Subject: [PW!] Breeder's Bane [was Day Care Antics] Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2002 05:29:19 GMT From: "ajdrol" <> Organization: Cox Communications Newsgroups: >When he woke up, he was tied to a pole. (OOC: Do you have an affinity for poles? ;P j/k) > They thought they had heard something. (OOC: AAAH! Sorry I was gone for so long! I tried to post on google but THAT GODDAM---sorry. That "stupid" server wouldn't post it up! It was such a nice post with such a cool Pokemon battle! >_< Waaaaaah....any ways, I was at my friend's house who has been taking classes on being an art therapist. She usually asks me for the person to work with on her assignments, and we didn't have any work done on this month's. Well I made the mistake of showing her my comic for PW (91 pages---Woo!) and she is having me reink it all and photoshop it. (91 pages---boo.) I also ventured into AGNP google group and found every PW! post in this storyline since my first post almost a year ago...waaaaow. SO. . . again I'm so very sorry for the wait but my computer is now hooked up to my SCANNER! YAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!! Tomorrow will be scan-em-up day. ^_^) "Is that..." Solo started. "...someone singing?" Amber finished. Jason looked at the two of them strangely. "Guys? Guys? Hello? I don't hear any singing. Hey demented rodent---do you hear any one singing?" The albino pikachu-vampire could be heard muttering, "Stupid, deaf human" from inside its imprisonment. "Amber I don't know wha---oof!" Amber rapped Jason's chest sharply with a claw and replied, "Shut up, Jason!" "I think...I think i recognize that song!" Solo said. "That's the theme song to [insert correct game title here---Marvel vs Capcom?]! I'd know it any where!" "I think you're right!" Amber replied. "And the only person who would be singing that song is..." They looked at each other. "Bob!" they said together. They raced down the halls trying to follow the voice, Jason lugging the crate behind them. "Over here---this hallway here." "No, down here. It's coming from down here. I know it is!" The two half-breeds were circling through the maze of tangled hallways and doors until they finally came to a staircase. One of three in fact. They saw a person standing in front of it, and two more past them. The singing was finally loud enough for Jason to hear it too. They raced up to the person, Jason finally catching up to them. "You there!" shouted a woman haughtily. Jason stepped in front of Amber. "What do you want?" he yelled back. "I know you are after your little breeder buddy. But you will not get any farther!" "Says who? You? My, aren't you just a happy little ray of sunshine?" "Shut up, twirp! We battle!" She swung a persian that was resting in her arms onto the ground. "Go Meow---I mean, Persian!" "What d'ya want, Jessie?" it howled in a rather nasal voice. "I want you to battle!" the Rocket Executive shouted, giving it a swift kick to the rear end. Amber growled a little at the treatment but said nothing. "Myaaah! Ya no good, two-timin' trainah you! I'm too good to fight dis dirt!" the classy cat pokemon replied. "I don't care, Meowth!" Jessie said, slipping up in her anger. "Just do it!" Persian stretched and padded out angrily out in front. "A persian huh?" Jason grinned, tapping the Pokeballs on his belt. "I know just the thing! Go, Miami!" [insert battle music here] The Marowak was released, his arms wide and his mouth grinning, holding his sturdiest pair of drum sticks. "Time to get down an' dirty, dudes!" he said, pointing a weapon at the cat. "Ok, Persian!" Jessie said, drastically pointing a finger at Miami. "Give that bonehead a Scratch!" Persian raced forward with claws outstretched. "What do I do, dude?" yelled Miami to Jason. "Just wait for it!" The cat pokemon leaped out and clawed at Miami's face. When its furious attack was over, it jumped out of the way. Miami looked at Persian incredulously and laughed. "Your claws can't get through my skull, dude!" the Marowak laughed. "Use your Bonemarang!" Jason ordered. Miami struck a pose and spun his drumsticks on his claws. He threw them into the air, struck another pose and caught them, still spinning. He let them fly with as much force as he could muster at the cat. The two instrumental tools struck the Persian who danced back and shook his head. "Dat wasn't fair, ya cheatah!" he shouted. "Where's yer bone?" "That's none of your business, dude! Are you gonna attack me or what?" "You bet I will!" The cat raced forward and Tackled Miami to the ground. The bone Pokemon threw him off and made a face. Then he prepared another bonemarang. He threw the drumsticks into the air, struck a pose, and let them fly. They hit Persian, and again he stumbled backwards, dazed and hurt. "You stupid cat! Quick Attack that hopeless runt!" Jessie shrilled. Persian jumped to the ready and hissed. He started to run and pick up speed. For an extra boost, he began to run circles around Miami who was at a loss for what to do. The cat was going faster and faster until he was covered in white light. He exerted all of his strength into ferociously slamming into Miami... ... ...who sidestepped and rapped his head smartly with a drumstick. Having hit the right place, the cat toppled over, senseless. "Yeah, man!" shouted Miami. "I won!" Hand clasped claw as Jason congratulated his Marowak heartily. "You did great, buddy! I'm proud of you!" "Ha! That's not it!" Jessie nearled howled. She was obviously fuming at her defeat. "Let's see you beat him!" She sent out a Pokeball and the red light briefly illuminated the dark stairway. A strange blue Pokemon saluted his opponent, but it looked very disgruntled. Judging only by its expression, of course. "Wob Wob!" it said happily. "What the hell..." Jason said. "It looks like a pushover! Get it Miami!" "Ha! Looks aren't everything. Wobbuffet, do your thing!" Miami decided to go easy on the poor disgruntled Pokemon. He tackled the Wobbuffet with enough force to knock it down. But the strange Pokemon bounced back up and tackled him back! Growling, he punched the Pokemon's shoulder. It punched him back Now he was getting mad. He smacked it with a bone, and it smacked right back. He kicked it, and it kicked right back. He tackled it with all the force he could muster, and it tackled right back. He tapped it on the shoulder, and it tapped right back. Finally the bone Pokemon decided that going easy was not the thing to do. He unleashed all the attacks he could at once. He punched it, he kicked it, he gave it a seismic toss. It punched, kicked, and seismic tossed him back. He unleashed bonemarang after bonemarang after bonemarang at it. The drumsticks bounced off its body and smacked him back. Panting, Miami did the last thing he could. He fell on it. It rolled over and dropped him off. "Sorry, dude," Miami said breathlessly, "but I'm not cut out for this." "That's ok Miami. You did a good job. Return!" Jason bit his lip, contemplating what to do. Obviously, Physical attacks weren't the thing to do. He thought of his options. 'Fighting, Ground, Bug, and Normal attacks are considered Physical attacks,' he thought to himself. 'Everything else should be special...' To see if it gave any hint, he pulled out his Pokedex and typed in Wobbuffet. "Wobbuffet," it said mechanically. "It hates light and shocks. If attacked it puffs out its body to counter. Highest stat: Health." "Light and shocks..." Suddenly Jason got it. "Go, Rivet!" His egocentric Charmeleon grinned and struck a dramatic pose. "The man with a plan has arrived!" he grinned foolishly. "What do you need, boyo?" "That thing has taken out Miami by using a Counter attack. It's weak to light. Think you can figure it out?" "Of course, my man! This is Rivet you're talkin' 'bout!" He circled the blue Pokemon, rubbing his chin. "I got it!" he said suddenly. He jumped back and inhaled as much air as he could and spewed fire all over the hapless Wobbuffet's body. The light from the flame was bright enough that Amber couldn't see anything through her sunglasses. Wobbuffet shouted "WOB!" through the fierce attack and attempted a counter. It wasn't able to return even a lick of flame to Rivet. When the attack stopped, the blue pokemon stood motionless. It was charred to a crisp. Everyone involved held their breath. "Wob..." it uttered. It fell to the ground, fainted. "YES!!! I win! I win! I am THE man! Oh yeah!" Rivet cheered, doing a dance. "Great job Rivet!" Jason congratulated. The charmeleon took off its pilot helmet and twirled it in the air. "How could you?!" hissed the executive. "My Wobbuffet was unbeatable!!! You won't get far! My teamate will finish you off soon!!" She returned her Pokemon, shouting at it through the ball, and rushed down the steps to wait with her partner. TBC Yeeeahhhh...ok. Jessie obviously warmed up to her Wobbuffet's power. BTB there might be another person stalking our group, out to get us. My friend, Cynthia, [person mentioned above] wanted to join AGNP but wanted to interact with me. Since we had enough allies, she is going to be our enemy. So far her character may be the only one to agree to Shadoreon's recruiting...^_^