Subject: Re: [PW!] Back to Normal (Hopefully) Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2002 22:56:37 -0400 From: "Clayton" <> Organization: Bell Sympatico Newsgroups: > > (OOC: I'm assuming that everyone's coming. Let's see...that would make > > Kitsu, Keaton, Karl, Solo, Vixxen, Amber, and Jason. That'd make...7. Aerie > > just disappeared, I guess.) > > (What about Bob? He may already have the badge, but he'd cheer everyone on, > right?) (I hope so, unless he runs into something, or some_one_ along the way...) (*evil glint in eyes*) > > "So much for hangovers," Jason whispered to Bob. Amber's ears twitched in > > his direction and she turned to look at him. > > > > "What'd you say?" Jason sweatdropped and rubbed the back of his head. > > > > "Nothing." She squinted one eye, inspecting him. Thankfully for him, she > > just shrugged and rechecked her pack. > > > > "I'm set, how 'bout everybody else?" Every nodded, showing they were set. > > > > "Soooo..." Everyone turned to look at Solo. "Where are we going anyway?" he > > finished. > > > > There followed a silence. Jason broke it first. "I'm thinking we should head > > over to the Radio Tower, to see if they've decided to let me perform. And I > > think it's time we took a break from walking, as well." Retrieving a ball > > from his belt, Jason released Gigawatt, his gigantic Magneton. Those who > > hadn't seen it were taken aback by it's huge size. It towered to easily half > > the height of the Day Care. > > > > "Hey, Gigawatt! Long time no see!" The giant pokémon slowly blinked all > > three of its eyes. > > > > "0111010001011010111010100101010?" > > > > "Did that thing just beep at him?" Vixxen muttered. > > > > "Yeah, I know," Jason answered Gigawatt, "Sorry about leaving you guys in > > your balls for so long. Think you'd be up to giving us a ride?" The magneton > > looked around at the motley crew assembled just outside the Day Care, giving > > some the feeling they were beign looked upon by an ancient Greek god. > > > > "0111?" > > > > "Yeah, eight of us," Jason replied. > > "Actually,." Bob said. "I'll catch up later. I have a bit of work to do here > with some of the Pokemon, so you guys just go ahead." > "Alright then. Suit yourself," Amber shrugged/ At the Day Care, the two boys had just finished cleaning up the place when thier parents came home. "Hi boys, were back!" Bob's mother said, waving "Mom!" Jeff said, plowing into his mother. Bob was busy hugging the stuffing out of his father behind him. "Anything exciting happen while we were gone?" his mother asked. Jeff looked at Bob, and Bob looked at Jeff. They looked back at their parents. "Nope, nothing big." Jeff said. "Nothing except Raffy knocking up an Arcanine." Bob snapped <<But she was cute>> <<Ah stuffit. At least you're happy>> <<Yeah, well now it's your turn...>> <<DON'T even go there!>> "So, needless to say, I don't think I'll be travelling with Raffy for a while." the breeder said, with disappointment. "Shame. But actually that's how your father and I met." Bob's mother said, strolling down Memory Lane. "Um, Dad. I'm just going to go get Leafer and head for Whitney's gym to cheer on some friends of mine, all right?" "Oh yeah, sure. Your mother will be out of it for a couple of minutes. By the way Your friends are invited for dinner tonight, since I'm guessing they've been around here training for a while." "Thanks Dad." With that, the young breeder bolted towards the Greenhouse to pick up Leafer and on his way faster than a tornado could move a Hoppip. > > "So, whaddaya say?" Gigawatt looked > > hesitant. "Awww, c'mon! Who's the prettiest giant Magneton in the world?" > > Jason said, patting Gigawatt's metal hide. It seemed to blush and nodded > > each part individually. > > > "Aww right! You're the bomb, Gigawatt." Jason climbed onto the top piece, > > using the magnets as footholds. Everyone scrambled on, some finding it > > harder than others. In the end, Kitsu, Keaton, and Karl* were on one of the > > lower magnemites, Solo and Vixxen on the opposite side, and Amber and Jason > > on top. As the moved down the path at a steady 30 mph, Amber leaned her head > > on Jason's shoulder. > > > > "So what songs are you planning on singing?" she asked. > > > > Jason laughed and touched the side of his nose. "Ha ha! Sore wa himitsu > > desu!" > > > > Amber punched him in the shoulder. "I'm serious!" > > > > Jason acted hurt then put his arm around her. "And I'm still not gonna tell > > you. In fact, I'm thinking of saving it for the next live performance I do." > > > > "You think you're actually going to be allowed to do a show again?" Amber > > purred mischeviously. Jason pinched her side, causing her to squirm. > > > > "Well you're a nice one! Since I started this journey to become famous > > again, it'd be a failure if I didn't." > > > > "Good luck, Jason. Like you need it." Jason smiled at this compliment. > > (OOC: I didn't know Gigawatt was THAT big! O.O Wow. Ok then. Glad I haven't > drawn him before. ...) > They made it to the Radio Tower in no time. Gigawatt parked and waited for > them to come out, and spent the time beeping his greetings at the frightened > passers-by. <Snipped sentimental scene with Amber's Mom> > "Yeah! That's great! Thank you ma'am!" > "Good day, sir!" she smiled. > The large group piled onto Gigawatt again and soon they were shooting > through the huge metropolis looking for the gym. > "Well that was very very interesting," Amber said blankly. Somewhere in the streets of Goldenrod ... "We're lost!" Amber hissed. "We are not lost!" Jason said "Do you know where you are?" "Not exactly" "Then you're lost!" All but Jason cried out. About then, the Magneton rounded the corner and slammed head on into somebody. People panicked as the poor kid flew back about 10 feet and landed with a thump. "Oh no, we hit someone." Amber said. Slowly, the kid got up. He looked hurt in a couple of places, but all in all, he looked fine, until he tried to get up. There was a cracking noise and a howl of pain. Amber, Vixxen and Jason got off to check on the kid and found ... "BOB! What are you doing here?" Amber asked. "Fulfilling an old habit of running into people." Bob said, between grunts and yelps of pain. "And breaking a leg." He said, on further examination. "We'd better get you to a hospital." Vixxen said. "Why?" "Um, hello? You're leg is BROKEN!" Vixxen said, with sparks flying, literally. "And do you know what some human drugs do to plants?" "Um, no" Vixxen said. Bob took a finger and ran it across his neck in the dead motion. Vixxen cringed at the thought. "I can manage until after the gym battles." "How? You'll have to keep it immobile." "I'll live." "Um, by the way ..." Jason started, scratching his head. "... the gym is right there." Bob point to a building about 250 feet from where they are. "Oh." Jason said. Several were glaring at him, since they've passed that building a couple of times. "Well, it's the Plain Badge for a reason. But as a friendly warning -- don't be fooled. Most of her pokemon my not be the best fighters, but underestimating her will get you rolled out by her Miltank's Rollout." "Well, we'd better go. It's 1:30 and we have what, 7, 8 battles to do today." Jason said. "Something like that." Solo chirped in. So they walked the rest of the distance to the gym. Jason was kind enough to let Bob ride on of the lower Magnemite parts to make the trip easier. The group of 8 (I think!) enter the front door to the gym. Upon entering, they notice Whitney playing with her Miltank. "We're here for a battle for the Plain Badge." Jason announced. "YAY! I've been waiting for a challenger. It gives me the chance to try out my newest pokemon out in battle. So who's first?" "I'll go." Jason said cofidently. "Fine. I'm starting with a normal-type that another kid used to beat one of my Miltank. Go Girafarig." she chunked the pokeball out and a Girafarig, about 3/4 the size of Raffy appeared. Amber and Vixxen glared at Bob. "WHAT? This is his battle, not mine. But if she did get it from the Day Care, then the worst thing he can do is use a fighting-type." Jason pondered his next move, oblivious to the conversations at the sidelines. ------- Clayton (Take it away someone else.) > > (Ha ha! I'm not gonna tell any of you guys what it is either! I'm mean that > > way.) > > > > *Heh, KKK. ^_^; I'm weird that way. > Ha ha. You're everything "that way". Lol. (Ouch) (My bad. I kind of went to my dad's for the weekend. Didn't know until I left and they don't have a computer. WAH! But, I'm all refreshed and ready to scheme)