Subject: Re: [PW!] A Star is Re-born Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002 08:02:23 GMT From: "Marco262" <> Newsgroups: > TIME LAPSE: 5 minutes > > The Miltank reappeared, carrying a backpack on it's back. With heavy heart and > her favourite pokemon, Whitney left -- to return in a couple of days. > > (Hee hee, Miltank with a backpack on. A potential Kodak Moment) > > Everyone left (pokemon included) blinked a couple of times, before snapping back into > reality. > > "What just happened?" Amber asked. > > "I'm asking the same thing myself." Bob asked, holding a manual about care for > Normal-types. (Dun, dun, DUN!) "So..." Jason rubbed the back of his head and knit his brows together. "I guess I challenge you to a pokémon battle." Bob looked up from his book. His eyes took on the same look as Jason's. "What? Uh, yeah, I guess so. Alright." He put the book away and stood up. Jason pulled a pokéball off of his belt. "I've got more than one pokémon with me now, and I don't intend to make the same mistakes I did before." Bob nodded. "Two on two?" he asked. "Fair enough. You send out first, since you can see which 'ball I've selected." Bob pointed to the field. "Go Raffy!" The Girafarig gave him a look. <<You've got to be kidding!>> Bob returned the look. Raffy sighed and entered the field, but immediately took a battle stance. Jason half-smiled. "Girafarig, just as I thought. And no doubt he has some Psychic attacks." "Duh," Amber said, from off on the sidelines, "We saw him use them earlier." "Quiet, you're breaking the moment." He threw his ball onto the field. "I choose you, Ella!" The Jynx materialized and began adjusting her ponytail. <My gawd, Jason. Do you know what pokéballs do to my hair?> Jason's head fell to the side. "Now's not the time to be worrying about your hair. We need to fight." Ella looked at Bob and Raffy. Bob waved to her, and she returned it. <But, like, I was pretty sure Bob was our friend...> Jason rubbed his temples. "Long story, we need to fight him for a badge." <Ooooh,> she said, as if that made all the sense in the world. She winked at Raffy. <Hope you're ready to go down, cutie.> "Double Team, then Doubleslap!" Jason ordered. A copy of Ella stepped out of herself, then another stepped out, then another...until a total of 10 Ellas were in the stadium. They immediately spread out around Raffy, and began closing in. "Crap! Agility!" Raffy immediately shot off through a gap between two of the Ellas and turned back. He adjusted himself to try and take out many with one Take Down. But the Jynx copies had spread out, making it impossible to hit more than one at a time. Raffy yelped as a Doubleslap clipped his ear. He shot forward to avoid another hit from the Ella that had snuck up behind him. He lept to one side in mid-run to avoid another Doubleslap from a second Ella. Raffy shot around the room at top speed, still moving fast from his Agility. He weaved around all the Ellas, avoiding hits left and right, looking like a driver on an obstacle course. After going like this for a few seconds, Raffy decided to end it. He looked around, and set his sights on a two Ellas standing right next to each other. He motored towards them, putting as much energy as he could into his Take Down attack. But, as he neared them, they seperated to reveal the real Ella with her hands out in front of her. Raffy stuck his hooves out in front of him, trying to stop or change direction, but even with the Agility he was too slow. The poor Girafarig took the Ice Beam directly in the face. He flew back from the force, which knocked him almost out of the battle area. "Oh no! Are you okay, Raffy?" The Girafarig stook up and shook the ice crystals out of his furs. <<Yeah, I'm fine. Just a little cold.>> He eyed the Jynx across the field. The Ellas laughed and stalked toward him. <Yah, can you tell which is the real one? Oooh! Am I hurting you poor widdle bwain?> Raffy stood his ground as the Ellas circled him again. They revolved around him, and he watched them, scrutinizing. He closed his eyes and concentrated. Unsure of what to do, the Ella's turned to look at Jason. He spluttered at their bewilderment. "What? Attack him, quick!" The Ella's all turned around, and each focused an Ice Beam on the pokémon in the middle. Suddenly, Raffy's eyes snapped open, and rainbow colored light shot out of them, connecting with the eyes of the real Ella. She staggered backwards, pupils shrunk down to almost nothing. Her clones disappeared, her unable to keep up the tremendous mental strain of maintaining the illusion. <Oh, my gaw--you hit me with a date rape beam!> Everyone fell down, hard. Jason yelled at her. "It's not a date rape...never mind." Ella slapped herself in the face to get rid of the confusion. Then she slapped herself again, and again. Unable to get rid of the odd colors, she gave herself one final blow. The last hit was a bit too hard though, and she collapsed on the gym floor. "Yyyes!" Bob yelled. "My first victory as a Gym Leader!" Jason recalled the fainted Ella. "Don't get cocky, I still have one pokémon. And that pokémon is..." He threw the ball onto the field and out of the light appeared... TBC... Which pokémon will Jason use? Who will win this amazing battle? Why am I stopping in the middle of a gym battle? I can't tell you the answers to the first two, but I'm stopping cause it's way too late to write anymore. Expect the rest tomorrow. Sorry to put all you guys on hold for this. You can write a back story, or just what's going on on the sidelines as this is happening. > > TBC > > ------- > Clayton > > (Killer homework this week. Sometimes, college sucks) Overall, is it better than high school?