Subject: Re: [PW!] Bored With Chores Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2002 09:10:33 GMT From: Nuh@uh.dummy (Worry) Organization: RoadRunner - Triad Newsgroups: In article <>, Adrian Tymes <> wrote: >Continue wrote: > >> Worry wrote: >> >> >Drake teleported back just after Dee teleported away. "Where'd your >brother go?" > >"Doppler left, hunt Minax down. Hope he finds her, for her sake." > >Drake blinked a bit at the tone of irritation on Mimic's voice. > >TBC? > Meanwhile, inside the house, the mirth experianced ealier was dying down. Teddy, red faced from Travis having turned his picking on Sarah around on him, ate his dinner sullenly. Sarah's grandparents were wiping their faces having laughed so hard that their eyes watered. Sarah's mom was trying to affix everyone with a stern stare, but she couldn't hold it long before gigling at her son's discomfort. Even Uncle Bob and a sullen half smile Becky, who had been an unwitting partner in Travis's scheme, had a slight blush on her face as she contimplated her revenge on the purple haired trainer. She knew it would have to be something big, practical jokes never seemed to work on Travis since he rarely got worked up about anything. Still, having traveled with the boy for a long time, Becky knew him fairly well, and would have plenty of oppurtunity to get him back once they were on the road again. Travis, for his part, was eating calmly. he had aclomplished much over the last ten minutes. Not only had he gotten Teddy off of his sisters back, he had very subtly set the adults minds at ease about his intentions towards the shy farm girl. his only concern was how his plot had affected Sarah herself. Since turning her brothers crude implications of an affair around on the boy, Sarah had been sneaking glances at Travis. Sarah would turn her attantion towards her plate whenever Travis caught her eye, but Travis couldn't tell what the girl was thinking. It had all begun innocently enough. Sarah's mom had been muttering to herself trying to think of the best sleeping arrangments for the unexpected guests. Teddy, of course, had taken the opportunity to suggest Sarah and Travis share a room. Travis stated mildly that the floor would be as comfortable in any room, but thet Becky expected to sleep in a warm bed. travis then went on to inform Teddy that Becky wouldn't mind sharing his bed since she was attracted to strapping young farm hands, respecting their strength and such. Becky, seated beside Teddy, was caught off guard but played along gracefully enough, winking and waggling her eyebrows suggestively at the youngster as Travis spoke. The adults, enjoyuing teddy's discomfort, didn't mind the act that Becky was putting on. The redder Teddy got, the more the adults seemed to enjoy it. Becky started leaning close to teddy, making him slide sideways on his chair to maintain distance. it all broke out when Teddy slide that last little bit and fell completely out of his chair. Becky finally relented as the embarrased boy picked himself up off the floor. By the time Pop-up telported into the room, it was all over. Everyone began making small talk as they ate. the abra, upset at having missed whatever had happened, quickly grew bored and began thinking of some meschief to perfom. before he could make a move, however, a red beam of light struck him and he was pulled back into his pokeball. "You've wandered around enough for one day." He heard his trainers voice state pop-Up considered letting himself back out again, but then decided to go to sleep instead. When the meal was over both Travis and Becky offered to help clean up, but Srah's mom would have none of that. Instead she drafteed Teddy for the task while everyone else went into the front room. Eventually the talk turned to the trainer's plans for the next day... TBC? Worry's first SIG sig file ------------------------------------------------------------------ *"It takes a Worried man to sing a Worried song..." Kingston Trio* *And the award for the funniest line in a cartoon goes to Superman who remarked "Don't look at me, I just catch 'em!" after stopping a crane thrown by Bizzaro from crushing a wedding party.* Proud owner of 300 fake code points