Subject: Re: [PW!] Belle Date: Tue, 01 Oct 2002 08:12:42 GMT From: Rob <> Organization: AT&T Worldnet Newsgroups: Clayton wrote: > Belle just looked angrier. "Just who ARE you?" She almost demanded. > > Roxie just looked a bit confused for a minute. > > Mimic and Bob, who appeared about 50 feet away from the little skirmish just looked > on. > > "I hope it doesn't get too ugly out there." Bob said worriedly > > "Mimic agree." > > The pair of boys just watch the pair of girls, but stay back, not knowing if Belle > would allow them > to help, or even if she'll need their help. Belle, the blonde teenager wearing a white halter top, beige skirt, and leather sandals, stands ready to fight with her wooden crook in one hand and four shrunken Pokeballs in the other, not yet sure which hand she'll use to fight the rude, leather-clad, green-haired biker girl standing before her, "Answer me already, punk. What's your name?" Roxie starts one of her usual taunts, "Damn, I knew stupid hicks like you had few brain cells, but to forget-" THWAP! "OW!" "Care to repeat what you just said?" asks Belle, having just smacked Roxie's face with one deft swing of her wooden crook, "C'mon, I dare you to. I rather enjoyed doing that and I'd love to do it again." "You... TWERP!" Roxie body slams Belle after calling her one of the most profane words in the Pokemon world, knocking her to the ground. She wrestles Belle, trying to grab her crook, but Belle backhands Roxie with the hand she's holding her Pokeballs with. When Roxie flies off to the side and lands face-first on the sidewalk, Belle rolls away. Bob sweatdrops, "Uhh, Mimic, I think we should do something before this Meowth fight gets any worse..." "Nah." Mimic answers. "NAH?!" Bob's asks incredulously, watching as Belle twists Roxie's leg, trying to keep her from getting back up, "What do you mean NAH?!" "Mimic think it best Sarah get rage out system." Mimic nods sagely, "Maybe Sarah realize not right way and remember old values or maybe free pent up anger and no need be 'Belle' after fight. Either way, sit back, enjoy show. Mimic break in if Mimic see Sarah or Roxie in real danger." The moment Mimic finishes voicing his thoughts, Roxie breaks free of Belle's leg hold and throws out one of her own Pokeballs, "Koffing, go! Smokescreen!" "Better fight Pokemon with Pokemon..." Belle opens the palm of her hand and looks down at the four tiny Pokeballs she's holding. She's unaware of which Pokemon each Pokeball contains except for the Fast Ball, but figuring any one of her Pokemon must be a better choice than the unevolved Fire Type Pokemon, she tosses out her pink Love Ball. When a smiling Sunkern emerges in a flash of light, happily announcing, "Kern!" and taking in the afternoon sun, Belle almost topples over in disbelief, "Well, crap." Roxie's Koffing appears at about the same time as Belle's Sunkern, but unlike Belle's Sunkern, and most Koffing in the world for that matter, she's not smiling - the expression on her spherical face is a mix of anger, sadness, and disgust. "KOFFING." Smoke shoots out of the many orifices of her toxic purple body. The thick fumes engulf both Trainers and their Pokemon. "Mimic! We've GOT to help her!" Bob insists, reaching for a Pokeball. Mimic puts one arm out to restrain Bob, "Sarah still okay." "She won't be for long if we don't do something!" Bob struggles to race into the Smokescreen, but Mimic holds him back with a single hand. Time seems to slow down for Bob as he stares at the billowing cloud of smoke before him, unsure of what's going on within. After thirty seconds that seem more like thirty minutes to Bob, Roxie's Koffing comes flying out of the fray against her own will and crashes into him, a crook-mark visible on the skull-and-crossbones on her body. She rolls off his body and comes to rest on the ground, dizzy from being attacked. Muffled shrieks and cries are heard coming from within the cloud of smoke until it finally dissolves in the absence of its producer, revealing Belle, her long blonde hair tussled, one strap of her halter top torn, and one of her sandals missing, and Roxie, who's black leather jacket has been tossed off to the side. However, despite that Roxie's clothing wasn't torn during the fight, she's currently being pinned to the ground by Belle's sandaled foot. Belle looms over the defeated biker girl, pointing her wooden crook at her rival's head and shouting, "Who's stupid now, huh?!" Bob and Mimic are both speechless. They stand still, staring at Belle, caught by surprise and unsure of what to say to her now. The silence is broken when a gruff male voice announces, "Impressive, sport." Belle snaps her crook away from Roxie's head and towards the male voice, then her eyes follow suit. She sees a brown-haired man one could call muscular if it weren't for the belly bulging out above his black belt and white pants, the only garments he's wearing. She drops her Pokeballs into her halter top as a temporary storage spot in order to free up one of her hands so she can hold up the torn strap of her top, then she narrows her eyes at the man, "Who're you?" "My name's Chuck and in all my years living in Cianwood City, I've never seen such a good ol' fashioned brawl before! What makes it even better is that you taught the girl who called me fat after I gave her a Storm Badge earlier today a much-deserved lesson!" Tears begin to stream down the shirtless man's face, "You've made my day! I don't normally ask girls this, but... would you like to come train at my Fighting Pokemon Gym? If we could focus that energy of yours into Pokemon Training, you could beat any of the guys who're training there in Pokemon battles! And maybe if they're all beat by a girl, they'll want to train even harder." "...beat guys, huh?" Belle's hazel eyes relax a little and a smirk appears on her face, "I like the sound of that." She steps off Roxie and approaches Chuck, "My name's Belle and if you'll give me a moment to find my other sandal..." "You don't need footwear at my Gym, sport - it's like a Dojo." Chuck points down at his bare feet, "I haven't worn shoes in 37 years and you don't have to either." Belle then kicks off her remaining leather sandal and shrugs, "I'm guessin' I walked around barefoot all the time back home in the countryside, so I should be used to it. Where to, Chuck?" Chuck furrows his brow and asks, "You're guessing you did?" Belle replies, "Long story. I'll tell you later." "All right. Now, if you're serious about becoming a Trainer at my Gym, let's see you MARCH!" As Chuck marches up the street towards the Cianwood City Gym, he repeats over and over, "Hup-two-three-four!" Sarah marches right behind him, her Sunkern bouncing after her to the beat. Bob finally speaks after observing what has just transpired, "Mimic, it didn't work. Sarah's still calling herself Belle!" "So Mimic miscalculate." Mimic simply shrugs, "Sarah safe at Gym. Should tell Nurse where Sarah is, then head home." "B-b-b-but..." Bob starts to argue, but Mimic interrupts him. "Remind Sarah of what sound like in past not work if Sarah not here." That said, Mimic Teleports himself and Bob back to the Cianwood City Hospital to tell Nurse Wendy about Belle's whereabouts. Moments later, Chuck presents Belle to everyone present at the Cianwood City Gym, much to the shock of the five young male Pokemon Trainers, the Machop, the Machoke, the Machamp, the Mankey, and the Hitmontop who train there. Chuck's wife, however, is very pleased to see Belle - she had been trying to convince Chuck to let a girl join the Gym for the past few years almost as much as she's been trying to convince him to go on a diet. Chuck's red-haired wife smiles at Belle while all the males in the room except Chuck leer at her, and she says, "I'm so glad you agreed to come train here, Belle. It'll be wonderful to have a girl around the Gym to help me spruce things up." Belle smiles right back at the lovely woman and tells her in a quiet voice, "I was concerned when I heard it was an all-boy Gym, but I'm glad to know that there's at least one person in here I can talk with who isn't a disgusting pig-monkey." The nearby Leering Mankey puts his paws on his hips and squeals angrily, having overheard the comment. Belle turns to the angered Fighting Pokemon and remarks, "Nothing personal." -Belle