Subject: Re: [PW!] Belle Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2002 23:11:37 -0400 From: "Clayton" <> Organization: Bell Sympatico Newsgroups: <Snipped by an overly melodramatic Jynx> > "Amnesia. It's a psychological affliction where a person has a complete > or partial loss of memory." The nurse puts her hand on the girl's > shoulder, "It's also a Pokemon move that increases Special Defense, but > that's besides the point." > > The teenager falls backwards onto the bed, her head landing squarely on > her pillow. Tears start to well up in her eyes. > > In hopes of comforting the teenage girl, the nurse says, "Don't worry - > sometimes amnesia only lasts for a few hours. Maybe if I tell you what > we do know about you, you'll start to remember who you are. A shepherd's > crook and two Gym Badges were found on your person, so we think you > might be a Pokemon Trainer who was raised in a rural, possibly southern > area of Johto." > > "Pokemon Trainer..." The girl repeats, mulling it over in her head, "How > many Pokemon do I have?" > > "Four - a Flaaffy, a Cyndaquil, a Sunkern, and a Slowpoke who knows how > to speak English." The nurse replies, "We've tried to get information > about you from the Slowpoke, but Nurse Joy over at the Pokemon Center > has diagnosed him as being paranoid schizophrenic with multiple > delusions, so he hasn't been much help. He just keeps insisting your > name is Supergirl and that you've been helping him in his quest to > become Slowking of the Multiverse... whatever that means." > > The amnesiac girl sighs and shakes her head, "I don't remember having > any of those Pokemon." > > "I'll call Nurse Joy over at the Pokemon Center and ask her to send them > over here. Maybe if you spend some time with them, that'll jog your > memory. If not, you'll have to stay at this hospital getting treatments > until you finally do remember who you are and where you're from, but > hopefully it won't come to that. My name's Nurse Wendy - if you need > anything, just call me using that buzzer on the bed railing." Nurse > Wendy smiles at her patient and places her hand on the girl's forehead. > > "I don't remember my name, but you can call me..." The girl thinks about > it for a moment, trying to come up with a name that's appropriate for > her. "Belle. You know, since I'm probably a southern girl." Belle > smiles. > > "Well, Belle, you stay right there in bed. I'm going to go call Nurse > Joy, then I'll be right back to disconnect your IV. You're going to be > eating solid food tonight!" Nurse Wendy heads out of the room. > > Belle stretches out on the bed and thinks out loud, "Belle. I like the > sound of that." ---------- In Cianwood, Bob and Mimic (in default form), appear in front of the Pokemon Center. Bob starts looking for any sign that says 'Hospital'. Looking next door, the pair find that the hospital is in fact next door to the Center. "Thanks for the ride." "No problem. Mimic must find Sarah anyways. This like small detour." "Well, here's the hospital. Here's hoping that this will go smoothly." Bob said. "What could go wrong?" Mimic said. Realizing what he just said, both of them sweatdropped. "I wish you hadn't of said that." Bob groaned. ---------- Back inside the hospital, Belle stretches her muscles a bit and stands up. Not having walked in the past few months, her legs are a bit wobbly, but with a determination, she gets up and slowly walks. Just as she's about three feet from the door, Nurse Wendy comes in. "Where do you think you're going?" the nurse asks, giving Belle the eye. "I thought I might do for a walk. Also I was wondering where my clothes were." Belle said, a trifle timidly mostly because of the look the nurse was giving her. "Well you stay here, and I'll get you your clothes." Nurse Wendy says as she leaves the room. "Well, I can still walk around the room." Belle said to nobody in particular, as she did just that. ---------- Meanwhile, Bob and Mimic had just walked into the hospital's front door and were standing in the lobby. Slowly, Bob walks up to the desk. "Hello sir, can I help you?" the receptionist asks, while her eyes are glued to the computer screen in front of her. "Yes, I have an appointment, but I'm not quite sure who I have to see." "Name please." The receptionist asks, still not looking at Bob. "Uh, Raiser?" Bob says, almost unsure. Mimic, who's standing a few feet behind Bob now snickers. "You're here with the pokemon for the new program?" "Yes." "You'll want to see Nurse Wendy." The receptionist says, finally looking at Bob. Her jaw drops for a moment, but she quickly regains her composure. "You might want to schedule an appointment about that growth out of your head." She says, referring to the leaf. This sends Mimic breaking down into full laughter. "Uh, thanks Miss, but I have one for next week." Bob says calmly. "So, where do I find this Nurse Wendy?" "Most likely in Room 37B, with the newly awakened coma patient." "Thanks." Bob said before walking off. Mimic, back down to snickers, follows. ---------- Back in room 37B, Nurse Wendy had just come back with Belle's things, minus her pokemon, which were just ready to leave Joy's care. "Here's your clothes and your crook." Nurse Wendy says, handing the objects to Belle. The young lady steps behind a screen and changes into the dress, the crook leaning against the screen. When she emerges, the nurse hands Belle her two Gym Badges, which she pins on. While Belle is looking at herself in the mirror, there's a gentle knock on the door. Nurse Wendy goes to answer it. "Can I help you?" the nurse asks. "Are you Nurse Wendy?" Bob asks. Mimic just looks in the room "Yes. What do you want?" "Well, I'm from the Day Care." Bob said, taking the backpack off. Pulling out the six pokeballs, he handed them to the nurse. "My mother told me me to deliver these here for the Pokemon for Patients Program." Bob said. "Yeah. I'm just a bit busy right now, so if could wait about five minutes..." Nurse Wendy said politely. Mimic and Bob looked at each other, then shrugged. "Sure, no problem." They said in unison. With that Nurse Wendy walks into the room. Mimic and Bob, not really wanting to clog the hall wait just inside the room. However it was enough to see who this coma patient was. They look at Belle, then turn to look at each other to ensure that they were still awake. "Sarah?" Mimic said. Bob was still too stunned to speak. TBC ------- Clayton