Subject: Re: [PW!] Bored With Chores Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2002 07:56:12 GMT From: Nuh@uh.dummy (Worry) Organization: RoadRunner - Triad Newsgroups: In article <dUik8.41306$>, Nuh@uh.dummy (Worry) wrote: >In article <>, Adrian Tymes <> > wrote: >>Continue wrote: >> >>> Worry wrote: > >When the meal was over both Travis and Becky offered to help clean up, but >Srah's mom would have none of that. Instead she drafteed Teddy for the task >while everyone else went into the front room. Eventually the talk turned to >the trainer's plans for the next day... (OOC: No one taking up the next step, OK, i will do it ^-^) "S-s-so you're not a p-p-pokemon trainer?" Sarah asked on hearing Travis' plan to go to New Bark to become registered for the league "Well, not officially." Travis replied. "I will be when i get to New Bark. I never registered before, i figured that I would train my pokemon first then sweep the gyms all in a row before heading off to the league competition." "Travis has got this idea that there are people out there compiling data bases on pokemon trainers." Becky explained. "he thinks there are people out there that study your style on computers so that they will have an edge on you during the matches at the Indigo Plateu." "And I would rather not give them an edge." Travis took up in agreement. "Doing it this way, I come into the games an unknown, able to compete on equal terms." "Oh, I s-s-see." Sarah replied not sounding convinced "So you plan to compete in the games this year?" "Well, I had planned on next years games, so that I could truly bring my team in line." Travis answered. :But Becky convinced me to try it this year. My team is pretty solid, and Hoofer is at a passingly high level so that he can be my sweeper. I wont use him until the games themselves, so he will be a surprise. Pop-Up is about ready to evolve to a kadabra, and I will trade him with Becky so that I can evolve him to Alakazam when we trade him back. That will also evolve her fighters when the time is right, and she and I being trainers to them can use the pokemon to further strengthen our teams." "Sounds like you have it all worked out." Margret stated. "Well, as much as i can." Travis replied. "I have a general plan, but one thing training has taught me is to expect the unexpected. After all, who would have thought that seeking a warm place out of the rain would have yeilded an encounter with someone we have met before, and all the other stuff that that led to." before anyone else could respond, Sarah gave a huge yawn, then cast an apologetic look at everyone afterwards. Everyone was tired, so sleeping arrrangments were quickly made and they all got ready for bed, Travis insisted that the couch was good enough for him. Teddy doubled up with Uncle Bob, so becky could sleep in his bed for the night. The young boy made no objection, the embarrasment at diner still on his mind. Despite her excitement at being allowed to continue her journey, Sarah was asleep within seconds of her head hitting her pillow. During the night, however, her dreams turned once more to the gentle purple headed boy asleep on the couch. in her sleep, Sarah blushed at her dream self's boldness.... * * * "Mimic and Drake will meet them on the road." Mimic decided. "Mimic looking forward to seeing Sarah again." "I am looking forward to getting to know that Travis fellow." Drake replied. "I would like to know how much he is aware of his mental powers. And that Abra of his should make things interesting, I think. TBC? Worry's first SIG sig file ------------------------------------------------------------------ *"It takes a Worried man to sing a Worried song..." Kingston Trio* *And the award for the funniest line in a cartoon goes to Superman who remarked "Don't look at me, I just catch 'em!" after stopping a crane thrown by Bizzaro from crushing a wedding party.* Proud owner of 300 fake code points