Ummm, no they were a gift." Vixxen put up a defensive stance, remembering what happened the last time a Ditto copied her. "Vixxen no worry about Mimic. Mimic can stay and watch Jason peform?" Jason winked and held up a peace sign. "It's an open session. Everybody in! We can finish the introductions later!" * * * The doors opened with a bang, and Jason strode confidently into the lobby of the Radio Tower, flanked by his pokémon and band members. His friends followed behind, in a separate group. This was Jason's territory. "The fuuuun has arriiiiive-duh! Thankyewverimuch!" The master of his territory announced to the stunned clientele. Wolfgang, fully-healed, habitually put a hand up to hide his face and walked a step farther away from Jason. Miami and Rivet shook with silent laughter, and Ella and DJ just ignored their owner's weird behavior and the odd looks they were receiving from onlookers. Gigawatt did nothing. (He was in his pokéball. Duh.) "Ah, you must be Jason Bard." A man in a suit holding a clipboard approached them. His large glasses and sunken cheeks made him look like the male version of a strict Catholic nun. His walk denoted that something large and painful was lodged in his nether end. Jason shook his hand heartily. "That's me, superstar and performer extraordinaire!" The man's face shifted slightly towards annoyed/conceited. He discreetly wiped his hand on the back of his suit jacket and consulted his clipboard. "Charmed, I'm sure." He turned and stalked off up the stairs. Everyone followed after him. "We have you set for a recording session in sound booth F. We have a slot open for DJ Tanner to announce your song in..." He checks his watch. "...30 minutes, so try and be quick about it. We weren't sure of your instrumental needs, so let any of our staff know, and they will try to accommodate you." "Right, gotcha. Will this session be before or after I talk to Tanner?" The man, flipping through pages in his clipboard, replied absently, "Oh, whenever he has the time, I guess." Jason grinned to himself. "Nice, I've always wanted to talk with a human DJ." He grinned at his Chansey and pantomimed a rimshot. DJ the Chansey just rolled his eyes and kept following. The group was led to a generic looking sound booth. They entered into the section where all the soundboards were. On the other side of the glass window, they could see a set of second hand instruments piled haphazardly around the recording area. Jason leaned down to DJ. "I take it the F stands for 'seriously F'ed up.'" DJ smirked and shooed a confused temp worker out of a chair behind the sound boards. <Beat it, Junior. Let a pro handle this.> He situated the headphones a bit awkwardly on his head, and began testing the outputs while Jason gathered up Rivet and Ella. By now, the rest of the group had filed in, much to the temp worker's and the clipboard guy's dismay. They all took places at the rear wall behind DJ along with Wolfgang and Miami. "Why aren't you guys in there?" Amber asked Miami. <Jason's doing an Al Cappella song.> The slightly stoned Marowak shrugged. <Must be another Italian tune or summat.> DJ, satisfied that the recording quality would be as good as he could get it, pressed a button next to a microphone on the board. <You ready, kids?> Jason gave DJ a thumbs up through the glass. "Almost," his voice sounded a bit gravelly coming through the speakers, "We just need to move a bit of the instruments to make some room." A crash was heard as Ella and Rivet heaved a large tuba onto a pile of brass instruments. The clipboard guy pulled the microphone DJ was using up to his face, tears streaming. "Be careful with that! Don't you know how much those cost us?" Rivet lifted his visor and scratched his temple with a claw in thought. <15 bucks?> The man just whimpered. "All right, let's do this guys." Jason began snapping his fingers, starting the beat. Rivet and Ella joined in. The sound of Rivet's claws snapping gave an especially sharp quality to the sound. Jason was talking inbeat. "" All three simultaneously began singing. Ella and Rivet held an "ooh-wah" harmony, while Jason sang the melody. Ella's voice sounded good as usual, even though she was trying to simulate a guys falsetto. (Go to the bottom of the post to find a link to the song. The lyrics are right here:) Oh, oh, oh For the longest time Oh, oh, oh For the longest time If you said goodbye to me tonight There would still be music left to write What else could I do I'm so inspired by you That hasn't happened for the longest time Once I thought my innocence was gone Now I know that happiness goes on That's where you found me When you put your arms around me I haven't been there for the longest time Oh, oh, oh For the longest time Oh, oh, oh For the longest I'm that voice you're hearing in the hall And the greatest miracle of all Is how I need you And how you needed me too That hasn't happened for the longest time Maybe this won't last very long But you feel so right And I could be wrong Maybe I've been hoping too hard But I've gone this far And it's more than I hoped for Who knows how much further we'll go on Maybe I'll be sorry when you're gone I'll take my chances I forgot how nice romance is I haven't been there for the longest time I had second thoughts at the start I said to myself Hold on to your heart Now I know the woman that you are You're wonderful so far And it's more than I hoped for I don't care what consequence it brings I have been a fool for lesser things I want you so bad I think you ought to know that I intend to hold you for the longest time The trio ran over the refrain a few times, making sure to give DJ plenty of time to fade them out. Finally, DJ stood up and began clapping. <That's it guys, we're done!> Everyone slowly began slapping as well, and Jason, Rivet, and Ella gladly took their vows inside the recording area. --Marco262 My web page, which will soon house all my MP3s for the songs that Jason sings, has "For the Longest Time" and can be found at I'm not sure how well the link works, so bear with me. When the computer I usually use is done with its 10 CD backup, (And that's just new files. :^P) I should be able to get a site set up on my new server. It's actually _my family's_ server, so traffic should be a lot lower and disk space won't be limited to 15 MB. *feels like doing the HFD, but doesn't know how* Ahem, until then anyway. (OOC: Blah! I wanted to do more for this post, but it's getting way too late, and I've gone to work tired every day this week so far. I'm going to bed all. I expect to see very worshipful replies when I check the newsgroup again tomorrow morning.)